Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Finale

Here it is - the last episode of Lost Flashbacks, about the last episode of season 3. I think we do a really great show, but the end is especially worth listening to. Even i you're intimidated by the length of the show, skip ahead to the last hour and a half or so, because we both share some really interesting insights. Plus, we drop some of our best theories yet - completely by accident! Comments are ALWAYS welcome, especially if its something that we made a special inquiry towards (cough*Charlie'suicide*cough). Keep an eye on the blog to find out when we'll be recording our first theme show, and of course what the theme will be =) Expect a poll, because I doubt we'll be deciding that ourselves =) If you really need even more Lost Flashbacks (and who doesn't?), you can catch us tomorrow on Big-O's live reaction podcast, which we will hopefully get permission to post here. Until tomorrow (later today) when we will have a NEW EPISODE OF LOST, here's the finale podcast:

Episode 38 - Through the Looking Glass

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Episode 37 - Charlie's and Our Greatest Hits

This was such an amazing episode. The writing, directing and acting were just incredible, and Josh got a little choked up. We try to keep it more upbeat, but this is such a difficult episode to joke about, it's so sad. But it's also such an amazing eulogy to Charlie. The scene between him and Hurley is so sad, and now knowing exactly what goes down in the finale, it's even more sad. And that last scene on the surface, with him standing in the boat is so beautiful, I'll ask again, "How did this show not even get nominated for an emmy that season??"

After we are done with the ep, we discuss the absolutly amazing mobisode(Which is right below this post thanks to DarkUFO). Please tell us what you think in that thread cause we already got a good conversation going.

After the mobisode we discuss our own personal greatest hits. Josh starts off telling a story about what the podcast, and all of you really mean to him. We then give our lists of top everything, capped off with the Podcasts' Top 5 greatest moment. There's also a nice little ramble about our favorite quotes.

Download the Episode here.


1) The next show is on at 11:00 ET on Wednesday, Jan 30, 2008. Directly after TTLG airs on ABC(on the East Coast at least, sorry Pacific Time Zone)

2)What do you think the show should be called after the rewatch is done?? Or do you think we should keep the name?

3)Vote in our two Polls. One ends very soon, and the Other one(pun intended) ends in mid-Feb.


Thanks all, you have no idea.

Monday, January 28, 2008

If you only watch ONE mobisode this season...

This got me SO unbelievably pumped for Thursday....and it made my jaw hit the floor:

(Video courtesy of Dark UFO)

Comments PLEASE.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Episode 36 - The Man Behind the Curtain

Our final Thursday Episode before the beginning of Season 4 of Lost. This was a really fun episode to do. For some reason, Amanda and I a very giddy during this mostly sad Lost episode inwhich we learn a lot about Ben, and some pretty amazing things about the Island. We probably could have done an entire podcast about some of the scenes in this episode. We also came up with an episode of Lost that must someday come to pass, "The Total Animal Flashback Episode." Cause darnit, I want to see those polar bears swimming to the main island, and I KNOW we all want to see what Vincent does when we don't see him.

Please vote in both our Polls, and do tell us what you think we should do for our Finale Episode. Should we start at 9:00 EST, or start when TTLG ends on TV at 11:00 EST. We discuss this at the end of the show, and Amanda changes my mind(cause she know's A LOT more about this stuff than me, and we all know she's definetly smarter). But we need to know what y'all think.

DL the episode HERE.

btw, if, you have not gotten this episode in your normal "The Lost Flashbacks" feed off of iTunes tell us imediatly. There has been some issues with it in the past couple weeks.

I also want to do a shout out to Roger Workman(not Roger Linus) who was there the whole show and had some great lines in the chat. We hope he calls in someday.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Brig

Hey kids! We're recording Episode 36 right now, but here's episode 35, which was delayed because of Talkshoe issues. They've updated so that you can join the chat without actually downloading and registering - neat! Be sure to check out our next episode tonight or tomorrow, but for now....

Episode 35 - The Brig

Monday, January 21, 2008


I finally saw Cloverfield. I liked it a lot. Not the greatest film ever, and not the amazing ground-breaking film some have said it is. But I definelty liked it a lot.

It's funny, fun, scary(even I got a little scared), sad, etc. You do see the Monster, and sadly, it's not a cloud of black smoke, nor is it actually the Bad Robot(or at least I don't think it is). But it's also not simply a large form of some animal(i.e. a large lizard, or monkey). I didn't see many Lost references, there were some fun ones at the end of the movie(thier last names), but other than that, I really didn't see any. There was a point I thought they would have a lot of fun with it, but they didn't. If anyone knows of some really good ones, and you think it's a spoiler please send them me via my MySpace(link to it is on the blog).

Also, stay during the credits, there is an absolutly amazing score done by Michael Giacchino. There is no score during the film of course, but this one during the credits it's excellent. I plan to DL it(from iTunes) as soon as possible.

Non Lost Related stuff: The Star Trek teaser. If the movie is done as well as that Teaser, then this will be one of the best Sci-Fi movies ever made. Nuf Said. I still am extremly nervous about the Star Trek movie, and keep hearing things that make me more and more nervous. But i have faith in JJ and Damon. Season 3 of Lost taught me to NEVER lose faith in Damon Lindeloff and company.

in Conclusion, I definetly recommend this movie.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Episode 34 : Catch D.O.C.

Hey kids! (Yes, this is obviously Amanda.) I'm very pleased with this week's episode, mainly because I actually participated. This week, Desmond is drunk (again), Charlie dies (again and again and again...), Kate is less-than-super, Claire is unusually MIA, and Sun is a BAD-ASS. Well, so is Jin. Bad ass, and hilarious. Also, don't miss when Amanda drops one of her biggest theories of the series (hey, that rhymed!) We're on that downward slope toward the season four premiere, and its all pretty much jaw-droppingly amazing from here on out. Be sure to look for our newest episode, The Brig, next TUESDAY. We'll be spreading out our schedule a bit, because we think that the last handful of episodes deserve some one-on-one time. Anyway, I think that the hypothetical episode where we discuss The Brig AND The Man Behind the Curtain would be too large of a file to fit on anyone's iPod - so look for TMBTC's show at our normal day and time on Thursday at 9 p.m. EST. The following week, we'll be bringing you a *Very Special* Lost Flashbacks, as we cover Greatest Hits, and also discuss some of our own PERSONAL "greatest hits." Check the blog (or the podcast...) to make sure that no changes are made to this schedule.

In the meantime, don't forget to vote on our "Who's your favorite Other?" poll, which will end just in time for a special Lost Valentine's Day poll - so get your votes in before February 12!

Episode 34 : Catch D.O.C.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Episode 33 - Behind Us

Another Girl Power Episode. And you know Josh loves them Girl Power Episodes. Today we discuss Lost Season 3 episodes Left Behind, and One of Us. Josh makes a pretty shocking statement toward the end of the episode, but he's sticking by it. Also, Amanda stops by and makes the show a billion times better. We were all so happy she came by...even though she didn't say much during Left Behind, but that's cause she hates it. I guess hot chicks mudwrestling doesn't get her excited. Oh well, who knew?

Also, tune into the end cause we discuss the upcoming schedual of episodes. They vary highly because ABC decided to start season 4 at the exact moment that we originally had planned to record our episode about Through the Looking Glass.

Download the episode HERE.

Next Week we discuss Catch-22. and DOC. Not totally Girl Power, but Desmond does have long hair.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Episode 32 - The Man From Expose

Amanda is going through some rough personal times, so please bear with her the next two weeks. Here is episode 32:

Episode 32 - The Man From Expose

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sorry all, actually we will be on on Friday

That's right, the podcast is getting around more than Sawyer did. But, this time we won't change it again. It will be on Friday, Jan 4, 2008.

We had to change it, there was an issue at Josh's work, and they needed him. That's how awesome he is.

Join us same Bat Channel, but a slightly altered Bat Time.

Send all hate mail to Josh.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Important! Moving to Wednesday night!

At the request of myself, we have decided to record the show WEDNESDAY, January 2nd this week. If you read this, please come out and support us, because we could definitely use the live participation, since some of our regulars will most likely not be able to make it. If absolutely no one shows up, we will abort the Wednesday night attempt and move back to Thursday, so check back here for updates. Thanks for bearing with us!