Friday, May 30, 2008

World Of Warcraft!!!!!!

"I'm gonna keep my eye on you"


"No, he didn't"

"Checkmate Mr. Eko"

"We have to go back???"

"Did he tell you I was off the island?"


Post any thoughts at all on the Season 4 Finale here! And Join us on Monday for our Re-watch of it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ten Hours...

Ten...frakking...hours!!! I can't even wait, guys. This day is going to drag like nothing else. Don't forget to watch the repeat episode at 8 so you can see the deleted parts of the press conference, and don't forget to CALL IN!

Anyone doing anything super cool to celebrate? A Lost-themed get together would be super fun =D

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quick Contest Stuff, and Monday's Show.

Here is the link to a youtube video by some cool dude. It's a BSG round-up that is done very much the way the contest videos should look. Here's the link:

Some quick things about it. First, if you plan to watch BSG and don't want to be spoiled big time, don't watch it. Second, it's long, if you want your video that long it's ok, but remember it all has to be ONE track. In this video it's one, but he keeps cycling the same part over and over, that's a no-no. If you are having trouble finding longer tracks, just ask and i'll give you some ideas. Third, he has a couple bits of audio from the show, you can definetly do that, but don't do it a lot. And finally, you really should check out BSG, Amanda likes it a lot, and I LOVE IT!!!

Also, I realized today that the Monday show will be Memorial Day. Since that's like a holiday and stuff I'll understand if you all don't make it to the ramblecast, but we won't be starting until 9:30 like usual so after you get back from the shore(that's what we call the beach in NJ), or shopping, and you're all full from bar-b-q(mmmmm Bar-B-Q), come join us on The Lost Flashbacks as we discuss many crazy things.

Thanks all, you all rock.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Toniiiiight is the niiiiiiight

Well, one of them...its Monday! Everyone's second favorite day of the week. Tonight, we will be discussing last week's episode, There's No Place Like Home (Part 1.) Amanda will also be discussing one very potentially peculiar spoiler - or maybe its nothing. So be sure to tune in for, its been a long time since I've done this! Also, I'd like to give a special on-blog shout out to my new best friend, Phoenix coffee guy =D

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Speed Racer and Contest Info


That's right, I saw Speed Racer. I know the questions you want answered so here I go...

1)Is it the worst movie of all time??
It's definetly possible.

2)Tell me what you really think
I havn't had that much fun at the movies in a LONG TIME!!

3)Should I see it?
If you don't, then you'll regret it. Honestly, it's so much fun!

4)How's Jack err, Mathew Fox?
He's great as Racer X, and made me smile in ever scene he was in.

5)How's Michael Giacchino's score?
If he doesn't get nominated for an oscar, it will be highway robbery.

6)Are there any Lost refferences in the movie?
One of the characters yells as Dr. Jack with a very familiar catchphrase.

Anymore questions about the movie, just ask.

OK Contest time.

After the season ends I'll do a much more elaborate post about it, but here i'll simply point out some changes.

1)Long time listener, and poster Tuna Donkey has asked if it's ok to stop after season 3 due to the inavailability of Season 4 on DVD. Since I'm not going to force you to do something illegal(dl torrent files), and since youtube vids can be degraded...this will be allowed. If you turn in a video that ends after the Season 3 finale, it will be acceptable. Just make sure it's done VERY well, you won't be docked for it much, but understand those that go to season 4 did more work, and they will be rewarded. However, the contest will not be over anytime soon, so there are other options than iTunes or youtube.

2)This is not a change, but simply a clarification. I said in the show that it would be ok to use more than one song/track. Amanda was right, that will NOT be ok. There are very long songs and even longer soundtrack tracks out there, and I know you all will do amazing. Any questions about this, please email us.

3)The photoshop contest. We were asked to point out again what this contest will entail. I'll put a quick description here, but will talk about it in detail on Monday. What you will do is try to include ever character you can think of in a school/team picture style way. Click HERE to see a Simpsons version of this. This will not be easy. I will detail the rules on Monday. Again any questions please e-mail us.

Hope that helps...and go see Speed Racer!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

I've got Cabin Fever!!

And the only more Cow Bell(Where's Svetlana when you need her?).

What a crazy episode, Infant Locke, Young Locke-Mom, Young Locke, Teenage Locke, ALPERT, ABADON, Christian AND Claire!!

Move the Island?? Is Keamy the most evil Lost character ever?? Claire in the cabin???

So many more questions than that, please post any thoughts in the comments section.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Episode 55 - Initial Reaction of Something Nice Back Home

What a cool episode!

I didn't think it was at good as last week, but still enjoyed it a lot. Amanda however still is wearing her socks.

We find out more about Jack, and Kate's future, and see that Hurley is now very depressed, and also see once again that Jorge Garcia is fantastic!!! Chrisitan Shepard makes an appearance both on and off the Island!! We get another character saying "Dad?" We definetly get an answer to "Are Dannielle and Karl dead?", and LOST contiunes to enjoy it's new 10:00 time slot.

YO! I'm watching Attack of the Show at this moment on G4 and Damonoff and Carluse are on talkin about the episode. They refered to it as "an old school episode". I wish I had known they'd be on.

Post any comments and theories in the thread.