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Blinded by the Amazingness of the Lighthouse

OK. Sorry for the lateness of this blog post. As some of you may know(and how could you unless you listen really carefully to the mundane goingson of Josh's life) my computer is yet again gone. This is not new and has been the case for several weeks now. That problem should be solved in due time but for the past few weeks I've been using the family computer in the basement for the podcasts. This though, makes it tougher for me to make posts, and since doing so on the iPhone leads to massive typos(doing it here will too, trust me) and also takes forever it took a few days for me to be able to get everything out of the way and make a nice post.

Well, about LIGHTHOUSE. I keep wanting to call it The Lighthouse, Jay and Jack did, but TV listings call it simply Lighthouse. However, I do like the title the way it is more. The Lighthouse would refer to a specific and singular lighthouse. Removing the word THE makes a huge difference. Now it could be anything, doesn't even have to refer to the lighthouse we saw in the episode. Although clearly that's the literal interpretation of the title. Lost however, is rarely about literal anything.

So, with that in mind, what metaphors could we come up with for lighthouse. Well a lighthouse is a beacon that helps ships find their way, and also provides a clear representation of a barrier between safety and danger. Well Jack definitely was a lighthouse for his son. He told him he loved him and made clear he could never disappoint him. Hopefully now his son will not feel what Jack felt his whole life. Jack's father didn't provide such love and allowed Jack to "crash on the rocks". Or at the very least didn't provide him with the direction he needed and forced him to search aimlessly out at sea. This forces Jack to be driven to show his father he does have what it takes. In the end he is successful, but he must bring down his father and put him down a road that would lead to his death. Jack carries quite a burden that he now hopes his son will not.

Another lighthouse clearly is Jacob. Providing direction and comfort to Hurley. Jack on the other hand doesn't trust Jacob, probably driven by the same feelings that have brought him down his whole life. He doesn't trust anyone and is extremely paranoid. Now, in this case he does have good cause to be freaked out. But if Jacob is that powerful, did Jack really think breaking a few mirrors would hurt him? I don't think so. I think he just needed to get out his frustration and alert Jacob that even though he knows everything about him, Jack will do whatever he wants. Juliet calls him stubborn and she was right. Hurley basically says that to Jacob and Jacob confirms it in the end. That some people will do what you ask, and some need to find their own way.

I myself, am sometimes like Jack. I hate being told what to do, even if I know it's the right thing to do. I'm reminded of the line in Forgetting Sarah Marshall staring the amazing Kristen Bell. She asks the lead actor whose name I've forgotten to sit down during a fight, and he responds "Well, I'm going to sit down, but because I want to, not because you've asked me". That describes me in many situations and I really think it explains Jack to a tee. He always needs to be proven right and show off that he was right. Jacob watching him his whole life and bringing him to the island along with all the other people is the last thing Jack ever wanted to hear. While he is the new Locke, he doesn't have Locke's faith, nor patience in the Island. The only thing he really believed was the bomb plot, and as far as he knows it failed, and lead to the death of someone he cared about(Juilet), and the near death of his friend Sayid.

Personally I think this is why Jacob wants him. Jacob needs someone like Hurley. Hurley isn't helping Jacob because he believes the Island is a mystical and magical place where miracles happen. He's helping him because he can see him and Jacob is telling him he can help save his friends. Jack cannot see him, but Jacob needs him to follow him not because he "believes" or has "faith" but because he genuinely wants to help save the Island. I wonder how Jack will react when he's told he can't go back to the Temple to help the people there. That will be one of the first tests of his loyalty and trust in Jacob. Not faith, trust. Big difference in my opinion.

If being in the Temple is a bad bad thing and no one else can leave then we have to assume that's where NotLocke is going. His group includes Sawyer and Claire, and maybe Jin. I always hoped Sun would be on the side of evil(if there is such a thing) cause it would be a total flip-flop of where the series started. Besides, Jin didn't seem in the mood for being recruited, and besides he may not even be a candidate. He did seem afraid though, so I could see him going with them on a trek to the Temple. The side of Jacob appears to be Hurley, Jack(in training) and Ilana. Ben is a wild card, and might be in a prime position since it was he who killed Jacob. Frank and Sun are still pretty clueless so their story will be very interesting(I hope since I love both characters).

Kate is the true wild card. Many view her being on the wheel and still not crossed out as a HUGE deal. Why didn't NotLocke point her out to Sawyer, and why doesn't she have one of the numbers. Certainly Kate is a bigger character on Lost than the Kwons or even Sayid. I can think of two logical and interesting(since logical and uninteresting doesn't make for good TV I left those out) reasons for this.

First, NotLocke knows of Sawyer's past feelings for Kate, and was worried seeing her name there would give him a reason to stay. He likes Hurley and Jin, but at this point doesn't really care about any of them. Does he still care about Kate? Well, the scenes in What Kate Does would seem to say no. But if he thought she was going to die, I would bet money he would try and save her. I like this theory, but it doesn't explain the numbers. It has to be more than a fan thing. I mean it wasn't much of a fake-out if it's going to be revealed one week later. It's possible her name was visible in the cave and no one saw it, but that's doubtful. And if it was in the cave, I doubt NotLocke could take the chance that Sawyer would see it.

The second theory is bigger and more Lost-like. Jacob was trying to keep that information from NotLocke. When asked what the numbers meant in association to the names, he didn't know, and told Sawyer "Jacob had a thing for numbers". I doubt very much he would lie to Sawyer about this. He's showing him this cave, telling him all this info. Why simply not say "Jacob has a lighthouse with a 360 degree wheel. The names correspond to the degree that person is on". That would have been bad TV style exposition perhaps, but they would have done it better some how. If anything it would make Sawyer want to join NotLocke more! Jacob spying on them their whole life! I definitely think Sawyer would have had a similar reaction to Jack to that info. SO, I think Jacob kept the lighthouse and the wheel away from NotLocke. I think the cave was in fact Jacob's, but it was a decoy. Like the Others' decoy village. It was designed to make NotLocke think he knew everything and could get the jump on him. Just like our Losties thought they could get the jump on the Others. But it was a big fake out. NotLocke doesn't have the important information. And that information is KATE. Am I saying Kate was the winner to take Jacob's job? No. Although she is a bit of a loner, and pretty good leader, and is pretty damn smart when she's not acting jealous. Sounds like a good Jacob candidate to me. But I don't think she was the next Jacob. I think she plays a key role. A role that only candidates can play. Hurley is VERY important cause he can see and talk to Jacob. Why is Kate important? I have no idea, but I do think she's important enough that Jacob will basically give her the Luke and Leia treatment. And the #51? A reversed 15 maybe? Hurley always said the numbers were bad, maybe not having one will turn out to be a good thing. But I have no idea about this.

I'll close with two things

1)if you read all of this you are a champ! and if you read all, some or none please leave a comment, we love them.

2)I keep going back to the discussion between Jacob and MIB on the beach. MIB is pissed more people coming and he knows Jacob brought them.

MAN IN BLACK: I don't have to ask. You brought them here. Still trying to prove me wrong, aren't you?

JACOB: You are wrong.

MAN IN BLACK: Am I? They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.

JACOB: It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.

What is MIB trying to prove? That humans are inherently evil? That they always will destroy each other? And he doesn't seem very happy about that either. MIB is saying it always ends the same, but Jacob saying it only ends once! Are they even talking about the same thing? Has Jacob known how it all would end since the beginning? Or is he saying that those horrible things had to happen, but they were not the ending, just progress toward the end. Those other encounters or events that MIB is talking about, were they just rungs on a ladder toward the inevitable end? And what is that end?

Well, I think that's the longest blog post I've ever made. And part of is really upsets me. Never again will a TV exist that I care about enough to make a blog post at 2:00 in the morning. I know I don't have to tell you folks this, but cherish this time. Lost is a once in a lifetime show, maybe more.

Anyway, thanks all. Namaste, and Byyyyyyyeeeeee!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

There is no Substitute for a great Lost Episode

Hey all,

I hope you enjoyed our podcast about episode 6x04. We definitely enjoyed recording it. If you'd like to join in on the craziness please come to the live recording at 10:05 PM ET. It's Talkcast ID 35516 on

Now, for the first time I'd like to make a request of you all. There are so many Lost Podcasts now, and so many of them are great! With that in mind it's tough to get noticed by new fans. Especially considering we are no longer in the Lost Podcasting Network feed. Which is our decision, we were not kicked off. Although that would be pretty cool if we were so bad Ryan(the nicest dude ever) said "to hell with them!". But anyway, on with my point. It would be sooooo amazing if you guys could rate us and even leave a comment on iTunes. The more ratings we get the better, so the show will appear more often in searches.

Ok, now that I've done the first "please love us" plea of the podcast, I'd like to now direct your attention to a new show. I meant to say this on the last show, but forgot. Everyone should be listening to the new Lost podcast called "Geronimo Jack's Beard". I know I know, another Lost podcast? and starting in the 6th season? But hear me out. If you are not aware of this, it's amazing!!!! It's hosted by some guy named Jorge Garcia. Apparantly he's on a TV show on ABC, plays a character called Hurley. That's right folks! Jorge Garcia and a friend(I dont know the relationship so I dont want to say anything wrong) do a show where they talk about and theorize about Lost. The coolest part(other than it being hosted by friggin JORGE GARCIA) is that they recorded the episodes months ago, when he first got the script. So he knows just as much as we do now.

So definetly download that new show!

I quickly want to say a few things about The Subsitute. This will be pretty short, since if you want my views check out the podcast. :)

1)I hope and imagine that by the end of the season, this episode will seem like The Whole Truth. And by that I mean the head exploding, can't breath moments will be nothing compared to what's coming.

2)I've come to the realization that no matter what they do(unless it's litterally Jesus vs. the Devil) i'll love the ending of Lost. I'll be weeping, but I'll be very much in love with it.

3)I came to the afore mentioned revelation after rewatching The Subsitute. Every one of my theories and "hopes" for where the series would go have turned out wrong. And not just wrong, but dead wrong! I guess my alternate timeline stuff is still going, but it's not even close to where I thought it would be. Now normally if a show went in a direction I didn't think would be right, or exciting(the entire O6 story for example) it would hurt my view of it. The X-Files for example. I totally lost interest in it in it's last 2 seasons cause it was just building on to the massive yet highly suspect mythos and making it up every week it seemed. LOST on the other hand...has reached the point where even if none of this was ever planned, it definetly seems like it was. Or at the very least like the writers care enough to make it make sense for those of us who have watched religously for 6 years.

4)LOCKE (thoughts on Locke to be contiuned)

5)I LOVE Flashsideways Locke. It's a Locke that we've seen so rarely, and in away NEVER before. He's happy!!! Yeah he's still frustrated with his life at times, but arent we all? It seems in this timeline his father didnt steal his kidney, didnt lead Locke to ruin the only real relationship he had, and didnt push him out a window. The question then becomes how did he get in the wheelchair? How did he meet Helen? Why did a man with a loving almost wife, a decent job, and no daddy issues feel he needed a Walkabout and to do it so much he'd risk his job?

6)This is another reason to LOVE LOST. They answer some BIG questions. So far this season we've learned A LOT. Smokey, the Sickness, MIB, Jacob's lists. But every episode we still are getting like 108 questions.

7)I find the names on the wall facinating. But more interesting to me, are the people we know apparantly are not on the list. Shannon is, but Boone is not. Michael and Walt both are not. Linus is but Widmore and Hawking are not. And Kate. NO KATE! No Kate but Claire(if it is claire, and not aaron, but since it's crossed out I dont think it could be aaron). No Kate, but Shannon????

8)REYES - Listen to Geronimo Jack's Beard

Well with all that said, there is so much more. But i'll stop there. I look forward to comments.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Did Kate Do?

Hey all,

In wake of what has been a crazy couple days in Lost fandom, I thought I'd comment a little bit on the fans' reaction to episode 6x03 "What Kate Does" and Damon Lindeloff's reaction to that reaction.

First, let me say that I LOVE LOST. We have 135 episodes in the books, and will have many more in the future. We plan to discuss the show long after it has ended it's run and I also know all of us will continue to spread of the word of Lost and try to get friends and loved ones to get into the show. I don't think I need to exactly prove how much I like the show, but there seems to be some who think those that do not love and gush over every episode are somehow not real fans.

I think this to be an extremely faulty assumption. It's not like I or anyone else said that this episode ruined the series, or we'd never watch it again. I think there was just a decent of disappointment. For me it would be like if one of my best friends stole money from his job. Would I never speak to him again? Would I turn him in and want the police involved? No of course not. But you can bet I would chew him out and almost demand that he own up to his crime, and take the punishment. And all the while I'd stand beside him and support him in any decision he made. That's what friends do. It's a similar idea here. I was disappointed in the episode to be sure, many of us were. But it's clearly out of love. I want to know so much and learn so much I get frustrated when almost an entire hour of the remaining few we have left is taken up by the "Kate episode". It's like in Star Trek when every year there needed to be the Troi episode, the Geordi Episode, and so on. I mean why did she need an episode? What happened in the episode that gave us incite into her or Claire. We knew Kate was a fugitive and Claire was pregnant and going to give the baby away. I didn't see any character building or story building in the flash sideways. I like Kate a lot, I always have. At times I've gotten sick of her, but she's a great character. It helps that Evie is a very beautiful woman, but it's more than that. Kate is not your typical female role, but they give her so many typical problems. She could seriously be the Ripley of LOST. The "girl" that can kick anyone's ass at the drop of a hat. But no, they give us episode after episode of her love triangle issues, and random need to save Claire. Maybe I'm a horrible person, but I think I'll gag if I see Kate bring Claire off the island and there is the long drawn out slow motion reunion scene with her and Aaron(a kid she never wanted, and would have killed like 20 times w/o Charlie).

Ok, that's a long rant, sorry.

Here's the second part. Mr. Lindeloff, if you are reading this, THANK YOU, you are the friggin man!!! Ok but also, you have all the right in the world to tell us fans we are spoiled brats who wouldn't know a good piece of television writing if it walked up and stole our kidney. Honestly man, never "hold you tongue". Never think that we would some how be upset, offended or put off if you spoke your mind. Also, you could curse us all out on the podcast, and make us cry, and we STILL would be clawing at the walls for the next episode of LOST and the episode after that. Not to mention whatever it is that you and Mr. Cuse decide to do next, whether that be together or separate. About other projects for a moment, is Khan in the next Trek movie? and if so I think Navim Andrews should play him, he would KICK ASS!!! But back on topic, I suppose some fans might point out without us there would be no LOST as it is today. Well, that's true, but with out LOST being the way it is, I would not have met some of the most awesome people I've ever met. So that trumps that.

In closing I want to point out that Kate had one of my favorite lines of the episode. They are about to leave the Temple to find Sawyer, and Aldo says to Kate, "you better not slow me down". Kate looks down and under her breath says "you better not slow me down!". LOVED IT. SuperKate indeed!!!

I look forward to comments.

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     I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on the new episode! You can hear ours on the initial reaction show!

Also, Dharma cupcakes!