Thursday, June 25, 2009

Episode 108....Rescheduled?

Sorry guys for the late late announcement, but there wont be a show tonight. Both Amanda and I are a tad busy and while we could have done a show, it would only be about an hour, OR not include Amanda after and hour.

We both Agreed that that wont work for as special and episode as #108.

For those who dont know(specifically those who did not listen to the ENTIRE Constant episode...this was to be a special about Lost Myths and Mysterys.

Not to sure when this episode will air, next Thursday, July 2, I(Josh) am going to a Yankee Game, so no show that night. But keep up with the blog and such and we'll let y'all know .

In closing, and I'm sure I speak for Amanda as well, I want to send out my deepest condolenses to the Jackson family. Michael Jackson was a true genius, and the word "gifted" is not strong enough. For those too young(and much of our audience is) there was time when he was the biggest star in the world by far. And while the past several years he had gone down a dark path, we all know that he's moonwalking his way to a far better place. Because after all, he's bad, billie jean is not his lover and he's a smooth criminal.