Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So, tomorrow isn't happening....

I have to work my other job, plus I've given NO thought to theme...and I don't have the internet anymore. Clearly it is not my destiny to do the show tomorrow - but check back next week when hopefully Josh AND I will be back with something totally awesome

....oh, you know who this is =p

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It's finally here, for all info, all rules, all specifications about the Video Contest check below. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments section of this thread, that way it'll become a sort of FAQ area. This post will include text that is repetitive.

Contest Basics

The contest is to create a video compilation of clips from the TV show LOST. These clips must be from every episode, and in the order that those episodes aired. The video as a whole should not be more than 10 min in length, and each clip should not be more than several seconds. The video needs to include a musical score that is ONE track. Both instrumental, and vocal tracks are allowed.


1)Video MUST contain at least ONE clip from EVERY episode of LOST(seasons 1-4).

2)Clips MUST be in order of when the episode AIRED.

3)The NAME of the episode MUST appear on the screen the entire time while that episode's clip is being shown.

4)The Video MUST begin with a title of some kind, and Lost title screen. (These can be the same thing, but a title will help to distinguish your video more)

5)You ARE allowed more than one clip from a given episode, but remember, you have a time limit.

6)This is NOT a screen shot contest, you must have video clips of the episodes.

7)Entire Video must not exceed 10 min. This is not a disqualifying offense, but it won't help.

8)Each episode does NOT need to be given equal time. (I.E. Clip for Dues Ex Machina can be longer than the one for Expose).

1)Music must be ONE continious track throughout the video.

2)Micheal Giacchino Music is definetly allowed, but LOST scores are forbidden. This IS a disqualifiying offense.

3)Both Instrumental and Vocal tracks are welcomed.(but not both in one video obviously)

How to get your videos to us

You have TWO options for sending us the video.
1)Upload it to Youtube, or any other free video provider, and then e-mail the link to us.
OR, and this is ONLY allowed after asking permission via E-mail.
2)Sending the video to us directly via E-mail.

The Lost Flashbacks Youtube page is There I believe you can send us the videos so we can view them, and then post them ourselves. That way we can be sure of no copying or stealing.

Due Date

The Absolute Final Due Date is Dec. 1, 2008.


Winners will be decided on the basis of how close the video meets the above specifications and how close it matches my(josh's) vision of the video. Quality is an important factor, but to keep it fair for all it will not be a deciding factor. Due to this, Quantity should be foremost in your mind. But if you can make them look amazing, it definetly would not hurt.

Annoucement of Winner

The Winner will be announced during the 1st Annual Flashies Awards which will air on the Lost Flashbacks Podcast sometime in December.

The Prize

The Winner will receive a $50 iTunes Gift Card

Other Info
Again, any questions AT ALL should be addressed in the comments thread below. If you have personal, or private questions they can be e-mailed to us at but try to ask them here. I'm sure if you have a question, others do too.

If you are interested in the Photo contest, please post it. The response has not been as large for that, so unless more people are interested, that contest might be disbanded.

Sorry for the delay