Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The End, Part 1

Hey everybody! This is the first of many posts about the series finale. I'm not sure how many there will be, but I do know that this will be my soap box to get out everything i've been thinking about. Since the finale, I've been on the line of 3 different Lost Podcasts, for a total of about 16 hours. Granted 10 hours of that was The Lost Flashbacks, but that's still a lot. My point I guess is I still have more to say, and this way people can choose to read it or not, and won't be forced to listen to my voice. I'm even getting sick of it.

So, this first part will be about the things that shocked me. Not necessarily the shocking or surprising moments of the episode, but more things that shocked me about myself. I've always considered myself a mythology junkie. I loved everything about the history of the Island, and the crazy science experiments DHARMA was doing. I couldn't get enough of Locke and his journey to learn the secrets of the Island. That's probably why he became my favorite character early on. I am not a religious person at all, so I was very excited that Locke's quest was not based on any religion, but his faith in the Island. The faith that lead him to be an early mentor to Jack in his time of need in White Rabbit. The faith that lead him to the hatch, and then drove him to discover its secrets. I wanted to know what was in that hatch just as much as him! His faith lead to Boone's death, and that lead to the beginning of the Jack vs. Locke battle that would continue all the way to season 5. And that faith is what drove Jack back to the Island, and gave him faith that it was his destiny to drop Jughead down the Swan Station. It was that same faith that lead Jack to believe it was his destiny to be the Island's protector, and in doing so defeat the Man in Black, and save the ones who were left.

That's an interesting paragraph, maybe to long, but I've never been a grammar guy. I start out by saying I'm into the mythology and science, and finish by saying it's all about faith. Faith? This from an agnostic. Well friends, that's one of the things that really shocked me. I thought I was watching for science fictiony coolness, and mythology filled revelations. Turns out I wasn't watching for that at all. I was watching because I connected with these characters, and their journey became my journey. As I said in the previous post, the show was never about getting answers to questions. I don't know about anyone else, but as season six wound down, I found myself wanting answers less and less. I didn't care how the glowing light worked, or who built it and why. I didn't care about the timeline of events that connected the temple to the statue. I'm not saying they aren't amazing mysteries, but I firmly believe that that was not the point of the series.

I'm reminded of Jack in A Tale of Two Cities. Being taunted almost by Juliet when she has a huge file all about Jack's life. She knows he wants to know about Sarah's new life, and it caused him great pain in the past. In this moment, Jack doesn't ask for specific details about Sarah's life, nor does he try and get answers to the personal mysteries that have tortured him for years. He simply asks if she is happy. Juliet says that Sarah is indeed very happy, and unlike old Jack who craved to know everything about her life, this Jack is satisfied with that, and it brings him peace.

I bring this up because it's similar to Lost fans. Asking who Sarah is with and where they are living, is like asking about the Egyptian era on the Island. Yeah, it would be good to know for our obsessive brains, but it serves no purpose knowing it. Same thing with the Smoke Monster. The exact nature of the Smoke Monster is probably beyond comprehension, and would only serve to annoy or bewilder. I'm not even sure I want to know what it was. This way Big-O can have his nano-bots!

These thoughts were very shocking to me. The idea that I could confidently say the answers were not important, story was important would have totally pissed off the Josh that was in the middle of season two. In the end, Lost was about these people who came together as total strangers. They fixed each other, loved each other, fought each other, and saved each other. That's what life is all about. You don't have to live every day to the fullest, or treat everyone amazing all the time. Carpe Diem is a great way to live, but it's exhausting. That is not the point of Lost. For me, the point is simply that life is about your interactions with other people. They can be good, they can be bad, but every person you come in contact with is touched by you, and you by them. The group in the church at the end, they didn't love each other all the time. Hell, sometimes they were trying to kill each other. But their struggles, and their conflicts built the bond between them just as much as their love for each other.

I'll save my character discussion for a different post, because there is a lot to say there. We invested six years in them, and the lessons they learned in the end really were meant for us. So really, in the final analysis, the thing that shocked me the most was that all this time I thought I was watching a TV show. In reality, I was getting a lesson on how to live my life.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What We Watched For

Howdy all. This is a pretty sobering post. This is the last time I will be updating the blog while Lost is still on the air. The amount that I love you guys, and want to thank you for listening is beyond words. We would not still be doing the podcast without you guys. Originally we had planned to simply do a hiatus rewatch just to keep our sanity following the season three finale. All that changed once we started hearing from you folks. We knew we had to keep going, and every week had so much fun chatting about the show, and even more fun hearing from everyone in the chat and on the blog. Lost is an amazing show, but I firmly believe it's the fan community that made it what it is. We've been on a wild ride, and it's almost over. For the rest of my life I'll be able to look back on my time watching Lost, and while I'll remember all the great moments, I'll remember the friends I've made and the great moments with those friends even more.

I really hope everyone in the East and Central time zone can make it to the chat on Finale Night, and I really hope everyone can make it to the show on Monday night. It's going to be quite an experience. We are going to talk about the episode, but really guys, it will be mainly about you all, and the fun we've had together. We're gonna reminisce about old episodes, and theories, and all the fun we had.

The title of this post really gets to me because this is what we all watched for. It wasn't simply to get an ending. In a way, part of me thinks Lost is a story that can never end, and with us fans introducing Lost to friends it never will. The reason we watched was to get caught up in an amazing journey and then talk endlessly about it with people who share our passion. I've never in my life seen a show that leads to the type of theorizing and debate and discussion that Lost does. BSG comes close, but that's more so about the reading between the lines. On Lost, every episode was a new adventure opening the door to new possibilities and even better, new theories. And yeah, almost all my theories turned out to be totally wrong. But that's ok, it makes it more fun.

I started this post expecting to talk about the episode, but I really don't have anything to say beyond what was in the podcast. It was like 3 hours long. Instead, I'd really like to open this up and have you guys post your favorite memories from both the podcast, and of course Lost. When did you start listening? What moment stands out? What's your favorite in-joke(we have MANY?

In case you don't already know, our plans have changed. We will NOT be attending Big-O's finalecast on Sunday because he's not doing a finalecast on Sunday. He is doing one on Tuesday. So, here's the plan. The chat will open at 8:00 PM ET, and i'll leave it open until we are done for the night. I will be called in so that the chat doesn't close, but I will not start the show. This will allow us all to be together to chat and experience Lost together. After Lost we're gonna watch Kimmel, and then possibly start the show around 12:30. Don't know exactly what that show will be. It might simply be us choking back tears and going on and on about the show we all love. We are STILL doing a Monday night show. We are not 100% sure when that show will start, could be as early as 8:00 PM ET. Trust me, that show will be LONG, so I hope everyone can make it. West Coasters, people from around the world, everyone. If you've ever listened to the podcast, you really need to be there, or at least call in. I will be unmuting people like it's a bodily function. This event will be epic!

There's nothing more to say, except hope to see you guys on Sunday and Monday and STAY LOST!!

As promised here is trailer for the new Lost Podcaster's Documentary "Audibly Lost" It really looks amazing! If you look closely you can easily see Josh and Amanda chatting about LOST!

"Audibly Lost" The Movie Trailer from Audibly Lost on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Across the Sea, Somewhere, Waiting for Me!

I know, I know, the Bobby Darrin song is Beyond the Sea, but it's close enough.

This post will be in two parts. The first part will basically a speech on what I think it not a good trend among Lost fans, and how I was reborn during Jay and Jack's 30 Hour Podcast. The second part will be me explaining why I now support the theory proposed on the podcast.

So, there was a lot of negativity about this episode. A lot more than I expected when I was done watching it. On DarkUFO's poll it's rated much lower than I thought it would be, and hearing several podcasters, and friends comment on it I have really had enough. Before I start, I want to point out I in no way am saying people HAD to love, or even like this episode. If you hated it, then that's up to you. Personally, I liked it a lot. Is it the best episode of the season? No way! Scroll down a few posts if you want to see which one I think that is. I don't want this to be a rant, so I'll make it more of a speech. There was a time this season where I was pretty negative, and angry at the series. I wasn't getting what I wanted, and it wasn't blowing me away every week like I expected it should, and would. Then something amazing happened. I was asked by Jay and Jack to appear on their 30 hour podcast. Which wasn't that nuts, a lot of people were there including The Joshmeister(whom I appeared with) What was nuts was that the guy on directly after me was Damon Lindeloff!

What happened would really change the way I viewed the show. For those who didn't hear it, I'll summarize. Josh and I were asked our opinions on various things, and to discuss the show. Sounds pretty standard right? But I found myself being particularly negative. Specifically about the Flashsideways, and the happenings of episodes like What Kate Does. Because Jay and Jack are awesome guys they didn't yell at me, or tell me I was wrong. They simply said that they agreed things were moving a little slow at times, but they had faith, and were just going to enjoy the ride. That hit me pretty hard. I don't think they even meant it this way, but they basically said to me, "Hey, if you want to be negative that's fine, but you'll ruin it for yourself". I continued discussing the show with them for a few moments until it was time for Damon.

When Damon came on I was blown away, listening to him live was amazing. Jay and Jack have released this interview on their feed, and I definitely recommend it. I don't recall his exact words, but he basically said the same thing J&J did. That it's been about the journey. After that, I really was changed. Why be negative about small things? Why get annoyed or frustrated if I don't like what's happening in the story? Why focus on things I don't like? Since then i've tried to simply enjoy the journey because as Jacob says, "It only ends once."

This is where this turns to you guys. Again, you can think what you want, but just try and consider what I'm going to say. Does it really matter that the knife wasn't magnetized in the well? I mean really? Try not to focus on that, focus on what was being said in that scene. Does it really matter that the CGI of the light cave wasn't perfect or that it looked a little cheesy? So what? It's not about CGI, it's about the impact that that discovery has on the characters. Does it matter that the kids were not Oscar caliber actors? Does it really? Listen to what they are saying, and what the writers are trying to tell us in those scenes.

Stop focusing on the production aspect of the show, and start focusing on the content of the show. Just enjoy what the writers have created for us. Remember, the show is for US, but what is created is what they wanted. Do you think they don't think it matters or that they don't care? They worked extremely hard on this, and they gave us exactly what they wanted. If you don't like it, then that's fine, but what's the use in complaining? It won't change, and you'll just make yourself miserable. I'm not saying you should love it unconditionally. I definitely have issues with it and I talked about them on the show. All I am saying is, just try to focus on the positive, and just try to have fun.

I hope that didn't sound like a lecture, I certainly didn't mean it to be one.

Ok, on to the theory. For those that missed it, one of Amanda's friends said he had a theory that the Smoke Monster has actually trapped down in the cave, and MIB freed him by going down there. I really like this theory a lot. I'm actually starting to think it may be true. Here is some evidence. Jacob and MIB are told by CJ(not-mom), that they need to protect this place, and she tells Jacob that he can never go down there. Well, I think floating MIB's dead body down there did in fact release the Smoke Monster from captivity. After escaping Smokey threw MIB's body to the side, just like he did with Locke's body. Smokey does in fact want to leave the Island more than anything. MIB wanted to leave too, but Smokey wants to escape. I also think that MIB and Jacob could both leave whenever they wanted to, but simply were prevented to by CJ. If MIB had the ability to leave, then why did CJ attack him before completion of the Donkey Wheel? Wouldn't she let him attempt to leave, and fail? No, she needed to stop him so that he wouldn't leave. Smokey however had all this time to activate the wheel, but he hasn't. He really can't leave until Jacob and his Candidates are dead.

Another thing about this theory that I love is that it does what Lost has done for years. Which is it takes someone we thought knew everything, and turns them into someone who is just being played. From Locke, to Ben, to Richard, and now both Jacob and MIB. Both of them were simply played by the Smoke Monster. It makes sense too. For me, it makes much more sense that in the center of the Island since the beginning of time, there has existed a darkness and it finally was allowed to escape. Smokey took on the personality and traits of MIB, just as he is doing so now, but for Locke. This also may explain how MIB knew about the donkey wheel being able to get them off the Island. However, I'm not totally convinced on that last part. I do like to think he simply knew it could be done because he was special. Just as Walt was special and had certain powers, and Hurley has certain powers. This theory also gets rid of the needs to learn how MIB changed into Smokey. It's much easier to learn what Smokey is. Personally, I'd be pleased if it's simply "darkness". I mean, somethings in real life don't have describable answers in current science, such as Dark Energy. Finally, I also think this doesn't hurt my Vincent Theory at all. In fact, it strengthens it in my opinion.

Well that's that.

Don't forget to join us directly after the episode next week on Talkshoe. It will be the final Initial Reaction Lost Flashbacks ever!! So we really would love to have a big group. And, just like this week we would love for folks to call in.

And then for the Finale, we'll be doing Big-O's show, but then on Monday the 24th, don't forget we will be doing our very own show. One major highlight will be of me eating my very old, and hopefully tasty Apollo Bar live on Ustream.

Have a good week all, and Namaste

P.S. Sorry for no pictures this week, I may edit it later to add some. There are some errors, and it's not allowing me to add them properly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

P.P.S. Due to recent bot and spam attacks on the blog I am now reviewing all comments. Don't worry, if you're a real person I'll allow all comments though, but just know they won't show up right away.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Rest In Peace Candidates

Hey folks,

Sorry for the lateness of this post. This has not been an easy week for me. I'll fill ya'll in on the podcast.

I love The Candidate, but I'm not sure how long this post will be. I just wanted to post a few thoughts. To be honest, when I sat down to write this I started thinking about how many more blog posts about Lost I'll be doing. At least how many posts after new episodes. Including this one it's only 4! This last bit will be very tough, but also very exciting, and I'm so happy to have all of you along with me for the ride.

Ok, on to the episode. I'm finding it tough to think about anything other than the three MAJOR characters from the pilot who died in this episode. Going further, from the original survivors, the only ones left are Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Kate, and Claire I would have taken those odds for the first four early on since they really were the major major characters. Always on all the treks, always getting in on every discussion. I'm assuming btw that Jin, Sun, and Sayid are dead. I've heard theories and comments that Jin could have survived, and that we never saw Sayid blow up. Both of those are true, but honestly, if they appeared, I would not be happy. After that emotional scene where we all were brought to tears? It would be a big mistake to bring Jin back I think.

I'm also interested in the theories out there about the Candidates. People now think there is, and always has been one Candidate. This would appear in direct conflict with my own theory concerning Kate. I stand by that theory, so I'm going to say that they all are Candidates, and can't be killed by MIB. They can however kill themselves. I wonder what would have happened had they let the bomb count down to zero without Sawyer trying to disarm it. I mean MIB clearly thought it would work, and was surprised with it didn't. If they needed to try to disarm it to make it go off then how did he know they would find it? MIB also seems to be a master of the con. I mean his long cons are longer and more more elaborate than anything i'm sure Sawyer ever thought up.

In the off Island storyline I loved how they explained Locke's relationship with his father. On Jay and Jack they said it seems like Cooper was a good guy in this reality, but I disagree. If that's the case, then who conned young James Ford's parents? Maybe it was someone else and Anthony Cooper was some how blamed, or set-up by someone. If it was him though, then he's not that good of a guy. I'd have to really check in the episode, but I don't think they said if they met earlier then they did in the regular reality. Perhaps in this reality the plane crash was just a part of the con. Instead of hunting, Anthony Cooper went along with Locke's flying lessons, and due to the accident, he never got to complete the con, and destroy Locke's life again and again.

The "I wish you believed me" stuff was amazing, but really, Jack was such a stalker. I mean I get that he's interested in this guy, and intrigued by their connection. But really, he crosses the line in my opinion.

There's so much more to say, but I really feel i'm done with this post.

A couple cool things to remember:

We will be recording our thoughts, and hopefully yours too directly after every episode airs in the eastern time zone. You can join us on Talkshoe. Links are on the right hand side.

We will NOT be doing this though after the finale. We will be joining Big-O's Cranky Fanatic Podcast directly following the Lost Finale on May 23rd. Again, this will be in the eastern time zone.

HOWEVER, for you west coasters, we will be recording our own finale podcast on Monday, May 24th. On this show, I will eat by very old Apollo Bar live on ustream! I will try very hard to record it, but I can't promise I'll get it right. So you don't want to miss this.

Ok folks, talk to yah all later.