Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It's finally here, for all info, all rules, all specifications about the Video Contest check below. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments section of this thread, that way it'll become a sort of FAQ area. This post will include text that is repetitive.

Contest Basics

The contest is to create a video compilation of clips from the TV show LOST. These clips must be from every episode, and in the order that those episodes aired. The video as a whole should not be more than 10 min in length, and each clip should not be more than several seconds. The video needs to include a musical score that is ONE track. Both instrumental, and vocal tracks are allowed.


1)Video MUST contain at least ONE clip from EVERY episode of LOST(seasons 1-4).

2)Clips MUST be in order of when the episode AIRED.

3)The NAME of the episode MUST appear on the screen the entire time while that episode's clip is being shown.

4)The Video MUST begin with a title of some kind, and Lost title screen. (These can be the same thing, but a title will help to distinguish your video more)

5)You ARE allowed more than one clip from a given episode, but remember, you have a time limit.

6)This is NOT a screen shot contest, you must have video clips of the episodes.

7)Entire Video must not exceed 10 min. This is not a disqualifying offense, but it won't help.

8)Each episode does NOT need to be given equal time. (I.E. Clip for Dues Ex Machina can be longer than the one for Expose).

1)Music must be ONE continious track throughout the video.

2)Micheal Giacchino Music is definetly allowed, but LOST scores are forbidden. This IS a disqualifiying offense.

3)Both Instrumental and Vocal tracks are welcomed.(but not both in one video obviously)

How to get your videos to us

You have TWO options for sending us the video.
1)Upload it to Youtube, or any other free video provider, and then e-mail the link to us.
OR, and this is ONLY allowed after asking permission via E-mail.
2)Sending the video to us directly via E-mail.

The Lost Flashbacks Youtube page is There I believe you can send us the videos so we can view them, and then post them ourselves. That way we can be sure of no copying or stealing.

Due Date

The Absolute Final Due Date is Dec. 1, 2008.


Winners will be decided on the basis of how close the video meets the above specifications and how close it matches my(josh's) vision of the video. Quality is an important factor, but to keep it fair for all it will not be a deciding factor. Due to this, Quantity should be foremost in your mind. But if you can make them look amazing, it definetly would not hurt.

Annoucement of Winner

The Winner will be announced during the 1st Annual Flashies Awards which will air on the Lost Flashbacks Podcast sometime in December.

The Prize

The Winner will receive a $50 iTunes Gift Card

Other Info
Again, any questions AT ALL should be addressed in the comments thread below. If you have personal, or private questions they can be e-mailed to us at but try to ask them here. I'm sure if you have a question, others do too.

If you are interested in the Photo contest, please post it. The response has not been as large for that, so unless more people are interested, that contest might be disbanded.

Sorry for the delay


Spencer said...

I'm slightly behind on this whole video thing... Like behind to the point of solitary. I had to restart the whole thing from the middle of season 2 a couple months ago and then kind of forgot about it. But now, I'm going to work faster than ever to get this done. Thanks for finally putting up all the rules Josh!

Spencer said...

One question though. I'm trying to quickly summarize the whole "charlie getting hung by ethan" thing in all the best cowboys. Is it OK if I take, say 10 seconds of various clips from the scene and try to make it smoothly transition, or would that be against the rules? I mean that I want to take small clips that aren't in order as they would have aired (jack and kate see charlie, jack trying to resuscitate him, him waking up) all strung together into about one 10 second clip.

Josh said...

That would be fine Spencer. If you are using more than one clip per episode, the clips within the episode don't have to be in order.

However, try to make it easy to watch. I'm sure you are, but for those with a similar question, think of the person watching it. Will they be able to follow the action, and see why you put the clips like that?

Thanks for the question, and I look foward to the final product.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting all the rules up (finally!) Just to add a bit of information to the post (if you want to put it in the main post, Josh, that's fine) you MAY cut a long song down to a more suitable time in order to not exceed the time preference.

Josh said...

Yes you may cut the song down to fit within your video. Just as long as it's one track.

tunadonkey said...

hey guys. sry been busy lately so havnt been able to make it to the live shows. thnx for the post tho josh. very helpful. i'm gonna have to revise some stuff i did tho.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, Dec 1. That's a long time for me to wait to post it on YouTube. On 4.11 "Cabin Fever."

Congested said...

That will give you more time to re-do yours when you see how good mine is. :)

I joke. I haven't even started mine. :(

Though I've picked out like 20 possible songs already.... I'm thinking if I do eventually find time to do this I'll make more than one, with different songs/themes. (or I may just stop at one)

My question: Can we slow video down (or speed it up) and can we crop video if we want to change the size? As long as we follow all the other rules?

There may be some things for timing/composition that may work better cropped/slowed down, that's why I ask.

Congested said...

Oh and another question. Do we have to treat the pilot, live together die alone, through the looking glass and there's no place like home part 2 as 2 episodes each or can we just use one clip from each of those?

Congested said...

+exodus part 2

Anonymous said...

Those questions are the exact same ones I emailed about (except for the video size one, so here goes):

As far as speeding up or slowing down is concerned, I was given the okay. If you wanted to, for example, have Hurley jumping away from Rouseauu's death trap (because he's spry) in slow motion, Josh said it would be okay. I'll try and find the original post.

As far as splitting up episodes, he said you can treat them however you like, although why would you want only one clip from each of those episodes? If you want Pilot, Part 1 and 2 to be separate that's fine. As long as you indicate that with your subtitle.

Anonymous said...

Never mind on the editing bit. It's still in question. Hopefully I don't have to spend 20 seconds of my video going down the hatch.

Josh said...


You can Slow down, or seed up the videos, but try to not do it too often. I dispise slow motion, and speed-up video.

As far as cropping, you can definetly do that.

As far as Episodes like the pilot and Exodus etc, you can split them up however you like. If you want the pilot to be ONE episode that fine, but indicate that in the title at the bottom. HOWEVER, if you decide to break them up(i.e. Pilot Part 1, Part 2) DO NOT have scenes from part 2 while the part 1 text is up.

The reason I leave it up to you is so people have more options in terms of putting the video together.

Geeky Tom said...
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tunadonkey said...

umm... josh. about getting episodes for season 4... u say there is some way to get those episodes (*cough cough* illegal possibly) but, if season 4 needs to be included i might need a link to one of these sites

Geeky Tom said...

Oh man, I'm 1/2 way done with my photo project.
I understand though if no one is interested, I wasn't either (at first) with the idea of a group photo, but then I got inspired by an album cover from a time when cut and paste actually involved scissors and glue.
I'll probably finish and send it in anyway, or put up a flickr.
Great Locke discussion and interview.
Ha ha "enjoy your breakfast" great sign off.

Anonymous said...

Thank you geeky tom, it was spur of the moment.

tunadonkey, I had the same problem as you, and as reluctant as I was, I finally caved in to torrent sites. A good torrent selection can be found at It will require you to download a program called uTorrent, but it seriously takes up almost no space at all. In order to warrant best results, search, for example, "Lost s04e01" for "The Beginning of the End." On my laptop, it cuts out the last ten minutes when dragging to Windows Movie Maker.

There's also a divX streaming site called Click on TV Shows and look on the left column for Lost - it has all of the episodes from season 4. While it's been working better with Windows Movie Maker on my old Sony laptop, it's less reliable for downloading - I think it depends on how much of it has streamed so far, because for "Confirmed Dead," it just stopped downloading a fourth of the way through.

Finally, there's a channel on YouTube that has some fantastic quality videos - You can use a converter like to convert it to whatever format you need.

I apologize for speaking on Josh's behalf as far as illegal sites go, I just felt I should share my experience so others don't have to go through the same thing. Truthfully, torrent sites are the way to go.

Josh said...


the site i know about, and think is the best is it's easy, and free.

Congested said...

or if you have a mac just use Xtorrent.

It's simple, easy to use, and you do it all in one application without having to go to other webisites.... it searches all of them for you and tells you which one has the most seeds.

so i hear, at least. :)


Thanks Josh/flyboypatrick, about the rules.

tunadonkey said...

thnx everybody. big help

Anonymous said...

No need to thank me congested, I'm not the official source.

Yes! I'm on the finale!

Matthew said...

Sorry about last week - I was so pumped, and I even started thinking about the soundboard interview, and then my boss called and asked me to come in to train for my new job - oops...Hopefully the same thing won't happen again this week. I do have a Jack soundboard XD

Spencer - I'm still planning on doing one, and I haven't even started past the planning stage x.x

Anonymous said...

I assume matthew is Amanda in disguise.

I wonder if I should do another video. This one would be, like, hyper-speed, based on the length of the song ("42" by Coldplay - 4 minutes), but I've got SO many ideas for it! This wouldn't take up as much of my life, since I already have a good archive of clips.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! My video is uploading as I type! I'll send you the link (I have it set on private to prevent possible cheaters) so you can get access to it if that's okay.

Faith said...

I'm so excited to watch an entry!!!

SO, I picked up a shift at ON tomorrow, and I get off at 9:30. So if you can hold off the content until then, I'll defintely be there =)

And yes, I am Matthew (Fox)

Anonymous said...

Better for my schedule...

And for the opening song, delete this if you want it kept a secret, and I know it's a bit obvious: "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley.

Also, what are yours and Josh's YouTube accounts (or a Lost Flashbacks one)? I suggest putting them in a playlist when it's all done. Plus, the best way to shareprivate videos is to friend someone. If anyone knows of another way, let me know.

Josh said...

Good idea Patrick.

The following is a link to the offical Lost Flashsbacks Youtube page.

It's LFBPodcast. Cause Lost Flashbacks was taken lol.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. tunadonkey apparently stole it. lol

Petor23 said...

The episode with the Jack/Locke shower scene is The Whole Truth... The episode that everyone forgets about.

Timothy said...

I had to take a little break from Lost after the S4 finale, but I just started back at the beginning of S1 four days ago (4! hah!) and I'm already up to "What Kate Did". I always knew ever since the end of Season 2 that it was going to be the "oddball" season and there's a part of me that thinks it may just be a gold mine for clues. Or maybe I just miss Eko, Michael (the good one), Libby, even Ana-Lulu.

Yeah, anyways I'll get on that video asap, soon as my computer gets out of the shop! It's been there for almost 3 weeks and I'm DYIN' here. Sorry I haven't been around. I overkilled on Lost and it burned me right out. Now my DVR's gone wonky too so I'll probably have to wait for the S4 DVD's before I can watch 'em again. Of course I could always watch them online. Anyway, I'm RAMBLING!

Later guys,

Anonymous said...

I went ahead and made my video public, as is conjested's.

Anonymous said...

So, has anyone made a video or making one? Or is it just gonna be a battle between congested and me?

Anonymous said...

Already almost done with Season 1 on a second vid. I understand you don't want us just churning them out Josh, but is there a limit to how many you can make?