Thursday, September 18, 2008

Schedualing Update!!!

Ok all. Here is a list of Lost Flashbacks shows for the next month or so and a small blurb about each.

Episode 74 - Lostography - JJ Abrams
This is a new series we will be doing. Since we do Character Analysis, we thought it made sense to also talk about non-characters. In the first Episode we discuss Lost Creator, and fan of initals, JJ ABRAMS. Since this is tonight, it will be posted by the time you read this, so hope you enjoy.

Episode 75 - Who R Josh & Amanda: Top 10 TV Shows!!
This is pretty self-explanitory. Josh and Amanda list their Top 10 favorite shows of all time!! So prepare your hate mail!! I can assure you, Gray's Anatomy will not appear, will Lost? BSG? Heroes? Hole in the Wall? Listen and find out.

Episode 76 - Character Analysis - SUN (AKA BAMF!!)
Again pretty self-explanitory. We talk about Sun Kwon. We loved her, hated her, cried with her, and feared her. This will be a good show!

Episode 77 - A Look at all Those Dharma Stations
ENTER 77 is one of few episodes where we meet a brand new Dharma Station...The Flame. But what about the other ones? There are so many now, it's hard to keep track. Well join us, and help people(like me) remember them all.

Episode 78 - The Lost Music of Michael Giacchino
Maybe the most anticipated Lost Flashbacks episode EVER!! Josh and Amanda will discuss in detail the musical scores in Lost composed by Michael Giacchino. He Rocks!!!

Episode 79 - Is Lost Back Yet? Part 1
Another new series for The Lost Flashbacks. Leading up to Season 5 we will do a four part series where we will recap and discuss each of the four seasons. This is Season One. So please join us to discuss many of our favorites.

Episode 80 - The Scary Lost Island Election Episode
It's Mischief Night, Halloween Eve(AKA All Hallow's Eve Eve). It's also the last episode before the 2008 Presidential Election. We don't really know what this episode will be about. But by this day, Josh will be pretty insane, so whatever it is can be sure it'll be scary.

Hope y'all like!


Petor23 said...

Since you don't consider episode titles to be spoilers, "Because You Left" is the first episode of season 5.

Also, about the gameshows, Jorge Garcia was on an episode of Russian Roulette (the video is on youtube).

Congested said...

argh. Some people do consider them spoilers.

Petor23 said...

Feel free to remove my comment then...

Josh said...

Oh wow. Very nice "spoiler" Petor. If I remember, I'll be sure to mention it on the next episode.

Anonymous said...

I brought that up in the chat, but whatever...

GregDean said...

Hey gang,

GregDean here... former caller back when you were doing season 3 and stuff !

I just wanted to chime in to let you all know that I've finally followed through on a long time idea of mine: "Tales of Two Losties" It's a blog in which I will be examining the 300+ different pairings of character interactions on LOST !

I've started off with Locke and Sun, partly because they have so little interactions, which to me, makes them a particularly mysterious pair. I noticed that you're doing a Sun-centric show soon, so perhaps this is of special interest then ! : )

Anonymous said...

Good show. You may have persuaded me to watch "The Simpsons." Sorry I couldn't make it. My internet decided to bomb. Stupid Roadrunner...

Congested said...

I hate that I keep missing the shows live, but I've been listening. Listening to the Sun one now, and I really liked the TV shows podcast. You guys mentioned tons of shows I used to watch which was awesome.

Also, I never was a fan of friends but it sounds like I've missed some funny stuff. I'll have to catch some reruns at some point.

Congested said...

... whoa and patrick hasn't watched the Simpsons? =O

I grew up with that show. ...and yeah Josh I knew people who weren't allowed to watch it when they were little... which is funny since now its considered pretty tame compared to other shows out there.

Anonymous said...

I've seen a couple episodes, but neither grabbed me hard enough to keep me watching.

Anonymous said...

And how about that ARG twist? You cheating suckers! Seems like we're gonna have to wait a while though, which pisses me off.

Congested said...

Yeah this ARG turned out to be so disappointing. I'm hoping that something interesting will happen leading up to Season 5.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm back to working on the vid. Took, like, a month off, working on a Heroes project at
Speaking of which, is the "bizarro show" some kind of strange Heroes-Lost crossover? Cuz that was exactly what it sounded like, based on your previous comments about the show.

Amanda said...

The bizarro episode is a secret - we've said far too much already...

Anonymous said...

Man, you guys didn't mention "Under the Knife!" Wish I could call in, I'm quite familiar with the Season 3 soundtrack. Oh well, you'll have to do a Volume 2 for Season 3 more heavily as well as Season 4.

Petor23 said...

Personally I think the season 1 soundtrack is relatively dull compared to the other two. It has a lot of emotion attached to it, but I think that's more of the connotation to the rest of the scenes. Most of the tracks seem to be just based on the same two themes (Life + Death and the Losties' Theme).

My favourites in season 1 are Navel Gazing and Kate's Motel, but if you take into account the extramusical association, then obviously Locke'd Out Again, and Parting Words are amazing.

Season 2's soundtrack has a great variety of tracks, and musically I feel it's the strongest. My favourites are Peace Through Superior Firepower, The Final Countdown, Mess it All Up, Toxic Avenger (btw, it was when Kelvin drags Desmond into the Hatch after he crashes), Bon Voyage, Traitor.

Season 3 was a mixed bag. I like the idea of having the entire diegetic music to Greatest Hits & TTLG, but I don't think you can say that it's all that interesting to listen to on its own.