Thursday, February 18, 2010

There is no Substitute for a great Lost Episode

Hey all,

I hope you enjoyed our podcast about episode 6x04. We definitely enjoyed recording it. If you'd like to join in on the craziness please come to the live recording at 10:05 PM ET. It's Talkcast ID 35516 on

Now, for the first time I'd like to make a request of you all. There are so many Lost Podcasts now, and so many of them are great! With that in mind it's tough to get noticed by new fans. Especially considering we are no longer in the Lost Podcasting Network feed. Which is our decision, we were not kicked off. Although that would be pretty cool if we were so bad Ryan(the nicest dude ever) said "to hell with them!". But anyway, on with my point. It would be sooooo amazing if you guys could rate us and even leave a comment on iTunes. The more ratings we get the better, so the show will appear more often in searches.

Ok, now that I've done the first "please love us" plea of the podcast, I'd like to now direct your attention to a new show. I meant to say this on the last show, but forgot. Everyone should be listening to the new Lost podcast called "Geronimo Jack's Beard". I know I know, another Lost podcast? and starting in the 6th season? But hear me out. If you are not aware of this, it's amazing!!!! It's hosted by some guy named Jorge Garcia. Apparantly he's on a TV show on ABC, plays a character called Hurley. That's right folks! Jorge Garcia and a friend(I dont know the relationship so I dont want to say anything wrong) do a show where they talk about and theorize about Lost. The coolest part(other than it being hosted by friggin JORGE GARCIA) is that they recorded the episodes months ago, when he first got the script. So he knows just as much as we do now.

So definetly download that new show!

I quickly want to say a few things about The Subsitute. This will be pretty short, since if you want my views check out the podcast. :)

1)I hope and imagine that by the end of the season, this episode will seem like The Whole Truth. And by that I mean the head exploding, can't breath moments will be nothing compared to what's coming.

2)I've come to the realization that no matter what they do(unless it's litterally Jesus vs. the Devil) i'll love the ending of Lost. I'll be weeping, but I'll be very much in love with it.

3)I came to the afore mentioned revelation after rewatching The Subsitute. Every one of my theories and "hopes" for where the series would go have turned out wrong. And not just wrong, but dead wrong! I guess my alternate timeline stuff is still going, but it's not even close to where I thought it would be. Now normally if a show went in a direction I didn't think would be right, or exciting(the entire O6 story for example) it would hurt my view of it. The X-Files for example. I totally lost interest in it in it's last 2 seasons cause it was just building on to the massive yet highly suspect mythos and making it up every week it seemed. LOST on the other hand...has reached the point where even if none of this was ever planned, it definetly seems like it was. Or at the very least like the writers care enough to make it make sense for those of us who have watched religously for 6 years.

4)LOCKE (thoughts on Locke to be contiuned)

5)I LOVE Flashsideways Locke. It's a Locke that we've seen so rarely, and in away NEVER before. He's happy!!! Yeah he's still frustrated with his life at times, but arent we all? It seems in this timeline his father didnt steal his kidney, didnt lead Locke to ruin the only real relationship he had, and didnt push him out a window. The question then becomes how did he get in the wheelchair? How did he meet Helen? Why did a man with a loving almost wife, a decent job, and no daddy issues feel he needed a Walkabout and to do it so much he'd risk his job?

6)This is another reason to LOVE LOST. They answer some BIG questions. So far this season we've learned A LOT. Smokey, the Sickness, MIB, Jacob's lists. But every episode we still are getting like 108 questions.

7)I find the names on the wall facinating. But more interesting to me, are the people we know apparantly are not on the list. Shannon is, but Boone is not. Michael and Walt both are not. Linus is but Widmore and Hawking are not. And Kate. NO KATE! No Kate but Claire(if it is claire, and not aaron, but since it's crossed out I dont think it could be aaron). No Kate, but Shannon????

8)REYES - Listen to Geronimo Jack's Beard

Well with all that said, there is so much more. But i'll stop there. I look forward to comments.


Lauren said...

The names on the cave are freakin confusing me! Although I d have a small theory...

It seems that MIB knows about this place, even though he claims to not believe that the island doesn't need a new protector, because it "doesn't need protecting." So, what if Jacob knew that MIB woulf kill him and try to deter others from becoming the new what if the only real candidates are the people with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42??

The other names are just red herrings? I dunno...loving LOST but dont want it to end!

On a side note...never stop your podcast!!!! You guys keep me sane!

Jason de la Rosa said...

"Sidekick 22" is Jorge's girlfriend, Beth.

Tristan said...

She was also a background extra as an Ajira flight survivor. She's here in the airport:

...and here (fairly prominently) on the beach:

Tristan said...

Argh, links didn't appear properly. Google ("jorge garcia's girlfriend") and you shall find.

Josh said...


Thanks So Much!! I think doing the show keeps me sane! I also like your theory. And it's basically confirmed in the episode that NotLocke has no idea what the numbers are. So they would have no significance to him. I like that a lot. Jacob writes like 250 names on the wall forcing MIB to run around trying to stop everyone from being a Candidate and corrupting them. All the while though only 6 names are the real important ones. For this to work though MIB would have been forbidden from this cave(to stop him from seeing the crossed out names).

I dunno, but I like it A LOT.

About never stopping...I actually was bored today and figured out from stuff. If we do a podcast every two weeks that would be about 25 a year. So to get to 1000 shows we would need about 35 years of shows! WOW! So I hope everyone is ready!!!

@Jason Oooh Thanks. i thought as much, but didnt want to say that and it turns out she is like his brother's wife or something. lol although, if that were true, then Jorge was being naughty. ;)

Max Headroom said...

I think all of us are confused by the numbers and names in the cave but the choices also confuse me. Smokey tells Sawyer he can:
1. Do nothing and possibly get your name crossed out
2. Take over for Jacob
3. Leave.

I’m guessing option 1 refers to Smokey’s talk with Jacob on the beach. Jacob brings people to the island and Smokey manipulates them until they die. It always ends the same.

You can take over for Jacob which seems way too simple of a theme for this show. Jacob brings all of these people to the island just so he can train his replacement? This seems more like something Smokey would be interested in doing.

Our losties have left the island before only to be pulled back for various reasons so leaving with Smokey must be different.

At this point, it’s still too early to trust Smokey and I think Sawyer (albeit drunk) decides to enter into a long con to get off the island. My theories are always wrong so I'll just sit back and enjoy the final ride.

I’m a big fan of your show because of the great community and the time you take to monitor the chat. It’s nice that you don’t just refer to the chat to find a random fact but to improve the discussion or follow a ridiculous tangent. Keep up the great work and look forward to episode 1000.

Be Seeing You

jeff said...

Bring back Darth Vader as a special guest! ;)

Anonymous said...