Monday, June 18, 2007

Episode Two

Here's the embedable player for episode two. Enjoy, and come to the show this week!

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys. Gonna check out your podcast now that Cranky Fanatic is on hiatus. Thanks for the plug. By the way Amanda has the hottest voice ever :P All the best!

travis said...

the airplane toy:

from Lostpedia --



* The plane started as a children's toy of Kate's childhood sweetheart, Tom. He acquired it as a souvenir of an airplane trip to Dallas he took alone (without an accompanying adult).

August 15, 1989

* Kate and Tom buried the plane in a time capsule.


* Kate and Tom dug up the plane as they waited for the time for Kate to meet up with her dying mother.
* Tom was killed in a car crash as Kate escaped from police. Kate left the plane on the back seat of her car as she fled the police.
* Edward Mars locked the plane in a safe deposit box near Ruidoso, New Mexico.
* Kate learned of the location of the plane while taunting Mars over the phone.
* Kate organized a bank robbery as a cover for retrieving the plane from the safe desposit box.

September 2004

* Kate was captured in Australia by Mars, who (re-)confiscated the plane.
* The plane was locked in the Halliburton case.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

* The Halliburton case was found and opened, allowing Kate to retrieve the toy plane.