Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So, Thursday... still up in the air. Sorry for the lack of information, but I didn't want to post something and be like...well, like this x.x

One of my best friends got engaged over the weekend (Congrats, June! ((She won't read this))), so we're trying to get an evening together to celebrate. This Thursday is one of the nights in question, but its pretty short notice, so I would be surprised if we pull it off.

IF there is a show on Thursday, it will start at 9 p.m. EST. So far, its just me and my mom on the guest list, so if you don't want this to be like one of our standard Monday-night-phone-calls, and possibly hear us go off on Twilight tangents (you don't), I suggest you join us. I'm sure I'll know by tomorrow if my dinner plans are going to work out, but I promise as soon as I find out, I will post.

Also, if you're planning on coming to gush over (or not) Mr. Ford with us, please let me know. Knowledge that more people would be present would be a great incentive to do the show...I might get kind of weirded out if its just gonna me Mummy 'n Me x.x

...Okay, I think that's enough rambling for one night x.x


Eve Phoenix said...

I'll be there! By Mr. Ford, do you mean James Ford aka Sawyer aka One Hot Dude? Harrison Ford is still hot (older, but hot!) too. I don't know any other hot guys named Ford. I hope this is not a spoiler, but I heard Josh Holloway is going to be a daddy! Yea! I wonder is there will be any more "Lost Babies" among the cast and crew.

Tristan said...

i might be able to be there. provided i can find a microphone, that is. if there's a way to listen live, i'll be doing that anyway.