Thursday, December 18, 2008

Updated Schedual. Better Late than Never right??

Sorry all for the lateness of this, but I have been VERY busy.

Here's the updated schedual starting now, and including the episode tonight.

Episode 85 - RambleCast AKA Change of Plans
December 18, 2008

We'll discuss many things tonight. Lost, Heroes, Dexter, Fringe, BSG, The BS that is the Golden Globes, some Sports, and anything else out there.

Amanda may not make it so I hope there's someone there for me to talk to or the "Ramblecast" may become a "RantCast". This was orignally going to be the Lost DVD episode. But Netflix, or my mail man messed up and I never recieved the 2nd Bonus Disk(it should be here either Tomorrow or Monday) DAMN YOU NETFLIX....even though you're the greatest creation since the flashfoward.

Episode 86 - Is Lost Back Yet? Part 3
January 1, 2009

Tonight on the 1st night of 2009 we'll discuss the 3rd season of Lost. Remember Lost? It last aired WAY back in 2008!!!

Season 3 started off kinda slow, and at times crappy, but then is finished with an amazing bang. I've never seen a show that made me think both "fire these writers" and also "should I build a shrine to these writers in my room? YES!" in the same season. Hell, in the same MONTH!!

Episode 87 - The Lost Season 4 DVDs and To Be Announced
January 8, 2009(1/08)

Tonight is 1/08!!!!! And to celebrate we'll discuss Lost. lol More specifically the DVDs, and also possibly more. Depending on the level of tiredness and availabilty of a co-host whose name will remain a secret(hint: not me), this episode may infact be a Character Analysis of James "SAWYER" Ford.

Episode 88 - Is Lost Back Yet? Part 4

Today we discuss Season 4 Of Lost. We also will reveal the winner of the Contest, and discuss the up coming season of LOST!

Due to the season 4 DVDs I have realized once again how amazing season 4 was. This will be a great show, and if you don't like listening to "homers"(those who support something no matter what) who will not like this episode. As for the contest, this is the big day. Those in the know, pretty much know the winner, but those who don't know...i hope the anticipation is fun. :)

And at the end we'll discuss SEASON 5, and what The Lost Flashbacks will be doing for the next 4 months or so. The short version...not two episodes a week. At least that's the plan for now.

Well there you go Flashbackers(that's my new name for fans of the show). I hear there's a huge battle between those who think it should be Flashbackers, or Flashbackies. It's a battle that may never end. :)

If you didn't get that joke, this may help, but at the same time make you very sad....Majel Barrett, the voice of the Starship Enterprise, Lawaxana Troi, and widow of the late GREAT BIRD OF THE GALAXY Gene Roddenberry has died. There are few people and voices that scifi fans know better, trust more, and love more than Majel Barrett. She will be missed a great deal by this TREKKIE!!


Tristan said...

hey, thought you might want to know two hours before you guys start, AKA in 45 minutes, Heroescast is doing an interview with Greg Grunberg live on Talkshoe. I'll try to ask him about Lost and tell you guys what comes of it.

Eve Phoenix said...

Many years ago, I was talking to a Trekkie who supported the term "Trekker" because he thought the word "Trekkie" was derogatory. I've used both interchanably, unless somebody tells me they prefer to be called one or the other.

I was very sad to hear about Majel Barrett too. My thoughts and prayers go out to her friends, family and many fans, whom she would probably consider both.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've heard that Trekkies themselves prefer the term Trekker.

And I have still made no progress on the video. Curses internet. Why must you consume me?!

Anonymous said...

Same as above. Planning on doing a last couple day rush trough Seasons 3 and 4.

Anonymous said...

And GTA IV is finally done downloading. Hopefully I'll be able to discipline myself enough to finish the vid.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow's the last day to get contest videos in! I'll probably get it up by tomorrow's show.

Anonymous said...

Frak. The DVD ripping program popped up with some balogna website claiming the usage period has expired. The word "FREE" is in the frakkin' name of the product. And my laptop isn't even hooked up to the internet! Looks like I won't be able to get it up by tomorrow. I'll try to get it up eventually, but it doesn't look like it'll be eligible for the contest. :(

Why am I talking to myself again?