Friday, October 5, 2007

Episode 18 - Hunting Fire + Water Party

Well here it is. The episode that covers our most favorite episodes. From Jack's Army, to Locke's logical actions what's not to love? Actually, we are not in love with these episodes, but we both find much to enjoy and take away from both of these episodes.

Don't worry that it's broken up into two parts, Talkshoe decided to be really mean and make things very difficult for us. But who doesn't love technical issues at 2:00 AM?

Also listen for Josh's story about his new phone, NBC's odd obsession with Lost, our enjoyment with Hubby, and our disgust with Clocke.

Episode 18 - Hunting Fire + Water Party

Episode 18.5 - HF + WP part 2


Bex said...

Nappies are diapers :-)

And I believe the Nathan Petrelli link comes when he's refusing to come clean about his powers and says they'll be dumped (or have to hide) on some island in the Pacific - I don't remember the exact words, but that would be my guess.

Geeky Tom said...

I laughed when Josh was musing about counting to 5 rather than 3 in stand-off situations because it reminded me of the 'holy hand grenade' scene from Monty Python.

Thou shalt count to 3
thou shall not count to 4
neither countest thou 2
5 is way out!

Josh said...
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Josh said...

oh man. geeky tom.

You earned yourself high praise. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is one of my alltime favorite movies.

Congested said...

Whoa! Are you the same Geeky Tom as the one from the Lost Initiative? I love that podcast.

Bex said...

Heh, I was thinking that too congested.

Timothy said...

"You and me ain't done, Zeke."

What if it turns out Sawyer did have a kid once? That might be why he's so gung ho about going on the Hunting Party and eventually killing Tom.

Hell, with all the time stuff going around, I'd be surprised if it wasn't Clementine. Maybe in a flash forward we see Clementine get killed by a guy named Zeke somehow, and it's gonna turn out that was all moved back into the past when the plane crashed.

Jeez, that's ridiculous. Never mind =D

peony said...

remember when sawyer, walt and micheal was yelling to tom and saying how they were the surviors of flight 118 and jumping up and down so happy? tom said "aint that great? well how about that"...etc.

well the tone in tomm's voice sounds exactly like the guy on the phone when jack is telling him that they are the surviors of flight 118.

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Dawn said...

bex is correct! Article from The Boston Globe

"Officials could 'round us all up, stick us in a lab on some island in the middle of the ocean,' Nathan said.

Andrea said...

The Eko quote about Jesus' baptism:
Hey I just listened to the second part of your podcast and the discussion about Eko's incorrect interpretation of Jesus' baptism. IMO, this is to illustrate that Eko was not a true priest, but someone who sort of has the basic concept, but not the whole doctrine. I don't think it was a writter's mistake, but a comment to remind us that this dude is the "kila from Nigira"

What do you guys think?

travis said...

About the stuff with Hurley and Libby: I enjoyed the discussion about Libby trying to change the subject in laundry room. I never understood why people thought she was Dharma, but your discussion makes me wonder if she was on the plane because she was following Hurley.

Dawn said...

I'm the only one who liked Ana Lucia but my feeling was that she was going to become pivotal and important in some way I didn't understand yet.

Then they shot her dead.

Congested said...


I think they had more planned for Ana then they let on, and that her arrest did play a role in her getting kicked off the show. It's in both the producers favor and Michelle Rodriguez's favor to spin that situation as much as possible.

And in retrospect it was good she left the show as she clearly is having some behavior problems (she's heading back to jail.)

I didn't hate Ana, but I felt they could have done a little more character development with her.

And on a minor note I swear they somehow screwed up the continuity with her phone call in the airport prior to the flight in Two For The Road... but that's a whole other conversation... still, it bugs me. :>

Lauren said...

Jack kissed another
This time he couldn't fix it
Sarah says goodbye

geeky tom said...


Yeah, Monty Python is the greatest British export since the Rutles (or the Beatles).

Congested & Bex-

No, but I’m a fan of the Lost Initiative as well. I especially liked their top 10 scenes from s3. I agree w/ the selections but not the order. I would have put Locke’s free fall as #1.


That’s an interesting theory :)

I wouldn’t read to much into Sawyers thought process when it comes to revenge, evidenced by another great line:

‘All I know is we finally get to kill somebody.’


I liked Ana, but her story is played out. I'm really looking forward to seeing Libby in flashbacks & getting back to the mystery surounding her.

ash said...

I don't think Libby is Dharma, I'm thinking that she's with Ms. Hawking and the guy from the monestary. All three of them had a big hand in sending Desmond to the island.

Can't wait to see her flashback.

Lauren said...

I definitely agree with Ash about Libby! Libby sees the future!