Friday, October 19, 2007

Episode 20 - The Whole Maternity Truth

Here it is, the episode where we cover Maternity Leave and The Whole Truth. This episode easily could have been called "Girlpower", or if we were in a 1990s cheesy sitcom mood we could have called it, "You Go Girl".

Please post your thoughts on anything you want, including, but not limited to:

- Josh and Amanda's rage toward Claire and Sun
- Our total and utter confusion at the Oceanic Airplane mobile
- Benry's brilliant(or stupid) comments at the end of The Whole Truth
- Is Libby really a clinical psychologist?
- Would you take a razor(not Josh's new phone) with you on a hot air balloon?
- Anna-lulu actually being likable.
- And much much more

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hailstate said...
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travis said...

About the mobile: I'm not sure what to think of it either. At this point I think the mobile is just an interesting little coincidence the writers threw in for dramatic effect but has very little actual relevance to the story. Kinda like Michael giving Walt a stuffed polar bear as a toddler.

More comments to come as I listen...

Timothy said...

I think Claire seeing the mobile is really not too different than Kate seeing the horse, something from her past. Mayhap Smokey's been traipsing around the Staff? Or better yet, maybe the rain we see when Claire and co. actually find the hatch (and we know the rain usually means Smokey, yet he doesn't show up here) is something else Claire is just "seeing" from her past, kinda like how she saw herself talking to Ethan on the weird log. Of course, Smokey manifesting as a mobile, is a whole new level of WTF'ness.

Sorry I missed the show! I had the next day off of work and everything, I just flat out overslept. 'Cause I work at 2AM, so usually I sleep in the afternoons/evenings. It's quite an awkward sleep pattern.

The Beginning Of The End! Kinda reminds me of that weird Smashing Pumpkins song that came out in between Mellon Collie and Adore. There were actually two, the other one was called "Eye". I know, shocker.


Dawn said...

I said "randomly" in conversation the other day. I don't know you guys but I'm beginning to talk like you.

Josh said...

lol Dawn.

Just make sure you don't start saying, "I have to say". It's such a cringeworthy statement, even I don't like when I say it.

travis said...

I'm glad you played the clip with Ben at the end. It really showed how creepy Michael Emerson can be.

As far as the speech itself, I never thought he had an ulterior motive other than manipulating Jack and Locke. Maybe he was just fantasizing about what he wished he could. I don't know.

travis said...

Best episode titles:

1. "Enter 77" - sounds like "Enter Sandman" by Metalicca -- very Bad Ass. It's an odd reference to Locke's interaction with the Flame's computer.

2. "All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues" - It's kind of a funny phrase, which I can see Damon Lindleoff coming up with. My only problem is the title could apply to half the episodes in the Series.

3. "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead" - It's kinda funny. Pretty typical of what you'd expect a Hurley episode to be like.

Lauren said...

My Favorite episode titles:

* A Tale of Two Cities- it's my one of my favorite books, goes along with the Book Club, and it's just a clever way to point out the first 5 minutes of the episode.

* The Man Behind the Curtain- a clever title that might actually mean more than we already know

* One of Us/One of Them- At the beginning of OOT, Jack didn't know if Ben was One of Them and he was. At the beginning of OOU, Jack was so sure Juliet was one of "us", but he was wrong. Even though eventually she was one of "us". You know what I mean :P

Geeky Tom said...

Titles of possible spin-off shows after Lost is over (the horror).

*Locke deals w/ life off the island & back in a wheel chair in 'Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do'.

*Nikki & Paulo are popular night club owners in hell in 'Razzle Dazzle' (Billy Dee Williams as the devil).

*Vincent stars as a lovable pup who befriends families, then brutally kills them in 'Smokey'.

*Hurley tracks down his father who is blowing all of his lottery winnings in 'Up in Smoke'.

*Sawyer writes letters to every one who has ever wronged him , & personally delivers them in 'My name is Sawyer' or 'Son of a Bitch'.

Faith said...

Geeky Tom, you are my hero <3 I think you just inspired a theme show, or at the very least, a blog.

I would watch Razzle Dazzle religiously.

Congested said...

w00t i got linked on dark_ufo!

Dawn said...

About Claire's rude comment towards Sun about not being the one who has a baby... I thought it was funny you guys didn't take this opportunity to point out that Claire may HAVE a baby but that doesn't mean she knows how to mother it.

But what I think is strangest isn't that she's bouncing back and forth between Charlie and Locke for parenting advice, but that she's never asked one of the women.

Surely one of those ones carrying logs has had one. Or perhaps Rose. Am I remembering right that she had an adult daughter??

And let's not forget Michael. The guy with the kid... Didn't he do baby duty w/Walt??

Even Hurley's got that loveable chubby guy thing going for him.

Claire chooses the rock star (known for parenting skills) and the guy who packed 400 knives to turn to for parenting lessons.

There's no reason to like Claire, you're right.

I'm feeling now, with the rewatch that I'd like Claire to have been younger. I think she is meant to be a teenage mother but if she looked more 16-ish I think we would take her ridiculousness better.

Geeky Tom said...


Yeah but she's hot!



pocket said...

Hi - just wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying the podcasts. It really helps with the hiatus, and I like the fact that you aren't visibly wedded to a particular theory.

I think Libby was really a psychologist, and that she is the key to understanding what happened at the Santa Rosa Mental Institute. I am guessing brainwashing and some kind of Manchurian Candidate thing connected to the work of the Dharma Initiative and Hanso Foundation. I'm not a huge fan of either Claire or Sun. However, I think they are both very important characters central to the story. I watched RBA last night and was struck by how manipulative Thomas was with Claire, and how unexpected and phony the breakup was. Claire is one of the only characters who we know was manipulated onto the plane by someone who took money to put her there. Sun is the daughter of one of the main players in whatever cabal is at the center of this story, and she was never supposed to be on that plane. Only Jin – and his Rolex – was supposed to be on the plane. I think Papa Paik knew perfectly well that Sun was planning to leave Jin. I’m hoping that Claire’s storyline picks up a bit in S3 and that she is involved in a new love triangle with one of the new characters.

I do think that a man would take a razor with him on a long balloon trip especially if he was with his wife. Beards can be itchy and razors don’t weigh much. But I think the clean-shaven-ness of Ben was what gave him away to Ana Lucia and Sayid. If you were stranded on an island would you really shave every day? I don’t think so – it would be a waste of a sharp blade.

I don’t believe in interesting coincidences when it comes to Lost. I think it’s all connected.

When you are trying to get pregnant you take your temperature every day because your temperature spikes up when you ovulate.

Jaters just aren’t paying attention.

travis said...

If you think EVERYTHING is connected, I think you will end up being disappointed when the series is over. Seriously, do we HAVE to know why the mobile in the Staff was from Oceanic Airlines? Does it really matter to the overall story?

That's the most frustrating thing about the show, because they do such a good job connecting important and non important plot points, fans assume ALL plot points have to be connected. That's just not possible. Sometimes things are done purely for dramatic effect in that one episode and no impact on later episodes.

Bex said...

Maybe Aaron is 'special' like Walt and he fed Claire the flashes she saw in her dream/nightmare, including the mobile.

There, you wanted freaky theories.

(but maybe it's why he shouldn't be raised by an Other)

Lauren said...

As for the mobile, I guess I always figured it was actually there. The Others are known for playing mind games. It might not have been a wise move for them, but the Others have done a few stupid things before, so they could have just been getting too cocky.

I've been trying to figure out how I feel about Claire lately. I guess I really am not a huge fan of hers BUT I do not think this "Raised By Another" concept has seen its way through yet. Why can she be the only one to raise Aaron? I think that within this mystery lies our reason for liking Claire. Okay, that was a long shot, but I felt bad because Amanda wants us to make her like Claire.

Brandon said...

I agree with lauren. I think that the Claire story line is missing some big parts. Like the whole next three seasons. The whole crazy palm reader telling her that she and only she can raise this baby. There has to be more to that. Maybe thats why shes so crazy from time to time. That and she has bit of Jack in her crazy runs in the family. By the end of the sixth season she may be one of all our favorite losties.

Brandon said...

Igot something else on my mind maybe you all can throw your ideas around for me. This is 10 weeks to soon sorry for gettin of the current episodes but I'm curious what other fans think.

Why is the boat off shore?

One of my guesses is that when John entered 77 he not only blew up the Flame station but also sent a distress call to current Dharma.(hanso, whitmore ect. ect.) Telling them about the problem with the hostals. Maybe they still think there incharge of the island Dharma that is. Perhaps they never knew the purge happened. I think Ben could have covered it up some how. That could explain why they still get the food drops and tarp, sharpie deliveries.

Timothy said...

Guess I could throw my two cents in for favorite titles.

"Confidence Man" -- I have never heard of this before. I know there's the trash man, the milk man, the mail man. But Confidence Man? I always thought it sounded both funny and cool. Not to mention if it were a robot in a Mega Man game, it would probably be like the hardest one ever to beat.

"Raised By Another" -- Mostly 'cause I believe the root of a lot of the mysteries on the show are in Claire's story, or better yet, Aaron's. Now that we're gonna have flash-forwards and all.

"Special" -- I don't know, 'cause it's also a song by Garbage =D

"Everybody Hates Hugo" -- The greatest title that never made it onto an 80's album.

"Lockdown" -- It just sounds terrifying, don't it?

"Not In Portland" -- Gets my award for the biggest WTF title ever. All through the hiatus I kept wondering, what could they possibly be talking about and why would it matter that anything or anyone was not in Portland? Yeah, they're not in Shanghai EITHER, what's the POINT!? The episode turned out to be a great one though, and since then I've grown to love the title because of the episode it represents.

"The Brig" -- Can a title possibly be more masculine?

And that as they say... is that.

elias said...

Favourite episode titles:

"Deus Ex Machina" - enigmatic, intense, Latin - much like Locke, except for the Latin.

"Exodus" - the Biblical names seem to fit the show well, a great season finale title, great Bob Marley song, although Sawyer ruins it by singing Redemption Song instead (!)

"?" - AKA Question Mark. Not a great episode in the final analysis but it perfectly captured the mystery of the show and we expected answers when it was obvious that it literally meant that we were due more questions.

Brandon said...

In translation

Three minutes

Flashes before your eyes

ash said...
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Brandon said...

DUDE watch the spoilers!

ash said...

brandon, I didn't think the episode title was considered a spoiler till I heard the end of the podcast since it didn't reveal anything.

Anyway, my favorite titles are

- Through the looking glass
- The man behind the curtain
- And I'll just leave it to, the season 4 episode 1 title :)

peony said...

have a question about "enter 77"
did we actually ever see locke enter 77? or did we just assume he did because the station blew up? maybe he didn't enter 77 and he blew up the station himself.

Congested said...

Well it's hard to pick a few favs because some episodes have great titles, but didn't pan out to be great episodes. Here are a few that I really liked before even seeing the episode:

- "?" - Just seemed cool since we knew Locke was trying to figure out the blast door map. The name got me really exited about that episode.

- "Two For The Road" - Just a cool name which I liked.

- "Further Instructions" - Reminiscent of the orientation video, which I just thought was cool. That name also just got me exited and hopeful for the episode.

In the end none of those episodes turned out being ones I loved, but I liked the names for all of them going into the episodes.

Brandon said...

My first blog ever and nobody posts i'm way...too lazy to go to another blog so Post already someone make a comment to my post about the flame Anything

Brandon said...
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Josh said...

Awesome stuff all.

Sorry we havn't been keeping up with this. I'll try to respond to many of you.

Travis: I love your comment about Enter 77, as a Yankee fan. Enter Sandman always gets me thinking about the greatest closer ever. Also it's a great song.

Lauren: I agree about "The Man Behind the Curtain". It's one of my favorite titles, and the thing I love about it is that you think "The man" might be Ben, but you find out that it's probably Jacob.

Geeky Tom: LOL is all I can say. :)

Dawn: Yeah!! Just cause she has a baby does not mean she knows how to be a mother. I've said it before, without Charlie and others that baby would have died a long time ago.

Pocket: Interesting stuff. I really think Libby is important in some way, and if it's anything like that theory, I'll be pleased. I also think it would be cool if a lot of what is going on is connected. Even if it's only behind the scenes. Like Mr. Paik and Widmore are connected through Dharma or Hanso, they just don't know it.

Bex: I wouldn't be surprised at all if it turns out that Aaron has some special power. I think the Others were interested in Claire do to her pregnancy, but then after doing tests on her and Aaron they found he's more important to them.

Brandon: Very cool theory, we'll discuss that stuff a lot when we get to season three. The stuff with the boat has so many possiblities, i don't think we have enough info to figure it out. Which is classic Lost. After the first six episodes, and then after stranger, there is a TON of info in each episode. Expect 4 hour episodes from us.

Peony: I've wondered that too. Locke may not have entered 77, or he may have indeed entered 77, which gave him a bunch of info, which is why he knows the boat is bad, or that the boat is real, which is why he didn't want Jack to contact it. I would love to see an onisland flashback that shows Locke just after the computer said to enter 77.