Monday, October 15, 2007

New Episode, well kinda new. THE LONG ONE

Sorry for the delay folks, Amanda and I have been pretty busy.

Here's our Episode where we cover The Long Con, and One of Them. Two absolutly amazing episodes.

I also want to add that the Dharalars Lost podcast covered some great aspects of things we've talked about in an episode called "Lost's Broken Promises". It's one of my favorite podcasts and I just listened to this episode that came out about a month ago. I wish I had heard it before we talked about Jack's Army, and The new Sherrif.

Episode 19 - The Long One


Timothy said...

It's amazing going back and listening to the podcast again, how much I didn't catch while I was there that night.

I had a great time, though, I'll be around this coming up Thursday!

Timothy said...

Oops, almost forgot the haikus =D

Sawyer cons like mad
Cassidy is quite amazed
Now she wants to learn

Ben's caught in a net
Now Sayid will beat his ass
Wait, are those whispers?

Dawn said...

The last two episodes havent made it to the Lost Podcasting Network :(

I've come to enjoy listening to your endless chatter while I work. I worry what I'll do once LOST is over.

Bex said...

I keep wanting to remember to stay up very late or wake up very early to join in.. but I work late on thursdays, so I'm usually shattered. One day I might just make it!

peony said...

I agree with timothy
I enjoy the live podcast and I listen to it again the next day because there are some things that I may have missed. Having the game on at the same time may have distracted me ;)
Your podcast is guys make me laugh!

Also I wanted to mention when Ben heard them talking about what to do with him and he said "why don't you let me go?" it reminded me of the old peewee herman movie when a bunch of biker guys had pee wee down on the pool table and they were saying "what should we do to him? should we beat him, should we kill him?" you hear a little voice say "I say we let him go" it was pee wee.
it reminded me of the scene with Ben. I laughed so hard!!