Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Economist (or not...), and other business

Once again, my complete lack of free time has made it so that you all get the podcast from LAST week on the day that the new episode airs...I'm really sorry. If anyone still wants to listen to that (and we think that everyone should), here's the link:

Episode 41 - The "Not" Economist

Make sure to tune in for our first real theme show, plus the Eggtown re-cap on Monday night. We're going to have lots of fun talking about the numbers...oooooOOOoooohhh... And as always, you can catch us on Big-O's live reaction show Thursday at 10 immediately after the episode airs.

You might also notice that a new poll has popped up - after a conversation with the Joshmeister, boredom, and...well...just wanting to, Amanda has been toying with the idea of making a Lost Flashbacks Podcast t-shirt. A lot of other people have them, and since we can make them for free through Cafe Press, I figure why not. Even if only one person wants one, that one person is enough for me. That one person is also my favorite person in the universe. So here's what I need from you all. Not only do I need to know if there is actually an interest in a t-shirt, but what kind of design you'd like on it. Amanda is a Photoshop addict, and has already been playing with a few ideas. I'm pretty sure that the photo that we used for the logo is copyrighted, and therefore cannot be used. The idea I'm playing with right now is distressed text on the front that says "Don't bug me - I'm having a flashback." and possibly the blog address on the back. If anyone would like to purchase one of those, or has a better idea (and I know someone does), please comment in this blog or email us - thanks much in advance, and enjoy tomorrow's episode - I know I'm really pumped!


Spencer said...

Holy crap, after watching the strangely titled "Eggtown," there's only one thing to say to Locke:


jeff said...

On the back of the t-shirt, you should print Juliet's nude back from the scene when she is in bed with Goodwin. That way, it ties in with the name of the podcast and will turn a lot of heads!

jeff said...

In the Eggtown episode, I didn't like how Sawyer had to point out the Dharma boxed wine. Why couldn't they just dispense the wine and let the viewer see it and laugh??? Why do they always have to hold the viewer's hand through every joke??? We are not idiots!

Faith said...

Jeff...some people are....

jeff said...

Same goes for Sawyer's sheep comment. Locke asks what the others are saying, and Sawyer says "Baaa". Then he has to continue on and say "The others are acting like sheep." Oh, thanks a lot for explaining what sound a sheep makes! Aaaaaarghhhh!!!!! I think they should just always run the pop up bubbles at the bottom of the screen to explain the jokes. That way, the characters wouldn't have to explain them all immediately after they happen.

jeff said...

Oh, and Kate's mom looks like Hillary Clinton. Thank you very much, and good evening.

bex said...

I keep missing making a podcast, but one day I will and shock you all. Not reading any comments yet as I'll be watching eggtown in an hour or so!

wantd to stop by though to let you know Dom's going to be in the Wolverine film (, shame Josh Holloway isn't cast as Gambit though - that's criminal!

jeff said...

Clean-shaven Jack lied under oath, and he wants nothing to do with his nephew. Kate says "When you're ready to see *us*, then let me know." Kate is so ungrateful and crabby. Go to Starbucks with him, for Peet's sake!

(Pun/Joke explaination for readers: There is a coffeehouse chain called "Peet's". So saying "for Peet's sake" is funny because it works for the coffee reference and for the phrase "For Pete's sake." There now the tiniest joke is fully explained, and, like the writer's of LOST, I can now rest easy that everyone understands it.)

bex said...

thanks Jeff, I didn't ;p

izzyfish said...

[izzyfish = love]

Amanda and Josh and You All Everybody aboard--I have some questions:

Could Eggtown be an overly-sly reference to Othersville's new bald-headed sheriff??

Could the missing helicopter with Sayid and Desmond aboard be delayed in arriving at the freighter due to time distortions like Faraday's rocket?

Oh-and didn't anyone else think that the timing of Elsa'a page from the alleged economist boss was off by a suspiciously similar thirty or so minutes to those of the crazy rocket experiment, albeit inversely?

But seriously--why was Kate not alternatively charged for her crimes in ALBUQUERQUE?? She shot a guy and robbed a bank. (Stealing a toy plane is not grand theft, but it took a lot of criminal activity to acquire it.) Jin even said ALBUQUERQUE in this episode! What about the Hospital in Iowa where she fled from the scene of an accident where a man was killed? Seems they could pin something else on her for *something* non-related to the testimony of her mother. She made more than a few other enemies and could inspire many other witnesses by appearing on national TV, so where were they?

Please speak to these questions for me fellow LOST analysts, I'm eager to hear your thoughts.

Josh said...

Here are my answers izzy...

1)That's just as good an explaination as any other, and it's funny too.

2)That's definetly a possibility, i really hope they explain the time delay, it's a huge deal.

3)hmm, I never heard of that. I don't know if it has to do with the time delay on the island, I mean they are in Berlin. Sadly, I don't think they are still affected by the delay.

4)I thought about that too. When they were listing off the charges I definetly wondered if any of them reffered to the events in Albuquerque. If they didn't then perhaps she never was offically charged with it. I mean the only people she shot were the other criminals, so it's possible she would be viewed as a hero in that situation, which would have helped her case a lot.

I know that sounds a little nuts, but it's the only explaination of them not charging her with any of the crimes she commited in the bank.

I also thought it was cool that Jin mentioned it, almost like they wanted us to think about Kate and the bank robbery.

Geeky Tom said...

There are several references for the title "Egg Town" in Lostpedia, but none are as good as the egg-head sheriff.

The theory about Sayid's flash-forward actually being a flash-back is interesting, but remember when they had "Henry" in the armory? Sayid seemed to be going on pure instinct. He beat the sh-- out of him. He even dug up the grave because he, "still did not believe it to be true".

For the T-shirt, you guys should have a hand with a message written in sharpie, but instead of "not penny's boat or "they need you", you should have your URL.

Good luck with your first theme show(the numbers are bad).

jeff said...

You would remember if you buried the woman you loved. You would remember, if it were true!

Faith said...

Omg, Jeff, don't remind me. Actually do - thats one of my favorite scenes EVER.

Timothy said...

If someone were to hand-draw the picture or re-create it in MS Paint, would it still be copyrighted then?

Here's something else crazy you could do, make a clock that goes up to 23 instead of 12, have the island in the middle and the clock has five hands pointing to each of the Numbers on the clock. Effed up, I know :D

Whatever you decide, count me in for the purchase. A certain song comes to mind as I say that, and it turns out to be pretty Lost-apropos:

How much does it cost? I'll buy it
The time is all we've lost, I'll try it
But he can't even run his own life, I'll be damned if he'll run mine!

JEEZ, I wonder who those last two lines could be about!?

Spencer said...
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GymR@t said...

Just finished listening to your podcast and a co-worker has an excellent idea about the time-travel issue. He believes that the mass of the object may effect the time displacement. This would answer several issues:
1) Radio waves have no mass, so are not effected. (Gets rid of the issue you posed with the Star Trek episode reference)
2) Why the drop shipment of DHARMA stuff appeared. Who knows when that was actually drop shipped? Could have been many years ago!

He also had the theory that the entering of the numbers kept the island in sync with the outside world. When the hatch blew, time started getting out of sync.

Anyway, keep up the great podcasts!

jeff said...

On a suggestion from someone, I tried following along with "Namaste Yoga" on FitTV, and I liked it a lot. I've done two sessions so far. Has anyone else tried this?

Ok, so I guess this is somewhat Lost-releated, even though it's a stretch. Hahaha!

peony said...

just listened to your great podcast! i have some comments

1. kate must have said that aaron was hers. there is no way social services would let her have clairs baby. the baby would have to go to a relative or to a foster family. also wouldn't aaron get a money settlement too? and that would definitely bring relatives out of the woodwork.
2. they didnt mention ALBUQUERQUE because it was a flash forward
3. kate didnt want myles to tell her if everyone knew that she was a fugitive....of course everyone would know that. she wanted myles to tell her if her cover as a mole was blown.
4. she knew she would have to raise arron and she wanted to raise him with sawyer. so when sawyer said "what would we do with a baby?" she want thinking that she was pregnant she was hoping to have a life with aaron and sawyer.
4. when did kate get these instructions? when she fisrt got captured by the others and ben took her to breakfast. there is missing time. something happened then. she made a deal or was brainwashed.
5. someone got to kate's mom. her mom wanted to see the baby to try and see if aaron was the biological baby of kate. maybe they (bad guys)were hoping she could get a sample (hair). i didnt buy her mom's act that she was sad when she thought kate was dead. kate figured this out too as soon as she said she wanted to see aaron, that when she said "were done!"
6. kate was freaking out about going to jail because she knows its her job to protect aaron.
7. jack doesnt want to see aaron because he know kate is trying to pass aaron off as her own and he is having problems with it.