Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Answer is...YES???...IS....YES YES???....Forty-Two!!

Well here it is folks, episode 42!!!

We discuss Lost episode 4.4 EGGTOWN. What does that title mean?? Has Locke finally gone off the deep end??? How does Ben have $3.2 Million??? What happened to the helicopter?? Is Aaron the 5th member of the Oceanic 6 to be revealed?? Who will be the 6th??? Who are the two people Jack mentions in his testimony?? What the frak is Kate doing with Aaron???

These are just some of the issues we talk about.

We also have our first ever real theme show about THE NUMBERS!!!

It's long, and if I put you to sleep, or made you think, "shut up!!!". I'm sorry, perhaps I was so tired I unconsiously wanted everyone to be as sleepy as me. :) I promise, the next theme show I'll be more excited. Why???

Cause the next theme show will be on Monday, March 3rd, not only will we talk about 4.5-The Constant, but the theme will be LOST: Via Domus!! Josh will give his review of the new Lost video game!!!! Hopefully Amanda will too, but I dunno if she'll play it by then.

Download EPISODE 42!! HERE


bex said...

Ooh, sounds fun, and now I know the timings a bit better I'll be able to join you for the last hour or two when I wake up!

Hoping to get the Lost game, but no idea (since am relying on it being a birthday present ;p), otherwise am more than happy to listen to reviews.

Was great to get to come to a chat, and now I'm home I have to investigate dialling in occasionally (we have a Voip phone, but I never use it). Will listen to the podcast today, but from what I remember it was great!

izzyfish said...

That was like fifteen podcasts in one! I'm exhausted. Not really, I never tire of listening to you guys.

Okay, Spivv (re: Albequerque crimes), wouldn't her policeman husband who she drugged and married illegally under a false identity make a good witness? I would think that the guy she shot in the bank would love to be a line of character witnesses right after Tom and possibly even her biological Dad? Seems strange that her mom is the ONLY witness willing to testify. Seems a little ridiculous is all. From a storytelling perpective I can let it go, but it's little frail.

Keep up the excellent podcasting you two. The best!

Geeky Tom said...

4) The number of hours the podcast lasted
8) The number of hours the podcast seemed to last.
15) The number of times I dozed off.
16) The number of times I dozed off plus one creepy talk shoe alert.
23) Amanda's mom's fortune cookie number backwards...whoa!
42) The number of leaps of logic similar to the one I made for 23.

I kid because I love.

izzyfish said...

Oh and since it came up--the crazy-sounding judge's name is an anagram for

"Haze or gnarl truth".

How 'bout that? Just a funny cooincidence I'm sure, but a good one!

elias said...

4 is the most unlucky number in Japanese culture. Or so I read in You Only Live Twice by Ian Fleming.

Spencer said...

Woah... where am I? I just came from a time where the most mythologically dense episode would be full of Locke, Dharma, and Ben, and my mind would only be partially blown. I LOVED this episode, and by the current rating of 90% of people saying it was awesome on Dark UFO, I'll guess I'm not the only one.

bex said...

Another snippet of info - Alan Dale (Charles Widmore) is about to play King Arthur in Spamalot in London ;p

jeff said...

You guys were wondering why there are 8 bits in a byte, instead of 10. Well, it comes back to binary. 8 is a power of 2, not 10. Computer have on/off switches, not ten fingers. That's why binary is used to store info.

Spencer said...

I have one problem with the episode (it's not major at all). how could Eloise the Rat get unstuck from time, if all she got was a bunch of radiation shot at her? Hippie - Faradude said that you needed to head to the island as well as get large amounts of radiation, right? But im going to give that the benefit of the doubt as a way to make the story work. I just read the ign review of this episode, and it got a perfect 10. The only other episodes that got that were Through the Looking Glass and The Pilot (although I don't quite agree with those reviews, The Man Behind the Curtain got a 8.5). That being said, I think that after this season is done, some serious restructuring of top 5 episodes lists are going to be done.

Josh said...


I think therat became unstuck, not only due to the radiation, but due to the exact numbers faraday used. Like the Flux Capacitor, it's what makes time travel possible. :)

bex said...

This was (unbelievably) the first episode of Lost my sister has ever seen - she was staying with us, and delaying watching it WASN'T an option.

She was very confused but quite impressed ;p

bex said...

Oh, and by the way, it's not a working phone number (Penny's that is, um.. my husband told me to try it, oh yes ;p)