Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Episode 51 - JACKCAST...well sorta

Hey all,

We had a lot of fun on Monday. What a crazy show!

We did talk about Jack, but we also talked about some other random stuff. Sadly Amanda couldn't make it until later, and you know what that means.......RAMBLECAST!!! That's right! I'm joined by Patti and we talk about just about anything that pops into our minds.

Hope you enjoy. And don't forget to join us this monday for our TheoryCast!! It will be a lot of fun. Hopefully Amanda's there, cause if not who knows what craziness will find it's way into the show.


jeff said...

Zang guys, I thought there would be more to say about Jack. But I thought about it and am also having a tough time coming up with points of discussion on Jack. It's a shame, it's a shame.

Ahh, also a shame that there was no Amander (I like how the British put r's at the end of words that don't really have r's - thus Amander). But To everything - turn, turn, turn There is a season - turn, turn, turn. Amander & boyfriend, sitting in tree. Not on podcast, no - not she.

Peppermint Patty blew out my eardrums with explosive exhalations of laughter. It's past 3am, and I am now 400% insane.

Spencer said...

My god... I dare someone say this wasn't a ramblecast. I mean Battlestar Galactica, Elliot Spitzer, Gay governers, Corperate sell-out sports stadiums, official sounding porn sites, Stephen Colbert, "The Cougar Den", Tarot Cards, and a side of LOST. I enjoyed it all, but maybe a slight amount of structure to the cast will be good. When you have something as broad as "Jack", it can be hard to stay focused (as shown here). Oh yeah, LOST IS BACK NEXT WEEK!!!!

jeff said...

>> as broad as "Jack"

Are you saying Jack is fat, or a woman?

Faith said...

Yes, I will in fact be there...for once. Living in two places at once is hard, y'all!!!

Spencer said...

@Jeff: I can't tell if that's a joke or not, so I'll assume it isn't and say that I meant a lot of information to cover (but you know, it's rare to find a man that cries that much...)

DarkUfo posted an article about USAToday holding a lost theory contest(you can go there and read about it, it's too long to explain here). I have had a theory for a while now about how the volcano can explain a lot of the mysteries on the island, that I thought of possibly using it for the competition. It needs some revising, around the Walt Aging part and changing "time-travel" to "time-difference", but overall, I think it still holds up. It's long (in three parts on one of my old blogs) but I was hoping that some people would take a look-see and tell me if its worth trying. Thanks!




jeff said...


Yep, it was a joke - and not a very good one at that.

Dictionary: broad (brĂ´d)

1. Wide in extent from side to side: a broad river; broad shoulders.
2. Often Offensive Slang. A woman or girl.

I should have put a smilie at the end, or just have not written it at all. Once LOST comes back, maybe I'll be less crazy - or.. maybe more.

bex said...

For anyone in the UK, just saw this on digitalspy forums:

Hi all,

I'm a journalist writing a magazine feature about why people love Lost, with a mixture of fans and celebs contributing. I'm looking for Lost addicts who would be available for a phone interview in the next week or so to talk about why you love the show. I'm after total addicts, e.g. you run a Lost fansite or travelled to Hawaii to try and gatecrash filming. If you think you might fit the bill and would like to know more, don't reply here, please email me on anne.wollenberg@futurenet.co.uk.