Monday, April 7, 2008


So...we totally stole that term from Jay and Jack...but everyone should come to the show tomorrow, because its going to be completely random and FUN! Especially if people actually show up =D So we'll talk to you tomorrow (Monday at 9 p.m. EST), right?



bex said...

Oops, I slept right through (unsurprisingly!) Congrats on 50! Will be listening to it soon.

Spencer said...

After listening to your podcast, I got an idea... LOST superhero trading cards! The idea is simple, it's like your typical magic: the gathering or pokemon, hit points, an attack move, and a defensive or character healing move. Some of the superheroes even have aliases! For example:

Boone - AKA: Almost Helpful

40 HP

Attack Move: DO YOU HAVE A PEN?!?!
Flip three coins. If two out of the three are heads, then Boone finds a pen on a deserted island.
Flip another three coins. This time, if all three are heads, Boone actually puts a hole in someone's throat.
If Successful, takes 5 HP from your opponent.

Defense move: The Plane
If you have the beach-craft accessory card, then attach it to boone, loosing him 39 HP. Then, for one round, your opponent's attack doesn't hit him, unless the opponent is Jack, in which case he dies.

Jack - AKA Doctor Tell-No one-Anything

60 HP

Attack Move: I WILL FIX YOU!
Jack tries to save your opponent.
They immediately die.

Defense Move: Crying in the Jungle/Parking Lot/Dharma Station
Jack withdraws one turn to take a personal moment. Substitute Jack for Kate/Juliet/Sarah/Woman whose father couldn't be saved. Any of the women that Jack is hopeless around will pity him for one turn, and take the opponent's blow for him.

Locke - AKA Mr. Clean

Infinite Health (That Island really loves him)

Attack Move: Oops, I did it again
Blow something up. It doesn't actually hurt anyone, it just makes the opponent really angry at him for one round.

Defense Move: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...
Locke acts like an idiot, and is fooled out of another appendage. Then the bullet/knife/spear gun that is fired at him magically flies to that place.

jeff said...

@spencer Those are the best trading cards! Hahaha!

Beyond Lost said...

Hey Josh, after listening to the BSG part of the ramblecast i realized there ARE two minor Lost/BattleStar crossover characters.

1. The Guy who is the Warden when Sawyer was in Jail (AKA Mac from Predator) Was the guy who was the 'ring leader' in the Black Market on Battlestar.

2. Hurley's Doctor in Santa Rosa in the episode 'Dave' played a doctor on an Episode of Battlestar, i forget which episode, but he was the guy who wanted to treat the group of people who didn't believe in medicine or something.

jeff said...

Josh and Amanda. I can't believe you two didn't think of who Hurley would be as a super hero.

It's obvious he is Captain Chaos, from the movie Cannonball Run. He has mental problems, an alter-ego, and arrives in the nick of time to save the day. Dun dun DUNNNN!!

Josh said...


I LOVE YOU Beyond Lost!

When I read your post I totally geeked out, I then realized how sad it is that I knew EXACTLY who you were talking about for each of the 4 characters.

Unless I forget, I will mention your amazing findings on the next episode. Plus, further discussion of BSG on our show will make Amanda mad again. :)

And're a genius. Patent that immediatly. Disney has very deep pockets, and they are quite greedy.

LOL Jeff, I can't believe you brought up Cannonball Run. I need to see that movie again. Also, if they ever do a remake Jorge Garcia NEEDS to play Chaos!!