Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Episode 52 - That's an Interesting Theory!!

Well folks we actually got through an episode and talked about Lost for the vast majority of the show. Did we talk about other stuff? Yeah, but only briefly while we waited a few minutes at the beginning for others to join in.

This was a great show and a lot of fun to do. Sadly Amanda is only there for a short time, but she give us some amazing theories of hers, and a classic one from Cliff Ravenscraft(which we all wish is how it really happened). But it doesn't end there, Patti, Jealous Guy, and others join in and we discuss many of the big theories from all 4 season of Lost, and lots of the "mini-theories" too. We also spend the end of the show discussing theories for Season 4.5, and then do a small, yet impressive(since i'm like 99% spoiler-free) Spoiler Section.

I want to thank everyone for coming, and lets all hope episode 4.9 is so amazing it will make Josh forget about "the show that shall not be named".

Post any comments

PS I want to definetly thank Chris for emailing us his amazing theory, and I hope he'll post any further thoughts he has in the comments section.


Faith said...

So....I'm depressed that this post has no I'm changing that....

bex said...

Just listened to it on the way home from London - really enjoyed it as always (I messed up though and since I was up at 2am this morning I hung around on Talkshoe until I realised I need to do it tomorrow morning to catch you!). D'oh!

peony said...
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peony said...

hey why does everyone think im a guy? is it the way that i write? lol

josh thanks for reading my theory but you forgot the best part. i think the ending scene will be a close up of jacobs eye, then his eye closes as he finaly is allowed to die in piece.

love your podcast, it makes LOST so much better.

go redsox!!

Faith said...

I totally wouldn't think that someone with the name "Peony" was a guy - but go fig

Eve Phoenix said...

Sorry for having to cut out on y'all early. Thanks for the kind words though. I am still playing with my mic and trying to regulate my voice because I still sound very loud when I play the show back on my iPod. Anyway, I wouldn've posted earlier, Amanda but better late than never! (Every time I see it, "Faith" makes me smile because I'm an old Buffy fan from waaaaay back!)