Friday, May 2, 2008

Episode 55 - Initial Reaction of Something Nice Back Home

What a cool episode!

I didn't think it was at good as last week, but still enjoyed it a lot. Amanda however still is wearing her socks.

We find out more about Jack, and Kate's future, and see that Hurley is now very depressed, and also see once again that Jorge Garcia is fantastic!!! Chrisitan Shepard makes an appearance both on and off the Island!! We get another character saying "Dad?" We definetly get an answer to "Are Dannielle and Karl dead?", and LOST contiunes to enjoy it's new 10:00 time slot.

YO! I'm watching Attack of the Show at this moment on G4 and Damonoff and Carluse are on talkin about the episode. They refered to it as "an old school episode". I wish I had known they'd be on.

Post any comments and theories in the thread.


Redrabbitblue said...

No comments so far so I'll throw out what I would call Ben's beating stick Collapsible Baton.

Spencer said...

Alright, I'm about to BLOW YOUR MINDS. I can PROVE, just from watching the trailer to next week's episode, that Danielle was lying about her story of coming to the island.

I won't say what, in case you don't like spoilers, but something in the trailer dates the Purge back to 1992 (12 years ago). Danielle claims that she and her team came to the island in 1988 (16 years ago).

If you go and watch The Man Behind the Curtain, Ben puts on his gas mask where his father is killed, and doesn't take it off until he meets Richard in New Otherton. Which to me looks like a long distance. And correct me if I am wrong, but didn't they use the Tempest's gases to cause the purge? Because that sends Gas out and kills EVERYONE ON THE ISLAND. With the exception of those who are wearing Gas Masks. Which means that Danielle should have died long before Meet Kevin Johnson.

Now, this also brings into question the timeline of Ben stealing Alex. Ben would have taken Alex 4 years before the Purge happened. And Ben has also said that he had raised her as his own. We never saw Alex in Man behind the Curtain at all, when she should have been with Ben for a few years already.

That's just some food for thought before this AMAZING looking episode this week. And from what I've heard, the flashes might be even better than the island story!

Spencer said...

Oh, small edit to the above post. Danielle also claimed that she never saw any of the stations, New Otherton, or even the Others in her entire time before flight 815 crashed. That means she should have had no forewarning about the Gas, and even if she did have a gas mask, wouldn't have known to put it on, if she did tell the complete truth.

Josh said...

That's pretty cool Spencer, we'll have to see if it turns out to be correct.

Also, if the timeline stuff doesn't work out I hope it's not due to a writer's error. They do happen. But, I know many people have seen Dannielle as a liar from the start.

Something I just thought of, is that, is it possible that she came to the island after the purge, but was affected by the same thing that affected Desmond and Minkowski, and lost her memory. I guess if that did happen she'd be dead, but it sounded cool in my head.

Thanks for the comments man.

Lauren said...

Love the Danielle theory! Even though she's dead (tear), I hope her story will still get wrapped up.

I think I may be the only person who liked "Something Nice Back Home" more than "The Shape of Things to Come"

travis said...

Good catch, Spencer. I never put those two events together (the purge and Danielle's ship wreck). I just assumed the purge was more localized, but the Tempest station puts that in doubt.

travis said...

My thoughts about the episode:

* Fans seemed to disappointed Keamy and Co. are still around. The writers used Smokey's appearance as a Deus ex machina to extricate Locke's group from an impossible situation, however they needed them to still be a threat in future episodes. Also, we've seen Kate defeat the monster with the dynamite, so that tells us that Smokey isn't invincible. The mercenaries were well armed so it's conceivable they were able to fight the monster off enough to retreat -- Keamy yells "Fall back!" at the end of the scene.

* Star Wars reference. I beleive the Millennium Falcon was shown, not to reference the Claire-Jack/Luke-Leia similarities, but to show Sawyer (Lost's biggest SW fan) is still in the picture. The biggest hint to that was Jack saying "sunofabitch" after stepping on the toy. Also Sawyer is the closest thing to Han Solo on the island. I think that was the writers telling us Sawyer is still in Kate and even Aaron's lives.

* Karl and Danielle. I'm thinking the others buried them. Surely they're using their ninja skills to watch what's happening with the freighter folk. So maybe they came behind Keamy and buried them.

travis said...

* Ghosts. It looks as if you die on the island or your corpse lands on the island, you can appear to the living. I believe the dead can only show themselves to people they know (Christian to Claire and Jack, Yemmi to Eko, etc.) or to those who are special (Locke, Hurley, Miles). Because the island is unstuck in time IMO, the dead are kind of trapped there. They also seem to have a purpose -- maybe Jacob/the island is using the dead for his own ends.

*What's up with the bashing of this episode? I've read and heard a fair number of comments from people who didn't like this episode. I don't get it. This was the closest thing to a S1 episode we've had in a long while. Without episodes like these, the show would have no emotional underpinning -- it would be a bad version of Dr. Who.

Petor23 said...

I agree with a lot of those points, Travis, especially the last one. I've read a lot of comments about it on places like DarkUFO, and there is a large number of people who have actually hated this episode. Sure, it didn't have the impact of a major episode like The Constant or TSoTtC, but we're really starting to see the story combine into a single entity.

I believe that what we've seen in the flashbacks are going to be even more important now that the characters are back in the real world.

This episode alone had many references to flashbacks of many characters:
Raised by Another: The psychic's prophecy that Aaron's upbringing should be solely by Claire was directly referenced in Charlie's message to Jack
All the Jack episodes: We're seeing how Jack has turned back into the same person he was before the crash. Jack and Kate's confrontation near the end of the episode brought many recollections of the Jack and Sarah scenes in The Hunting Party, Tale of Two Cities, TtLG...

I heard a theory (I don't remember where) that Kate's promise to Sawyer was about his daughter Clementine. Perhaps Cassidy, realising that both Sawyer and Kate were in the plane crash had contacted Kate afterwards...

The gap between the present and the future is also diminishing. We can see why Claire is not with Aaron (though I would be surprised if she doesn't show up again soon). We can see hints as to why Jin is not with Sun off the island. We got a hint that Jack has realised he's related to Claire, and thus Aaron. Perhaps Sawyer will find Claire with Christian, and tell Jack that she had the same father as the man he met in the bar.

Every episode, even if it's not a mindblower is making me more and more excited about what's yet to come.

Spencer said...

Hey, Another great podcast. I'm going to take up the contest challenge, and have already started working on the video. If anyone is curious, it is to the song 'Paranoid Android' by Radiohead. I'm already mostly done with season 1. I am having some trouble finding the opening LOST title screen and the ending LOST screen. If anyone has those, or links to video files of those, i would love you forever. If anyone wants help finding clips, I'm getting them from Also, I think it would be cool to see who is doing these videos too, so why don't you all who are post a comment saying so!

Josh said...

that's awesome spencer. But I wouldn't get to far into it, there are some rules that I've yet to give out.

and I hope lots of folks work on videos.