Friday, May 30, 2008

World Of Warcraft!!!!!!

"I'm gonna keep my eye on you"


"No, he didn't"

"Checkmate Mr. Eko"

"We have to go back???"

"Did he tell you I was off the island?"


Post any thoughts at all on the Season 4 Finale here! And Join us on Monday for our Re-watch of it.


Faith said...


bex said...

I'm still catching up on my sleep from getting up to download it and watch it fast before joshmeister's podcast.. working today but am planning to rewatch on monday too (now I just need to set another alarm)

tunadonkey said...

i loved this episode. idk tho. it hard to say its better then season 3 finale. it def wasnt better then exodus tho. hmmm... :/ i'll need to watch it again to see if i liked it more then through the looking glass

travis said...

I like where this season finale left the show -- the island is hidden and safe again, the Oceanic Six are off the island and now we get to see how they get together to come back and what happens on island in the three years to get to the point where Locke is in L.A. in a coffin.

I never really bought into Season 4 -- too many ridiculous plots -- even though it had some fabulous moments. I think overall it was the weakest of the four seasons; however, I'm excited about where we are now.

travis said...

I've given up on trying to figure out the whispers. If the whispers only occured on island, it be one thing, but they are popping up off island as well. I just think they precede something creepy happening.

I think the whispers and the smoke monster will never fully be explained.

Petor23 said...

Is there any chance we could get a new post with all the rules for the contest(s) in one place?
As much as I love listening to you, I don't want to have to dig through hours of podcasts to find all the rules

tunadonkey said...

r u guys goin back to 1 podcast per weak? or will u have intial reactions to nothin. and r theme episodes gonna be what takes up de summer? talk about it! on the podcast! go!

Spencer said...

Everyone, if you don't watch the daily show with Jon Stewart yet... here's four minutes of why you should:

"There needs to be a polar bear in this primary... like when the polar bear showed up on lost - I was hooked. There are so many reasons that's amazing!"

And on a lesser, but significantly more important note (I don't think that statement makes sense, but whatever), LOST was number one last week on the Nielson's rating list, even without TiVo viewers!

travis said...

Am I the only one who noticed in Kate's dream, it was Kate's voice not Claire's saying, "Don't you dare bring him back!"?

Josh said...

LOL Thanks for that Spencer!!!

I love the Daily Show but some how missed this.

arbitrary said...

ok, have dropped bex and moved to arbitrary cos am trying to keep the same ID everywhere.

hope talkshoe bucks up so I can make it again sometime and actually listen in