Friday, May 9, 2008

I've got Cabin Fever!!

And the only more Cow Bell(Where's Svetlana when you need her?).

What a crazy episode, Infant Locke, Young Locke-Mom, Young Locke, Teenage Locke, ALPERT, ABADON, Christian AND Claire!!

Move the Island?? Is Keamy the most evil Lost character ever?? Claire in the cabin???

So many more questions than that, please post any thoughts in the comments section.


travis said...

I really liked this episode. Thoughts:

* Alpert and Co. have been scouting Locke since birth. I wonder what the correct object for young Locke to have chosen? The vile of pebbles? The compass? I guess those items represented what kind of person you will grow up to be, and Alpert wasn't impressed with Locke the hunter. I guess they wanted Locke the scientist?

It makes you wonder if Ben was recruited prior to the island, or did Alpert decide he was special that night in the jungle when Ben ran away.

* The dream sequence was very cool. I was scared Horace was another ghost, but it seems right to be a dream and not some another "Christian."

* If Horace's cabin isn't that old, does that mean Jacob isn't that old? Was he imprisoned there AFTER the purge?

* Could Locke's mom be Ben's mom, and Swoozie Kurtz's character a fake? I don't think so. I think the producers cast an actress that looked very much like a young Swoozie Kurtz.

peony said...

another great episode!! now if emily was seeing a man twice her age it couldn't be cooper. so who was he? maybe alpert? that would make him lockes dad. and what if ben's dad wasn't roger. what if ben's mom had an affair with alpert too. then locke and ben would be half brothers. :)

travis said...

The baby daddy can't be Alpert because Emily's mother told the nurse she didn't know who Alpert was, but she knew Emily's boyfriend.

Faith said...

Maybe the person who got her pregnant and the person she was going to see weren't the same person.

Maybe I'm just trying really hard to give more potential to that "brothers" theory.

Mostly because the "Locke's Brother" jokes would be THE most amazing thing to ever happen ever. =D

bex said...

The official UK podcast spent a lot of time on the Ben/Locke as brothers theory a while back and it would definitely be interesting. I was thinking Widmore as baby daddy, but only because it would be amusing.

I did also figure that Cooper might not be old enough for the job!

I think Alpert definitely wanted Locke the scientist, thus the summer camp at Mittelos. Although I think there are few hints in adult Locke that he was ever a brilliant scientist at school, so he's hiding that well.

I wondered more about Roger as Ben's father, and it seems more unlikely to me now. I mean, I wonder really how coincidental it really was that Horace found Ben's parents as Ben was being born. And since we know who Ben's mother was, the only unknown in his parentage remains Roger. It might also explain some of the hostility towards his son if he suspected he may not be the biological father.

I, again, adored Ben in this episode - I make no regrets about saying that he and Desmond are my favourite characters in the show and I got to see them both this week. I loved Hurley sharing the chocolate and Ben taking a non-evil position of handing control over to Locke (who totally doesn't deserve it yet - but I'll reserve judgement in case he becomes competent again through island magic ;p)

Claire looked so calm, which was intriguing also. I half believe she's dead, having died in the night.. but I still want to know the deal with Aaron being raised by another which they also referred to more strongly than ever in this episode, so they're not retconning that at least.

And.. moving the island! Bring it on!

This series has totally confirmed that this is the greatest show at the moment (and Josh, I WILL be starting on BSG soon now I know what order to watch it in, just need some time).

bex said...

ha ha, I know I usually leave short comments, can you tell I have more time these days :-)

Petor23 said...

Most important moment of the episode: we got to see Locke's brother.

travis said...

Another thought:

* Ben took responsibility for Alex's death -- he said that he had his daughter's blood on his hands. I thought that was nice.

* The scene with Ben and Hurley at the cabin was my favorite of the episode. No dialog at all. I hope Hurley doesn't spend all of season 5 in the Santa Rosa, his character is so awesome.

Spencer said...

Awesome episode! Also, I'm getting more and more worried about the DS ring not getting to the baby or claire. Also, I now almost fully believe that Desmond only saw himself getting on the helicopter, and lied about it to Charlie.

Interesting side note: Looking at the new Coldplay album on iTunes (not out yet, just thinking about preordering it). Track 3 is called Lost! and track 4 is called 42. Thought that was kind of cool.

peony said...

travis said "The baby daddy can't be Alpert because Emily's mother told the nurse she didn't know who Alpert was, but she knew Emily's boyfriend."

didnt you see the look on Emily's mother face?? she was lying!and she looked nervous.....

Eve Phoenix said...

I think I wanna name the party of Locke, Ben and Hurley treking though the jungle "The Crazy Train," since they all are a bit loopy - but I'm convinced more than ever that's what it takes to survive having been on the island. Radzinski (they guy that was in the hatch with Kelvin) and some of the freighter people apparently didn't have what it takes, I guess. Even Jack eventually wants to kill himself over someone who had something to do with the island or Jack's time there. They should probably hang a big sign on the Pala Ferry dock "You don't have to be crazy to live here, but it helps!"

tunadonkey said...

hey josh. this comment is addressed to you. could you do a post on the blog about the contest. I'm thinking of doing a vid, but I'm a little unclear of the whole 1 track over the whole season or the whole series. Oh and do we have to go to season 4? because I don't want to buy the songs from iTunes. I want to wait for the DVD to come out.

tunadonkey said...

by songs i meant episodes

Dawn said...

Zodiac is a name of a company that manufactures life rafts!

I checked the web site and I'm betting Sayid's boat is the one you can put a motor on that seats 6!

Zodiac inflatable boats

jeff said...

Josh & Amanda,
I noticed something while watching the episode, and I thought for a minute about calling into Jay&Jack, Dharmalars, or the Transmission. But then I thought I'd be one of thousands of calls saying the same thing. And you guys don't have a phone number for me to call, so there ya have it on that issue.

But, I've since listened to all of their shows, your initial reaction, and half of your "Alpert Fever" show. Nobody has mentuoned it.

So here it goes. It shall be revealed on your blog right now: Rewatch the scene when Alpert visits young Locke to have him select the correct item(s) that belong to him. You will see a close up shot of Alpert, and he only has eyeliner on one eye. Then the shot changes to young Locke, and then goes back to Alpert and he has eyeliner on both eyes. It was fairly obvious to me, and I "rewound" it on my tivo to make sure I saw it correctly when I first watched it.

This is clearly the most important discovery on Lost that I have ever made, and clearly the most important discovery that has yet been made by anyone. The answer to Lost lies in Alperts ability to instantly modify the makeup on his face to confuse and maintain the upper hand in all of his intereactions - proving that he is Jacob because only someone with that much power could ever control the island.

Please take a look at this scene, and let me know if you can see it. OIf so, I'd love a shout on on the show to "Jeff, the man who identified the most important secret to Lost."

bex said...


that's awesome

travis said...

peony: Grandma Locke seemed to be creeped out by a stranger looking in on them. I generally put more stock in what characters actually say than try to read into what an actor is doing expression-wise.

Making someone else John Locke's father really strips away all the emotional underpinning of the flashbacks involving Anthony Cooper. It would make those scenes between the two ring hollow. Also, if Cooper isn't Locke's father, how did he know John would be a match to donate a kidney?

Spencer said...

Josh did say you needed season 4 as well, but that doesn't mean you have to buy the episodes. Actually, that wouldn't work due to the itunes coding that prevents use like that, and if you are using a PC, most likely you will need a file converter if you crack that coding. But what you can do is go on youtube, find the clip, and download it from websites like, or download a youtube downloading program. I'm using a program called 'Youtube Grabber' for this.

Here's a link to a youtube user who has all of season 1 on here, if it helps.

Faith said...

Jeff, I watched the scene again, and I just didn't see it. I would love a screencap =)

Geeky Tom said...

Did you guys say there would also be a contest for graphic design? That's something I could do. Video editing...not so much.

jeff said...


I'll watch it again tonight and take a digital photo or video of it, and send it to you guys.

tunadonkey said...

spencer i'm using a mac first of all, and second, I really don't want to download a bunch of bad quality clips from youtube.

Petor23 said...

I just realised that we're so close to the end of the season, and we haven't had a single main character death.

Sure, we've had 2 possible or implied deaths, Jin and Claire, and a million supporting/recurring character deaths, but so far, no main character has been clearly identified as being dead.

Yeah, it's a shorter season, but both season 2 & 3 had deaths within the first few episodes, and more later in the season.

At any rate, I'll be very surprised if someone doesn't kick the bucket some time in the finale.

Faith said...

I agree! I think we'll actually SEE Jin die, and this makes me very sad ;.;

Josh said...

wow, lots to say, plus the NEW blog post.

ok here goes,

Tuna: GREAT point, I will definetly make a post about this and annouce it. If you want to only go to the end of season 3 that's ok. But try to include season 4, remember the contest won't be over for a while. Also, and you didn't hear this from me, there are other ways(not itunes) to get full high quality episodes of Lost. If you don't know how, just email us at

Geeky Tom: Yes, I meantioned it slightly last week, but i will talk much more about it on Monday's show(the Monday one that coveres part 1 of the finale). I'll also talk about it in the Blog Post about the contests.

Jeff: That's amazing, I'll definetly have to look for it.

peony said...

what if cooper never needed a kidney and only pretended to. that way locke would have his kidney taken out and then in the future when ben shot him he wouldn't die. after the operation cooper was gone. his "job" done. maybe locke really died when ben shot him and someone went to the past to try and change it.

Petor23 said...

I don't think the hospital would have let them have the operation if Cooper was just pretending

peony said...

someone could have been paid off. money buys a lot of thing