Sunday, June 15, 2008


The first theme show of the hiatus is upon us. It's scheduled for the regular time at 9:00 on Monday, June 16. I hope y'all can make it. Since Sunday is Father's Day, this show will be all about the dads and the issues that just about every Lost character has with their dads. It should be lots of fun.

Next week will be a Character Analysis of Kate Austin AKA SUPERKATE. Now, you're probably asking yourself, "Now Josh, why make Kate the 2nd Character Analysis. Sure she's cute, and a murderer, but aren't there others who are more interesting?" My answer is, yes, there are probably others, but we're gonna do them in the order of when their 1st centric episode was. It's the only fair way.

I also am going to set up a page somewhere exclusively for Contest Info and put a link on this site. It's not up yet, but it's in the works. Fear not though, the end date is far in the future.

Finally, for the BSG fans out there who saw the season 4 mid-season finale....I MUST know what you think. Since you don't want to spoil Amanda at all, send me your thoughts on Facebook, or Myspace. You can find me on Facebook under my name(imagine that) which is Josh Spivack. And my Myspace page is linked here, although I rarely check it.

Happy Father's Day all.


Petor23 said...

Sayid's dad was said to be a hero of some sort.

Spencer said...

and also, we do know something about sayid's family besides that. Sayid watched a video of his family's hometown got gassed by the iraqi army. I don't think that counts as daddy issues, but it still has the potential of making you pretty screwed up.

Anonymous said...

Long time listener, but have never called in due to the inconvienence of Monday night. If I had a choice for a night, it would be either Tuesday or Thursday.

Also, I know you're gonna make a page about the contest, but hopefully my questions get answered before I get even further in (I'm on "Deus Ex Machina").

1)Is there a time limit? I'm using "Roar!" from Cloverfield by Michael Giacchino, which is about 12 1/4 minutes and I'm synchronizing all the clips with the pace of the song. I know you're looking for a shorter one (you even complained about the BSG one) but I wouldn't sleep at night if I attributed one clip to "Deus Ex Machina." It's too amazing for that.

2)Can there be editing of the clips? (ex./ speeding up, slowing down)

Those are the two that come to my mind at the moment. Hopefully the new time slot will allow me to call in!

Josh said...

Two good questions flyboy.

1)There isn't a fixed and absolute time limit, but 12 min would be quite long. About 7 min is a good length. If you submit it at 12 min it will be accepted, but try to shorten it a tad. I agree totally that episodes like Dues need for than a few seconds, but you can even that out by only showing other episodes for less time. Also, this is for fun, as well as a prize, so I never in a million years would not accept any entry, but know if it's very long it may affect the score it's given.

2)I don't think I will allow editing of the episodes. I hadn't thought of that before, and it's an interesting idea. Perhaps if you could point out why you would do it, I can allow it. But in my head, the way I'm picturing it, I don't think it follows what this contest video is supposed to be about.

I hope that helps, and thank you so much for your support, i really hope you'll call in some day.

Amanda said...

I know less about this contest than anyone, but I can absolutely see how slowing down a clip at an appropriate time/music cue could be really cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answers.

1) Also, is there editing of the actual song permitted? (ex./ cutting out sections of it) It's an epic song, compiling several segments and connecting them together through nice transitions. There were parts omitted during the credits as well.

In response to your response to 2) If there was for example, an epic sustained note, and Hurley was jumping out of the way of Rouseauu's death trap (he's spry), slowing it down at a proper moment could make it better - more epic. (This is purely theoretical).

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I've sure you mentioned this on the show, but how do we divide the multi-part episodes? Would the episodes (Pilot, Exodus, LTDA, TtLG, TNPLH) be divided by the hour, be divided as aired, be divided as they appear on the DVD guides, or be just one segment (episode as a whole)?