Monday, June 9, 2008

Day Off!

Don't forget, kids - we'll be taking the evening off tonight. And LORD, do I need it! Tune in next week when we start our legendary theme shows.

...thats right - legendary.


Spencer said...

You all deserve a break! Never did a week go by in the last year without a podcast, and you all should be very proud of that. Besides, I think my brain would explode if I listened to your podcast and the Lost Lowdown (Seriously, 17 hours? That's literally longer than season 4!) Any idea what the first theme show will be (You might have already said it, but I forget it :)?

Eve Phoenix said...

Oops, I pimped your show last night, forgetting you weren't going to be there. I must not have listened to the end of the last show after I got sleepy! lol Anyway, I pimp your show on Twitter, Plurk, my site, every chance I get.

Amanda said...

And this is why we love you

Josh said...

I have not listened to the Lost Lowdown's Podcast yet, and I dunno when I will. Not that I don't want to, but I'm kinda off Podcasts right now. I'll go back to them soon enough, I mean we do have a long ass hiatus.

About the 1st Theme Show, I dunno yet. But what ever it is, know that it will be LEGENDARY!!

Congested said...

Hey guys. I've been plugging your contest to some people and I think what your blog is lacking is one post clearly defining each rule of the contest, its prizes, and its timeframe.

I think between several blog posts, comment q/a's and the podcast you have covered the details but there is no post with all of that info combined. Just a suggestion, as it would be helpful to anyone wishing to enter. ;)

Geeky Tom said...

I second that, I've been wanting to get the word out(competition? please) but have nowhere to direct anyone.

Legendary? I expect nothing less than 17 hrs of "All Jack all the Time"!!!

Josh said...

that's a good idea guys

A post about the rules and such will appear shortly. In the mean time, if they have any specific questions tell them to e-mail us.

tunadonkey said...

character analysis or who are josh and amanda? r 2 great theme shows. (they're GOLD! GOLD Jerry GOLD!)

Tahir said...

Thanks for your podcasts.I've listened to all of them and have managed to join your live show a few times.

New JJ Abrabms written series called 'Fringe'.

Watching the first few minutes of it is really wierd - deja vu.

There's a Lost actor in it.
To add to the weirdness there's also Lost music in it.

I guess its nothing to do with Lost and just references but its worth a watch.

Tahir - UK