Thursday, June 19, 2008

So, I don't know if anyone has seen this....

...but I've found it thoroughly entertaining so far. One of my LJ groups linked to the article about Avatar, and then I was like "Oh! I bet there's one for Lost!" Lo and behold...

In fact, I bet there's one for about everything. I'm not going to look up the one for BSG, because, well...Season 3.

PS - I have to move out of my frakking HOUSE because of BSG spoilers...fantastic. =p

Anyhoo, have fun with this:

Uncyclopedia - Lost

Oh yeah, in the opening paragraph, there'sa spoiler warning that proceeds to spoil a whole bunch of things, most of which I haven't seen, but still already knew the ending to. Just a fair warning to maybe not read that pargraph? But I'm pretty sure its not a big deal - it spoils things like Planet of the Apes and Soylent Green.

I haven't talked to Josh yet, but I personally am leaning toward Thursday nights. How does everyone feel about that?


arbitrary said...

thursdays means I can make it from time to time as I never work on fridays, so if I'm up early enough I can join in

Josh said...

yes. Thursday was my original idea. Mainly cause it's the original timeslot for our show. We only moved to Monday cause LOST aired at 9:00 on Thursdays for the 1st half of Season 4.

Timothy said...

Thursdays are good for me :D

Spencer said...

thursdays work for me too

tunadonkey said...

thursdays r easier for me then mondays so that sounds great to me :D

Eve Phoenix said...

Yeah, Thursdays are good for me too. BTW, I have a new PC name for Thin Mints - Negatively Weight-Challenged Mints. Shouuld I submit a suggestion? lol

Spencer said...

lol maybe I'll remember that name better, since i can't seem to remember the current one. But I believe they prefer to be called slenderly concocted mints.

Congested said...

I like Thursdays as well.

..Contest details post? <_<

PS: I started watching battlestar. 1/2 way through Season 2 already. =O

I like it. There's one guy that pisses me off, however. every time he says something im like 'oh stfu already, you're always wrong.' I hope he gets killed off soon. :)

Anyway thanks for that link amanda.

Spencer said...

I got an idea for a theme show, but I don't know if anyone else would like this. I was thinking that a podcast could be spent examining lost in popular culture. That would be things like mentions on TV shows (The office, the daily show, 30 rock), and other popular media forms, including youtube parodies. Just a thought, although I'm not sure if that would fill up an entire podcast.

tunadonkey said...

i like it spencer, and if i like it, josh and amanda will like it too, because they just seem to want to be just like de tuna :P

P.S. I joinded da Lostflashbacks fantasy league team. :D

rebecca said...

joined the fantasy league team (I think)

watching BSG - I'm almost at the end of S3. Go me!

I think that idea would rock Spencer, we can really brainstorm it

arbitrary said...


rebecca = arbitrary

it's messing me about a bit

Faith said...


I NEED to know who you're talking about XD

Congested said...

The bald guy with the drinking problem, he really annoys me lol. I forgot his name. I'm up to 2x15 atm btw.

Anonymous said...

Tigh? I was looking up something on a particular character, and found out something I didn't want to know about three main characters, which totally killed me given I'm only at Resurrection Ship (Part 2). That's, ummmm... not counting Pegasus (Extended) 2x14 I think. Hopefully I didn't spoil too much.

Also, I'm okay with Tigh, it's his manipulative wife that pisses me off. I want HER to die soon. Her and Admiral Kane (I haven't seen Resurrection (Part 2) yet.)

And another idea for a theme show is a comparative of Lost to Heroes, since a) people seem to think they're so similar despite them being not, and b) you seem to go off on Heroes tangents anyways.

Congested said...

His wife is bad yes, but at least she's not a moron. :)

Congested said...

...I mean he did MARRY her. How smart can he really be?

Faith said...


Patrick, I'm really sorry for your loss =( I had some dumbass spoil it for me, so I can understand how you feel...except I think mine is worse...<.< Its still REALLY cool, though, I promise!

Ellen Tigh is my LEAST favorite character in the series. Still. I also hate Tom Zarek, or TZ, as my boyfriend has taken to calling him.

Congested said...

Ah, okay. Good.

And for the record Starbuck is my favorite.

Amanda said...

Tyrol and Gaeta FTW =D

Anonymous said...

I don't like Tom Zarrek either, although he was the original Apollo, which makes the interactions between him and Jamie Bamber great.

And for the record, I, like congested, have Starbuck at the top of my list, followed by Baltar for his intriguingness (great, I'm turning into Steven Colbert), although I don't like most of the decisions he's made in Season 2.

Anonymous said...

And the revelation of the identities of a few Cylons seems like one of those things that just wows you every time.

Congested said...

I'm so bad with names. I don't remember who those two are Amanda. :(

btw... are you guys doing a show tonight? And is Big-O? I haven't heard from him ever since his house flooded. :/

Geeky Tom said...

She means the chief and Felix.
My favorite character is Romo Lampkin, as for a regular I'd have to go with...gods help me...Gaius Baltar.

Congested said...

I still dont know who felix is. :/

But as for Gaius.. yeah he'd probably be my 2nd favorite (main character) I don't really consider Chief a main one.. unless he is? He's okay but there are some big questions, plot-related, that I think they chose to just completely avoid with him. I won't go into details to avoid spoilers.

I'm gonna try and finish them all in the next few weeks. I just finished 2x17. I hope Josh and Amanda do a ramblecast about battlestar so we can all discuss it.

And tonight?? Podcast. It's 9 but there is no 'join now' or scheduled show action on TalkShoe. :(

Geeky Tom said...

I would consider chief a main character, but I'm afraid the questions re: him will only multiply.

Felix Gaeta is the young compter wiz in CIC. He's got some great scenes with Baltar in season 3.

I would love a BSG cast from Josh and Amanda, of course they would have to stop referring to it as "the show that shall not be mentioned". :)

Amanda said...

Felix is Gaeta, the nerdy, computer savvy one who is ALWAYS in the CIC. Except at the beginning of season three <.<

Congested said...

Bah! I need to get to Season 3 faster, it sounds better.

arbitrary said...

Just watching the end of S3. Sorry missed podcast again today, took me a while to realise it was friday when annoying cat no.1 started to cry for food. In my ear.

arbitrary said...

Ok, and back to tentative Lost references, and because I'm an MMORPG geek.

Blizzard (makers of WoW) are currently teasing the world with both a splash screen and a little purple character that's being revealed each day. The splash screen is irrelevant to Lost... the purple character has numbers naming its constituent .jpgs. The addition yesterday was 16.jpg, and some are suggesting they're using the Lost numbers (totally cool, imo).

There's a thread on it all here: but I'm not totally up to date with it, been watching Razor!

Anonymous said...

Chief Tyrol is considered a supporting character, as well as Tigh (no. 2), Gaeta, Dee (African-American petty officer manning communications), Billy (President Laura Roslin's aide), and Karl C. Agathon, aka Helo (Sharon/Boomer's love interest) They're the ones that don't get the respect of appearing in the main credits, but aren't reduced to being seen in the end credits.

Back to Lost, as I was doing my rewatch to retrieve clips for the ultimate Lost video (aka "Previously on Lost"), I noticed in Exodus, Part 1 that as the raft sailed away, there was a kid standing in for Malcolm David Kelley that clearly wasn't Malcolm David Kelley. They even did a shot from the front, which is just sloppy. Can anybody watch this and tell me it's not all in my head?

Geeky Tom said...

Then Chief is definitely my favorite supporting character.
There are varying degrees too I guess, especially in terms of progression. The Chief & Tigh have become more prominent. Billy...not so much.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

And I agree, Chief Tyrol is awesome, although I like Gaeta more, and I haven't even seen Season 3 yet, which sounds like the most amazing event on television (more amazing than "How to Stop An Exploding Man." Hehe. Sarcasm.)

Amanda said...

LAWL at the Heroes reference XD I dunno, its really hard for me to peg a certain season as my favorite. That might be because I watched them all so quickly, but reallly, I did the same thing with Lost's first two seasons - granted this is a season and a half more. I definitely have favorite episodes, but picking a whole season is hard. My second favorite episode of the series is in season two, but there were a handful of episodes that I just didn't care for (mostly because they went nowhere.) Season Four will probably be my favorite, but I have to wait until I see the rest of it ;)

If you're rewatching, I feel its necessary to let you know that even after I was SO AMPED for season four after seeing Crossroads, I still took the time to watch Razor, and I regret it. As far as I'm concerned, it was just hiatus filler that showed us things that we had already heard about. You learn ONE new thing at the very very end, and they tell you the same thing several episodes into the series. I guess if you hadn't been gteting any BSG for months, Razor would have been really awesome, but honestly...I wouldn't bother, unless you really want to get the WHOLE BSG experience.

2x17.....(among others)


I'm not sure that I like having that spoiler there...if I can figure out how to delete it, I'm going to, kay? =\

Anonymous said...

That's fine with me. Unless this blog enables spoiler tags, that was probably a good idea. What are your favorite episodes?

And I agree with your comments on Season 2. I haven't yet reached the finale (waiting for the third disc to come in from Netflix), but a lot of episodes had no purpose (the most recent one I can think of is "Black Market," because in my opinion, it was boring and filler), and it's sad the Blackbird/Laura went to waste. Sure it took some neat-o pictures, but it only lasted for 3 episodes if you don't count "Flight of the Phoenix."

Oh yeah, and it wasn't until season 2 that I realized this, but you have the Billy, Dee, Adama triangle. Lee's dad is William. Combine them, you have Billy Dee William(s)! Although a Dee/Bill Adama relationship would be kinda awkward.

Also, can anyone confirm my stand-in sighting? I found a vid on YouTube showing the departure here:
It's also available on if the low-quality doesn't suit your style.

Congested said...

Well so far it's between Season 1 & 3 for me. I found some of Season 2 pretty boring. The last few episodes of Season 2 were great, however (oh, and I'm still talking about BSG for anyone just jumping into this)

It's hard for me to pick a favorite episode, because like Amanda I'm watching this really quickly so they all begin to blur together. I'd have to go back to remember a favorite.

I'm at 3x09 right now btw. I was gonna' watch Razor before I started Season 4 but after Amanda's comment I'm not so sure I will now. I'll have to see how thirsty I am for more after the Season 3 finale.

Amanda said...

1x04 An Act of Contrition
1x07 Six Degrees of Separation
2x06 Home (AMAZING - it feels like it should have been like...four episodes!)
2x18 Downloaded
3x09 Unfinished Business
3x19-20 Crossroads
4x03 The Ties That Bind

Obviously all of the season finales are awesome, but the end of Crossroads is probably the greatest scene of the series... obviously.

What are yours? (anyone)

Congested said...

Wow, you have a good memory for this stuff. Like I said it's all a blur for me. :/

I'll make a list of my top 5 or so once I'm done. I'll use the BSG wiki to piece together which ones are which. HOWEVER. 3x09 was great.

I see it's on your list as well. That episode is definitely on my list.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm taking a different approach. I'm taking my time, waiting for each disc to come in the mail. Plus, I'm working on the contest video, and instead of finding some crap-quality clips from the internet, I'm selectively ripping certain clips and doing yet another rewatch. (4th time season 1, 3rd time season 2, 2nd time season 3, and 3rd time season 4) It's coming along quite nicely; I'm pleased with my season 1 montage. I just finished 2.08 "Collision."

Off the top of my head, the BSG episodes that stand out the most to me are:

1.04 "Act of Contrition"
1.07 "Six Degrees of Separation"
1.11 "Hand of God"
2.03 "Fragged"
2.06 "Home"
2.16 "Sacrifice" (I'm a sucker for death episodes (I imagine this is one of the episodes where he promo said "Someone will die" while flashing images of Lee, Billy, Dee, and Starbuck))

Granted, I haven't seen ANY of season 3 yet, so my list is due to change.

Geeky Tom said...

Six Degrees of Separation
The Son also Rises
Crossroads part 1
Crossroads part 2
The Ties That Bind

Congested said...

WOW. Was just watching the original BSG on Hulu again (I saw the whole series like 10 years ago). And I realized that the original Apollo is the same actor who plays Tom Zarek o_O

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. 42 comments! Oh crap. I just frakked it up.

Concerning LOST, for those of you who have read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (and shame on you if you haven't), you'll know that the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42. The ultimate question, however, is "What do you gt when you multiply nine times six?" (or something along that line), but the answer is obviously 54 (thus explaining that the universe is a pretty frakked up place). In the Swan orientation video, Dr. Marvin Candle says that the two partners at the station will be there for 540 days. Coincidence? I think not!

Congested said...

Oh wow. And looking at the list of commenters I had the 8th, 16th, 23rd and 42nd comment! =O


Spencer said...

WOW! A ton of comments! But I feel stupid, I went onto talkshoe thinking there was a show tonight, lol.

Faith said...

Congested, that freaks me out just a little XD

So my best friend let me borrow her copy of the new Colplay CD - track 3 is called Lost! and track four is called 42


Faith said...

...or even Coldplay x.x

arbitrary said...

Ok, am up to date on BSG now! Too much info to even comment on, esp as I had to get up super early to watch the last two eps before leaving for work cos someone at work wants to discuss it.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, AToTC is stomping Ji Yeon at DarkUFO's Episode Cup. Luckily, Maternity Leave is beating Further Instructions, but it's a close race. Apparently, those who voted for the miniseason don't listen to this podcast!

Congested said...

So I just finished BSG Season 4.... Or the first 10 episodes at least. Man, amazing.

You know, a month or so ago (before I had seen any BSG) when Josh was telling me what he thought about the show I had my doubts, but I think I get it now. What makes BSG stand out, above Lost, is its characters. I didn't really think of BSG as standing up to Lost as I was moving through the first couple of seasons but seeing where they took 3 & 4 I became more and more impressed, and realized how solid the characters they built were.

As much as I love Lost there is a serious lack of character development in some cases. I don't know if I can go as far as to say I like BSG more than Lost, but I will say that the series compels me in a much more tangible way than Lost does because the issues they are facing are closer to that of which we deal with day to day and in our interactions with other people.

I really enjoyed BSG. I'm looking forward to seeing the final episodes next year. :)

Faith said...

Wow - the way you worded that third paragraph was epic...I think I had an epihany. There is no part of me that thinks that BSG is better than Lost, and the last reason I would say that is because of characters. I think the characters on Lost are INFINITELY superior to those on BSG, even the poorly developed ones. In fact, I think its almost impossible to say otherwise, since we have such complex backstories for all of them.

Congested said...

As for that blurb I wrote, I had to read it after I wrote it to double check it made sense. It just sort of spilled out of my brain.

Anyway, we may have to agree to disagree on this one. I think the characters on Lost are given great moments, relationships and endeavors, yes. And some of them are better than others. But there is often a lack of context on Lost largely due to its fragmented ("mosaic") story telling, and also the fact that many characters end up with story arcs that seem either underutilized, left hanging, or are full of moments that end up going nowhere. We could go down the list but the dead Tailies sort of sum it up. There is tons of talk regarding fate and destiny on Lost but it does not seem nearly as concrete as we see on BSG imo.

In addition the relationships the BSG characters have somehow seem more real to me. When Jack and Kate go back and forth between lovers (or people they kiss) I find it a lot harder to buy than when Lee or Starbuck do. There is something more "human" about the folks in BSG to me, ironic as that is lol. XD

Not trying to spawn a whole debate here, this may be stuff worth discussing/debating if you guys ever do a BSG themed show. :)

Faith said...

I DEFINITELY agree about the relationships!

Faith said...

Lawl, didn't see the last line - check the blog I posted, oh, thirty seconds ago XD