Friday, January 2, 2009

Updates to the schedual

Hey all, last night we had a great show about Season 3. 4 hours long!! Sometimes it's nice to get back to the long shows.

About the upcoming shows, we have 2 left until Lost returns.

Episode 87 - The Lost Season 4 DVDs and To Be Announced
January 8, 2009(1/08)

The TBA now is a discussion of James "Sawyer" Ford. No doubt we again will discuss one of the most amazing scenes in the entire series, and how it's a crime that Josh Holloway does not have an emmy to polish on his mantle. One cool thing about the DVD discussion being with the Sawyer Character Analysis is that a moment of kindness and humanity by Sawyer have reprecussions in another Losties future life that becomes essential to the series.

Episode 88 - Is Lost Back Yet? Part 4
January 15, 2009

Today's topics?

A look back at Season 4 of LOST
A look foward at Season 5 of LOST
A look at who is the winner of the contest.
A look at ourselves...the podcast I mean, and what we will be doing during season 5.

LOST RETURNS ON JAN 21, 2009. That's a Wednesday btw.


Anonymous said...

Since the contest is over, how many entries were there to the contest?

arbitrary said...

So I thought I'd show I'm still alive with a quick comment - just watched a TV special on 50 Greatest TV Endings - which has mostly been lame British sitcoms and soap operas...

Charlie's death made it to no. 8 though, which was a very pleasant shock!

Anonymous said...


Josh said...

While Charlie's death scene was amazing. It doesn't compare imo to the Flashfoward Reveal in that episode. I still get chills watching it.

About the contest, I beleive there were only 3 entries.

fastbreak said...

OK, just listened, and when you were talking about "Par Avion", you mentioned that Claire was so upset because she had just told her mom that she wishes she were dead. Just like you talked about "Not In Portland", what if Alpert was responsible for the accident or better yet, driving the car that hit Claire's mom?

Anonymous said...

@Josh - What?!?! I really thought there would be a lot more entries, especially after seeing at least five people on the blog talking about making one.I'll go ahead and try to get my other vid up, not to be eligible for the contest, but just so you and Amanda can watch it :)

@fastbreak - That's an interesting parallel, but I don't understand how Alpert would know to kill Claire's mum such a short time after Claire even said it, without her even meaning it. Plus, for what reason would Alpert kill Claire's mum?

Congested said...

That's a shame. I was also hoping there would be more entries. I had so many ideas for songs and videos its insane, but also a lot of work... and as it is I was just too busy in December (and even more so now) to be able to put another one together.

I'm listening to the podcast now to find out who won, but may have to stop listening if there's S5 talk as I have still not seen any promos.

So... who won? I know I didn't as I would have heard so I assume FBP did. If so, congrats!

And happy new year @ all.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard anything either Congested. The winner will be revealed in the Is Lost Back Yet? Part 4 show.

fastbreak said...

@ flyboypatrick
I don't know why Alpert would want to kill Claire's mom, I was just saying it would be cool if there was a connection between Juliet saying she wanted her ex-husband dead and Claire saying she wanted her mom dead. I know it doesn't make sense, just dying for some intrigue and conspiracy until Jan. 21st.

Josh said...

First I want to say how awesome it is that people are using twitter's usage of the "@" to denote a reply.

Anyway, yes the winner of the contest will be revealed in the final show before season 5 arrives, and don't worry Congested, we will discuss season 5 but only as theories. I've seen promos and 2 of the scenes they released but none of that would be discussed ouside of a "spoilers" section.

About Claire's mom also getting killed by Alpert, that would be very insane, and pretty interesting. The only reason i can think of why something like that would happen would be that they knew she would get pregnant, and that her mom being in the coma some how was neccesary for her to get on the plane.

Dunno if it's true, but it is fun to think about.

Josh said...


Claire's mom clearly didn't die. Good thing I didn't say that on the podcast, I'd get angry e-mails. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, with Christian Shephard involved, there could be a conspiracy. If Christian is working with the island and the Others, as the events of Jacob's cabin imply, then it could have very well been set up, with the I HOPE YOU DIE line a coincidence.