Friday, February 27, 2009

J-Ben Podcasts

Here they are, 91 and 91.5

J-Ben Initial Reaction

J-Ben Initial Reaction +Amanda



Anonymous said...

Nice. You have coined the celebrity term for Mr. Jeremy Bentham. (Or rather, Josh did. I think.)

Anonymous said...

Also, I had NEVER heard of Jam Legend before the most recent podcast. Checking it out right now.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Pretty damn good song. My wrist hurts a little though. And I played it on Normal! The lyrics are amazing though, although I missed half of the references. Here's a link to the lyrics:

Spencer said...

Being a fan of the "Jack killed Christian" theory, I loved the line "I PUT HIM IN THE COFFIN!" It would explain why Jack so fervently denies any possibility that his dad is alive.

Anonymous said...

Podcast still recording tomorrow around 9:30 EST?