Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quote of the day

"I think Ben and John Locke should be roommates in Brooklyn. And then just have wacky adventures." - Michael Emerson


You can read the full interview here, the first part is Elizabeth Mitchell, the second is Michael. Its both entertaining and informative.

Lost is on tomorrow, and I HAVE A TV THIS WEEK!



Anonymous said...

Yay! I want to hear Heroes talk tomorrow (sue me)! The latest episode was written by BSG writer Mark Verheiden, and it BLEW ME AWAY!!! Top five, IMO.


Hehe. He.

Faith said...

If you want my thoughts on Heroes, read my current Facebook status XD

Anonymous said...

Dammit. I don't have Facebook.

RIP Charlotte Staples Lewis. Let us see you again if the island happened to get stuck in the era of the DI.

Kinda PO though, because they're practically shoving it in our face that Charlotte's parents are Ben & Annie. Anyone think the same way?

Petor23 said...

About Claire giving birth last week:
Apparently they filmed the shots looking behind with a double, and all the other shots were old footage.

Amanda said...

Sorry mom - *Ahem* :"Amanda is wondering if its wrong that she thought Sylar was incredibly sexy in last night's episode... like.... incredibly....."

Amanda said...

I really really liked Charlotte in this episode, I thought Rebecca Mader's acting was FANTASTIC. I really hope they kill of a few male characters, just to even it up. I mean, come on.

Amanda said...

Oh, also, I apologize for my misquote last night. Charlotte's horrible final words were "I'm not allowed to have chocolate before dinner."