Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meanwhile, back at our other fandoms....

OOOH, fun idea - color coding!!!

So Lost is on tonight. But before we get all into that, lets take a look at some of the other shows on TV that we should be caring about. Because there are people out there who want us to. And by us (for now), I mean Amanda.

Lets be serious - the judges need to be nicer to Steve Wozniak.

Okay, that was the opposite of serious. Its just funny because I know someone named Steve Wozniak (how did I not know that it was such a common name?). Also because I'm very witty.

Lets go backwards to Monday's episode of Heroes, which I watched approximately three hours ago (because it took two hours for the frakking thing to load...NBC's streaming player SUCKS). Much like the judges on Dancing with the Stars with The Woz, we have been hard on Heroes lately. While this was probably deserved, I think the most recent episode has put me in my place a bit. I found myself genuinely caring about the episode and (most of) the characters, and genuinely surprised by some of the things that they threw at me.


Micah is rebel. I am probably the only person who had not figured that out yet (I forgot about him!), so I thought it was surprising, logical, and generally done well. I liked seeing NGC and Ali Larter in scenes where she wasn't his insane mother.

Speaking of Ali Larter, TWO annoying blondes bit it in this episode! YAY! I didn't hate Tracy, but I was never a fan of their perpetuating Ali Larter's character by giving her FOUR (so far) characters to play. Three down. Aaaaand, my favorite character and the most talented performer on the show Gwen Stefani (that cracked me up) also did not survive the episode. It was what I will call a "reverse Dallas," which I have no complaints about.

Two men and a baby were probably my favorite part of the episode. I felt very bipolar during those scenes, because I was cracking up one second and tearing up the next. It was cool seeing Ando finally use his power as a death ray, rather than just a super charger for other people. I'm still waiting for that part where he and Hiro are enemies. Unless they already wrote themselves out of it and I missed it.

As Josh previously stated to me, Mohinder is officially the dumbest character on the show. Peter used to be in the running, but I thought the part where he whisked mommie dearest up the elevator shaft was pretty cool - not to mention unexpected.

Speaking of Angela Petrelli (sort of), YAY Lockemom! Now both of the crazy/awesome aunts from Pushing Daisies (;.;) have been on this show!


In much more important and rewarding news, the series finale of Battlestar Galactica was on Friday. I was at a friend's house who had a TV which got the SciFi channel, but who would have rather had a root canal than watch BSG. So every time The Princess Bride went to commercial, I pulled up the guide, just happened to stop on SciFi, and watched the tiny, silent, windowed version with bated breath. Then she TiVoed it for me, and I woke up nice and early at 12:30 to watch it.

I was really really pleased. There were a few things that I felt were cop-outs, but in no way do I feel that it "sucked ass." My top ten favorite moments were:

1. Everything after "150,000 years later," especially me realizing that I recognized RDM (I'm a REAL fan!)
2. "You can see them too!?!"
3. Is Cheif Tyrol gonna have to choke a bitch? (Yes)
4. The opera house scenes - CHILLS!
5. Starbuck realizing that the notes in the song were jump coordinates to NuEarth, Looking Glass style!
6. Lee charging into the colony with an army of centurions - now with racing stripes!
7. Admiral.Hoshi. (And president Romo Lampkin!)
8. Roslin's goodbye to Doc Cottle! So funny, so sad!
9. The flashbacks, particularly the first one (the Tigh's and Adama) and the last one (Baltar and Six, talking about the defense mainframe).
10. Caprica and Baltar's happy ending (did NOT expect that!), Adama and Roslin's bittersweet one, and Tyrol's "frak all y'all, I'ma go be the UK!"

I was a little bummed that Starbuck didn't have some deeper purpose, although I suppose it was kind of cool. She just...wasn't that important =\ At first, I was disappointed about Helo not bleeding out like Athena said he would, and then I watched Dollhouse. And then I heard that they were going to kill him, but Tahmoh Penniket didn't like that...and I was disappointed again.

But I still love Paul Ballard. Seriously, watch Dollhouse, and then talk to me about it. Because I'm in love with it. And Paul Ballard.


Tristan said...

I should probably listen to this week's first, but are you guys doing a Wednesday or Thursday show next week? I finish early on both days :).

flyboypatrick said...

They're doing a ramblecast this Thursday (your Friday)(YAY!), so maybe that's a good sign for the weeks to come. Or it could just be an excuse to talk about BSG for hours, which I'll be tuning out for. Either way, we probably won't meet up today (oh noes!).

On the blog: Yay for color coding/HEROES praise. Still haven't seen any of Season Four of BSG (kill me now). So yeah.

Amanda Leigh said...

A large percentage of tonight's ramblecast will be about BSG. Sorry =(

flyboypatrick said...

No prob. I'll keep my eye on the chat and go back to listening when all focused talk of BSG is done.

flyboypatrick said...

Listening to the LOST podcast right now. I'll be sure to give my analysis of the final thirteen LOST final moment titles, all compared to "The Apple-Turtle Conundrum."

flyboypatrick said...

First suggestion: "The Jupe." Way too short, doesn't involve a Jewish bread product. Nice reference, but thumbs DOWN.

Second: "Baby Diaper Covered In Barbeque Sauce" Really? Makes too much sense, little reasoning. Also thumbs DOWN.

Third: "The Fifth Toe" Doesn't evoke enough confusion. Another thumbs DOWN.

Fourth: "The Exploding Pretzel Jar" Decent, involves a bread product, evokes surprise and confusion. I'll give it a thumbs UP.

Fifth: "The Twinkie" Logical reasoning, however, I don't think now is the time to go back to Season 1 roots with surprise moment titles. Therefore, it gets a thumbs DOWN.

Sixth: "Jack Gets Pregnant" No. Not even funny, no confusion factor. Thumbs DOWN.

Seventh: "The Droids You're Looking For" Haha, Star Wars reference, very funny. However, it doesn't make me go, WTF? Therefore, TO THE SIDE.

Eighth: "The Hooded Leprechaun" A TAD too short for my taste. But it sounds dirty, which is a plus. Thumbs slightly tilted UP.

Ninth: "The Zombie Bake Sale" No. That doesn't come til the sixth season. IMO, references to LOST make them all the less funnier. DOWN.

Tenth: "The Zygarnik" (or something like that) Too short, makes you feel inferior rather than laughing/confused. Thumbs DOWN.

Eleventh: "Smokey's Dorm Room" Again, a LOST reference within the title. Not cool. Thumbs DOWN.

Twelfth: "The Spanish Inquisition" HILARIOUS. However, the reference would most likely go over a lot of people's heads, lessening the hilarity and increasing the feeling of inferiority. Therefore, it gets a thumbs DOWN.

I guess it's really thirteen. My favorite was "The Exploding Pretzel Jar", but it doesn't compare to "The Apple-Turtle Conundrum." Dammit.

flyboypatrick said...

Whoops! Thirteenth is "The Fork in the Outlet". Decent, TO THE SIDE.

Tristan said...

@flyboy I'm sorry. We went through all these in the chat after you left.

Oh, and I think I can claim a fair stake in the Harry Potter knowledge competition.

flyboypatrick said...

Seriously? Bah, humbug.

Tristan said...
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Tristan said...

NOOOOOOO. So, I don't finish as early as I thought on Friday (2, rather than 12). So I'm hoping you do the show on Thursday instead, fingers crossed! My Thursday, that is. Because I podcast from the future.

Petor23 said...

I also have a craaaazy lost coincidence this week.

I was watching The X-Files while waiting for Lost to download, and I have a habit of browsing imdb at the same time.
It was episode 2.03, Blood which had William Sanderson in it. I already knew him from Deadwood, but when I came to his imdb page I found out he would be in that day's Lost episode.
To make this even worse, the next episode, Sleepless, had Jon Gries in it, who plays Roger Workman, also in the episode I was still downloading.

Amanda Leigh said...

Wow - I love that XD

Tristan said...

Someone remind me to ask Amanda something when you guys have run out of stuff to talk about on the next episode.

Amanda Leigh said...

Okay - now I'm excited

Tristan said...

To excite you even more, the words 'Crazy Jack' and 'Boone' may pop up.

In other news, I've started a text-edition, of sorts, of your podcast. Recently started a rewatch, gonna be blogging each episode. I'm going to give character a score each week just for something interesting. After Pilot, Parts 1 and 2, Charlie's winning on 17/20.

Check out http;// if you're interested.

flyboypatrick said...

Hahaha, shameless plug FAIL. As in ; vs :. The proper link:

Wait, did I type that? My bad!

Spencer said...

I don't watch BSG (although I plan to now), but I was scouring across America's Best News Source, and found something I think some other people here would appreciate:

Tristan said...

@flyboy funny.

So, silly me rushed home today thinking you guys would be on *facepalm*. Bad news? We finish 2pm tomorrow, so I'm relying on flyboy to make you go for at least 1 1/2 hours (fingers crossed). And Iif you guys are annoyed by me complaining about how I can't make it every week, apologies.

Tristan said...

ooh! Continuing on from conversations in TWO recent episodes, you guys totally need to do "All Boone, All the Time".

flyboypatrick said...

Haha, very nice. Starting with the serial phsychopathic rapist, or whatever it is.

Amanda Leigh said...

I will totally do that episode

flyboypatrick said...

We need moar color coded blogs! You kinda forgot about the HEROES talk. We need it!

flyboypatrick said...

Holy crap! 4th and 23rd post! Agggghhh!

Tristan said...

OMG! 'The Sheriff' (Isabel) will appear as Angela Petrelli's sister Alice, in Heroes 3x23. The Angela centric one.

Amanda Leigh said...


Tristan said...

indeed. she scares me. :)

Tristan said...


Were you aware that "ONLY FOOLS ARE ENSLAVED BY TIME AND SPACE" from the Room 23 video is an anagram of "BONES OF NADLERS MAY LAY LOST DEEP IN CAVE"? Nadler of course referring to Rose nand Bernard. Those crazy anagram people.

Petor23 said...

Locke did a Keamy wave!