Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some Off Week Updates

-First and foremost, tonight is Big O's Heroes Bash. I don't think I will be attending, but I know Josh will, and I know it will be a good time =)

-If the tour of Spring Awakening is coming to your town, GO SEE IT. Unless you're put off by teenagers having sex on stage....or homosexuality....or abortion...or suicide. Or amazing rock music and great acting =D Blake Bashoff is beyond amazing, and I can't wait to gush all over him tomorrow night at the post-show.

-Come to our Sawyer party tomorrow. We've been hyping this show for awhile, so we're pumped about it.

-There's a new poll up on DarkUFO that gives a list of characters, one of which will be killed this season. The list is pretty intesnse, so I would put a spoiler warning on this one.

-There's another poll on E! Online that pits male TV characters against each other. Go vote for the Lost men (or not...I had to vote for Sylar).

-If you're bored, look up "Lost the Sitcom" or "Ben Uncensored"(Part I and Part II) on Youtube. Obviously, there's language on these ones.

-Comment on your blog with your thoughts on these things and others!


Anonymous said...

Well, the E! poll tells us a few things:

1) Ben is, in fact, more evil than the devil. .1% away from 66.6%

2) Peter Bishop is more of a badass than Clark Kent. Cynicism vs. superpowers. Who knew?

3) Sayid will break-neck-dance Sylar's neck before Sylar can telekinetically snap Sayid's. Or DarkUFO just has more influence.

4) Real men don't have critically acclaimed shows on FX, they're judges on Project Runway.

Tristan said...

As of Season 5, Clark Kent is honestly the weakest character on the show, imho. Lana excepted, 'cause I don't think she's ever been useful. I remember voting for Jack Malone against someone important (Locke?). Should I feel bad? I thought the poll was for masculinity.

Amanda Leigh said...

WHOO! Once again, I watched Tristan post that comment. And there's something thrilling about that =D

I just voted on over-all like. =)

Tristan said...

lol, awesome.

Other than that, I voted for my Winchester brothers, Adrian Pasdar, and Peter Bishop. I voted Sayid over Sylar, Laurence Fishburne, and, although I never thought I would, Matthew Fox. I swear they reigged that to make us vote for him - had be been up against anyone REAL, I would have chosen the other.

Faith said...

I was torn on the Shephard/Griffin poll, but I voted for Jack.

Tristan said...

Never been a Family-Guyer myself, but a friend has made it his life's purpose to prove that it is better than LOST (rubbish, imho). I emailed him the link just for the awesome-ness of the coincidence.

Faith said...

Um...Family Guy...a better show...than Lost?

That's like trying to compare apples and....something that's not like an apple at all. This has sparked lots of conversations, and now I'm going to post a blog about it =D

Anonymous said...

Wow. How did you find Ben Uncensored? How did HE find the clips for it? Just wow.

Anonymous said...

Now I've seen the end. But still, genius!

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