Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mission : Accomplished

Put that in a bowl and make wacky paste out of it.

I was talking to him with some other Lost fans, and I was like "I know you probably hate to hear this because you were so amazing in the show, but I'm like the biggest Lost fan in Pittsburgh and I've wanted to meet you for like a year." And he's like "No no, I don't hate to hear that, I'm a huge fan of the show still. So do you guys think Juliet is really dead?"



Jimmy said...

holy crap

Tristan said...

'Put that in a bowl and make wacky paste out of it' is totally my new comeback-retort-thingy.

Anonymous said...

One word: Awesome.

Eve Phoenix said...

That is fantastic. You were way cooler than I would have been. I would have made him hold up a water bottle with a hole in it! lol

Eve Phoenix said...

Oh, btw, check out my poem.

The A-B-C’s of LOST by Patti Bagadion

A freaky island that moves around and nobody can see?
Bernard and Rose look about as happy as can be!
Claire is still missing, and I fear she’s dead.
Desmond is recovering from a shot by Ben.
Ethan is a baby, sleeping all the time.
Faraday was shot by his own mother! How unkind!
Geologists would love the magnetic properties, how sublime.
Hurley has to grab the food before he’s out of time.
I realize time travel can really hurt your head.
Jin just wants to find his wife - she thought he was dead!
Keamy was so evil, shooting Alex in the brain.
Locke has people thinking he is still insane.
Miles is talking to the dead, I wonder what they say.
Naomi brought him to the island before she passed away.
Only someone who is brave would survive in this place.
Penny told her husband not to leave them, just in case.
Quietly the Others walk by without a sound.
Rose is now retired - she doesn’t want to run around!
Sun has quite a journey, so she better get some rest.
To find her husband and her friends she’ll have to do her best.
Until 2010, we can guess what is to come.
Vincent is safe - for now at least, my worrying is done.
What happened when the bomb went off - did Jughead go kapow?
X-rays to the max - who knows what happens now!
You really have to tune in when the snow begins to fall
Z’s I will be catching, so Stay Lost y’all!

Eve Phoenix said...

Amanda, I just found this in a book I'm reading called "Sacred Contracts." "While at Harvard in the early 1960's, Richard Alpert, as Ram Dass was known then, became interested in human consciousness and, together with Timothy Leary, conducted intensive research with LSD, psilocybin, and other psychedelic drugs in a circle that included Aldous Huxley and Allen Ginsberg." It goes on to say he was dismissed from Harvard for controversial experiments and continued his research with a private foundation for several more years. Sound familiar? It does not say whether he began the use of mascara then or waited until the 80's and his Glam Rock phase.

Spencer said...
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Spencer said...
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Spencer said...

Awesome show, loving that its back to the classic format!

Dawn Owar said...

That's a most awesome fan-girl pic! I'm very impressed. Just writing to let you know i'm with you for the 4 & 5 rewatch. So excited you decided to do this because I rewatched 1,2,3 with you, and I was about to do my own personal 4&5. Nicer to have you guys doing it!! I already watched Firefly once thru but maybe I'll do it again w/you just for giggles. I've grown accustomed to your commentary.

Tristan said...


Keys To Lost said...


Spencer said...

How many more LOST actors need to be involved before a show called "FLASH-FORWARD" is officially a spin-off?

Dawn Owar said...

I enjoy listening to you guys BS but you spend HOURS talking about pretty much everything but the constant. I was sort of hoping for a rewatch in which you actually watched the episodes and added new insight now that you know more... I'm getting a podcast in which the two of you fondly reminisce about tv shows you watched. Which has its own value, but wasn't what I was after. :(

Tristan said...

I think the ramblecasts are great. Josh and Amanda have covered all the episodes they are doing now before, and once they are done going over them again, they move on to random discussion which I think is awesome. It splits up the show and definitely makes for fun listening, especially when you are in the chat. I'm definitely liking all the more recent tangents, like The Office (that I'm yet to watch...) that somehow manage to continue for an hour or so! So yeah, ramblecasts FTW. That is all.

Spencer said...

So, a couple weeks ago a brazilian jet disappeared over the pacific(?) ocean. Someone thought it would be funny to trick a foreign news station and this happens (very much LOST related: