Friday, May 15, 2009

To Boldy Go...

Hope everyone enjoyed the two shows the past two days. Both over 2 hours I believe!!! Back to our old ways.

I had so much fun talking about Trek with Big-O and Patrick. Wish Amanda could have been there more, but I assume her and I will mention Trek again in the future. :)

Well friends, another season of Lost has ended, and we all are wondering what will happen next. And of course I mean we all are wondering what will happen next in the Lost Flashbacks. I dont think any of us are wondering what will happen next in that ABC show about that hatch in the ground. Yeah right!!

Anyway, the following is a list of things being considered by the LFB, some of them will occur during the current hiatus, some will occur in the future, past Lost, and some may never occur.

1)A rewatch of seasons 4 and 5(I'm almost jumping out of my shoes excited for this after that finale)

2)A "watch" of Firefly. This will be us discussing it as if we are first watching it, so all you that never seen it can now watch it and enjoy it with us

3)A Star Trek watch(this may never occur, although I desperatly want it to)

4)A BSG rewatch(this also may never occur, mainly because GWC did it better than we could ever dream of)

5)Favorite Movie Watch(This will occur once Lost is over, look for it to be a mainstay)

6)A NEW CONTEST(listen for details in upcoming episodes of LFB)

Thank you everyone for making it possible for us to do this show, this also will act as the Offical Lost Season Finale thread. so if you have crazy comments or theories, post them here!

Current theory, the alternate realities in Star Trek and Fringe are the same reality and it's the same as the one created in Lost now. Oh yeah and everyone is a Cylon.


Tristan said...

This entire alternate universe is also a hallucination of Jack's.

As far as my opinions go, I'd like to see you guys do the Firefly watch-watch. Save the LOST rewatch until Season 6 has ended, that way, if you wanted, you could do the whole series again in order with new insight. Or just pick up where you left off. If my calculations are correct, you guys never did a show for the season premiere either, so you could do that IF you wanted.

Movie watch could be good (you guys did the Dark Knight show which was awesome, and apparently the Star trek one is too). Perhaps you could review movies with LOST actors in them? Yes, I'm suggesting you start with Vantage Point :), then work your way up to Wolverine. Or just review random awesome movies, I don't mind.

You guys should continue with the Lostographies (is that what they were called?) for the rest of the cast too.

Apologies if this sounds demanding, merely a crapload of suggestions and opinions.

...season finale thread? Oops! *closes window*

jeff said...

John Locke - Like A Boss

Anonymous said...

Best part? Enjoy your breakfast LIKE A BOSS.

jeff said...

Did you know that Nestor Carbonnell is Batmanuel in the Tick Live Action Series?

It's really funny. It only lasted 9 episodes, but it is worth a watch. So funny!!

PS - Nestor Carbonnell plays Richard Alpert for those who don't know.

Spencer said...

as much as I would LOVE another LOST rewatch, I think tristan is right, save it for after season 6 and rewatch the entire series one last time.

Josh said...

This is something we should have asked several weeks ago. I would like to know the overall feeling on another rewatch.

Tristan said...

Don't forget All Boone, All the Time!!

Tristan said...

If they do make a Star Trek series, I would presume Zachary Quinto would star in it, as Adrain Pasdar is playing him now and everything. However, John Cho has been cast in that show, Flash Forward, along with Sonya Walger (Penny), which I think is cool.