Thursday, May 7, 2009

No show tonight!

Sorry guys, I got tickets from work to go see Inigo Montoya (and Patti LuPone) in concert. And then to Quaker Steak and Lube...and then Star Trek. Tonight is going to be awesome =D And of course, Josh is going to the Yankee game. If you have any comments about the episode, feel free to make them here.

Don't forget about the LFB Inside Joke-Off! Let's make it to 100 comments!



Petor23 said...

Personally, I think in TMBTC, they had intended to make Richard Alpert look younger through his costume, but screwed up somehow, and everyone assumed he was the same age, and they then thought it was a cool idea and kept in ageless Richard.

Spencer said...

Hey guys, finale = mind-blowing. Quick thing, might it have been Jacob's Enemy, or Esau as some are calling him, that was in the cabin? If Ben didn't actually think anything would happen, then it might not have been Jacob throwing things around, but the other person living in the cabin that Ilana referred to. Anyway, my friend sent me a link to this video that was probably produced during season three, but is still hilarious. It is Sayid Jarrah bombing at Stand-Up on the island.

flyboypatrick said...

Just realized something I'm sure you said on the podcast and I missed completely: not-Locke is responsible for almost everything that occurred in Season Five.

Not-Locke got Richard to tell Locke to go back to the mainland, stopping LaFleur and friends in DHARMA times. Not-Locke also told Richard that Locke needed to kill himself for them to come back.

Locke tries and fails at recruiting the Oceanic Six. He ends up about to hang himself, Ben comes in and figures that once he's got all the info, he may as well finish the job. Locke is dead.

This leads to the O6 being convinced to return to the island. The O6 returning throws the DI for a loop, screws everything up. All of this leads to Ben becoming evil, Daniel getting shot, and the Incident occurring as it did.

And not-Locke kills Jacob. :(

Also, Josh brought this up, although I'm sure people have mentioned this already. 3x05 The Cost of Living, Eko dies. What does he say to Locke? "You're next." Eko was probably not willing to do whatever that Smokey SOB wanted, and died for it. Makes you wonder what that Smokey SOB had against Seth Norris. Wow, was "The Incident" brilliant.