Monday, April 19, 2010

The Great Lost Flashbacks Meet-Up of 2010

THURSDAY 2:19 AM -- Last LiveBlog entry. I am home in Jersey. What a trip, lots of great memories! From meeting frigging awesome people to seeing that Cleveland is a real nice city filled with nice peeps to finally going mad in the car. Not getting mad, going mad. An important distinction because we all go a little mad sometimes. So once again thank you so much to Amanda, Amanda's Mom, Ryan, Dude whose house it was where we watched Lost, dude who drove by and told us NYers that C-Town rocks, and finally Congested! This journey would not have occurred without him. He knows how much it meant to us, and I want everyone to know as well. As I close out this liveblog let me say this, an armed one-armed four-eyed man would be quite dangerous. Namaste and Byeeeeee.

11:07 PM -- Still driving. Still in PA. We are at a McDonalds and one of the people here looks like Katee Sackoff.

7:41 PM -- Some accident on I-80 has left us at a dead stop somewhere in PA. This could take awhile.

4:00 PM -- Stopped off at a Holiday Inn so we could download some LOST podcasts. Don't want to name names, but just know that it'll be a fun drive home.

3:02 PM -- Getting ready to leave Cleveland. What a great few days, everyone was so nice! Kinda sad that it's time to go.

12:57 PM -- We are out and about, and no doubt we'll have something to talk about.

WEDNESDAY 9:22 AM -- Waking up for our final day here in Cleveland. We soon will meetup with Amanda and get a semi-tour of the wonderful sights. Sights may include the both the buildings, the Lebron poster, and the Free Stamp.

12:58 PM -- Podcast is over. It was truly epic!! I wish we could do it this way every week.

10:31 PM -- Starting the epic joint Josh/Amanda in the same room Podcast!

9:02 PM -- SYSTEM FAILURE... SYSTEM FAILURE! We need to find some other place to watch LOST!

7:30 PM -- Eating some awesome wings with awesome people while watching hockey!! This is pure joy!

6:30 PM -- Done with filming. Amanda's mom got interviewed too!! This docu is going to rock, and Congested made it so I look like Harrison Ford!!

4:30 PM -- Taking a break from filming. It's been a lot of fun reminicing about the show. It is a little strange to be filmed, but I'm seriously having a blast.

3:06 PM -- Getting ready to film.

2:18 PM -- Congested is setting up for our interview. Lack of three pronged outlets is causing issues.

1:54 PM -- At Amanda's house for some filming and I just met Amanda's Mom!! She's a big part of the podcast so that was awesome.

12:15 PM -- Going in Jersey Style. That means breakfast for lunch. Yum yum.

TUESDAY. 10:54 AM -- We both over slept a bit and Congested is now on a mission for some shampoo. Wow, why do like half the things I write here sound dirty? Actual shampoo folks, there's none in the room. Then I imagine we will get ready and give Amanda a call to begin a wild day in a wild town.

10:40 PM -- JUST MET AMANDA!! What a great moment! Now time for food, but not at a place called Damon's Grill. Booo!

10:15 PM -- After much searching we finally have arrived at a motel. About to be filmed by Congested. Amanda will be here soon.

9:00 PM -- Looking for a motel that is not scary. Gonna meet Amanda soon. Can't wait!!

7:14 PM -- "I used to get it in Ohio" by Cam-Ron is the music that welcomes us to the Buckeye State.

7:00 PM -- Entering Ohio.

6:21 PM -- After a delay in a dead zone(you lied to me Owen Luke Wilson) it's back to live blogging. Somewhere in western PA., and listening to the awesome band "Previously on Lost".

3:34 PM -- Had some lunch at Pizza Hut. Very yummy but I wish it was Mr. Clucks. We are in a place called Zion. If I see Neo I'll say "hi".

2:25 PM -- We just passed Jersey Shore. No, we are not horribly off course there apparantly is a town in PA called Jersey Shore. I got a picture of the sign.

2:00 PM -- Stopped for gas. Still an amazing day, but I wish it was a few degrees warmer. The sun heats up the car but it's cold when we go outside. Congested's iPhone, like Dogen doesn't like the taste of English on it's...speaker.

12:51 -- Stopped for a pit-stop. Not in Pittsburgh, but somewhere in PA. This state is larger than you'd think. Also it's a beautiful day, you don't get views like this in NJ. Mainly because of the pollution, both air and light. Congested and I had a good discussion about politics, and World War Two. Also other things that will remain a secret.

11:42 -- Ok guys, Congested and I were just talking about road kill(don't ask), and no sooner do we see a frakking dead bear on the side of the road. We havnt even left Jersey yet, and already it has been wild.

11:15 -- Stop off at McDonalds. Bacon, egg, cheese mcgriddle for me. Congested got some sandwich, and I stole some fries. Now trying to figure out what to do about our drinks since there are no cup holders. Love road trips.

9:52 AM -- After a slight delay we are on our way. Hope there isn't a lot of traffic. So far so good.

12:25 AM -- Hey folks! I've made a pretty wild decision regarding the meet-up. I will attempt to LIVE BLOG the journey. From when Congested and I leave the great state of NJ, to when we meet Amanda, and the journey back! Since It's going to be three days this may wind up being the longest Blog post in LFB history. Updates won't be coming every few minutes, but probably every few hours, with breaks for sleep and dead zones.

Hope y'all enjoy!!


Daniel said...

I can't wait for tomorrow's show, by which I mean the Lost Flashbacks, not Lost itself. Josh and Amanda in the same room for a podcast? This is gonna be epic!

Daniel said...

Oh and that comment's from Roger_Workman by the way.

Anonymous said...

EPIC. Also, it's Luke Wilson who does the AT&T commercials. But whatever. I eagerly await the podcast to hit my iTunes.

Anonymous said...

Get off my damn boat.

Congested said...

What an adventure.

Likewise good times were had by me, and I'll second everything Josh said about Cleveland and the people in it.

Still in a half-daze of tiredness... this is how I remember the trip:

Amanda's Mom!
Lake Erie!

Amanda'sMom said...

It was so AWESOME meeting Josh and Congested -- they are both really GREAT guys! I'm sure I speak for Amanda also when I say what a fantastic time we had during the "Great Lost Flashbacks Meet-Up of 2010!" I hope the documentary turns out as good as it appears to be and that I don't end up on the Cutting Room floor!

Anonymous said...

IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS! ........................................