Thursday, April 8, 2010

Love Will Keep Us Together?

Wow, what an amazing episode of LOST. A lot of people are saying "Happily Ever After"is the best of the season, and some are saying it's even the best of the series! I don't know if I would go that far, but it's hard to deny that it was really impressive. Desmond episodes always are.

For pretty much the whole season people have wondered and even complained about the Flashsideways. I have done this from time to time myself. What do they mean? What's the point? Why show us this if it will never be resolved? Perhaps the answers to those questions lay in this episode. Consider this, almost everyone is better off in the Flashsideways, or so they appear to be better off.

Sawyer, instead of a conman, is a successful and respected police detective. Jack has a son whom he cares deeply about. Locke is still with Helen, and appears to have had a better relationship with his father. Hurley is now the luckiest man in the world. And so on. My point is that if Desmond's job is to convince people to experience what he did, wouldn't some want to stay where they are? I mean yes some of them might be better off in the Island universe. Kate, and Desmond maybe. But Charlie is dead, Dan is dead, Jack is alone, for Sayid, Nadia is dead, Hurley isn't doing as well.

Perhaps the point of the Flashsideways is to show us this other life and wonder what we would do. If you were Sawyer, and could choose one of these, which would you pick? He's clearly more at peace in the Island universe since he's killed Cooper, but he has more of a life in the Flash Universe. He has more friends, and respect. Also, on the Island, he lost Juliet, something that caused him intense pain.

I really don't know what Desmond's plan is going to be. I mean is he going to bring all these people to the brink of death so they can experience what he and Charlie did? We know that Daniel experienced something without almost dying. So who knows what brings on this event. One constant though was LOVE. As I said on the podcast, I'm not to keen on the idea that love is the answer to every problem. In the Flash, Locke and Jack have love that they didn't have before. What could they possibly experience that would make them want to go to the Island Universe? But like I also said, if it turns out that the thing you need isn't love, but a constant, then I'll be cool and very pleased.

Another decently sized revelation was Daniel saying that the universe they were in wasn't real and was the result of him detonating a hydrogen bomb. He also seemed to indicate that he thought that was a mistake. He was right with his theory. The Variable is people and they can change things. But I suppose the question now becomes, should we do that? If you can change history, even if it's for the better, is that really a good idea? Most of these people are better off and alive. But the same event some how lead to the Island being underwater. What effect does that have on the world?

Well, like most Desmond episodes I feel like we got information in this episode that will define a majority of the mythology for the remainder of the season. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Sorry for a shorter blogpost, I really couldn't think of much else to write. One thing to be sure, I really loved this episode and I have full confidence in the writers that have something unbelievable planned for the finale.

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