Saturday, April 24, 2010

Taking the Week off.

Hey Lost Flashbacks Fans.

Amanda and I are going to take this week without Lost off. If you really are craving a LOST podcast, check Talkshoe Tuesday night cause I think there will be some good ones.

Also, as you can see, there was not a special Blogpost about The Last Recruit. This is mainly because I had nothing really to say about it beyond what was said in the podcast.

See you all after the next episode!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Great Lost Flashbacks Meet-Up of 2010

THURSDAY 2:19 AM -- Last LiveBlog entry. I am home in Jersey. What a trip, lots of great memories! From meeting frigging awesome people to seeing that Cleveland is a real nice city filled with nice peeps to finally going mad in the car. Not getting mad, going mad. An important distinction because we all go a little mad sometimes. So once again thank you so much to Amanda, Amanda's Mom, Ryan, Dude whose house it was where we watched Lost, dude who drove by and told us NYers that C-Town rocks, and finally Congested! This journey would not have occurred without him. He knows how much it meant to us, and I want everyone to know as well. As I close out this liveblog let me say this, an armed one-armed four-eyed man would be quite dangerous. Namaste and Byeeeeee.

11:07 PM -- Still driving. Still in PA. We are at a McDonalds and one of the people here looks like Katee Sackoff.

7:41 PM -- Some accident on I-80 has left us at a dead stop somewhere in PA. This could take awhile.

4:00 PM -- Stopped off at a Holiday Inn so we could download some LOST podcasts. Don't want to name names, but just know that it'll be a fun drive home.

3:02 PM -- Getting ready to leave Cleveland. What a great few days, everyone was so nice! Kinda sad that it's time to go.

12:57 PM -- We are out and about, and no doubt we'll have something to talk about.

WEDNESDAY 9:22 AM -- Waking up for our final day here in Cleveland. We soon will meetup with Amanda and get a semi-tour of the wonderful sights. Sights may include the both the buildings, the Lebron poster, and the Free Stamp.

12:58 PM -- Podcast is over. It was truly epic!! I wish we could do it this way every week.

10:31 PM -- Starting the epic joint Josh/Amanda in the same room Podcast!

9:02 PM -- SYSTEM FAILURE... SYSTEM FAILURE! We need to find some other place to watch LOST!

7:30 PM -- Eating some awesome wings with awesome people while watching hockey!! This is pure joy!

6:30 PM -- Done with filming. Amanda's mom got interviewed too!! This docu is going to rock, and Congested made it so I look like Harrison Ford!!

4:30 PM -- Taking a break from filming. It's been a lot of fun reminicing about the show. It is a little strange to be filmed, but I'm seriously having a blast.

3:06 PM -- Getting ready to film.

2:18 PM -- Congested is setting up for our interview. Lack of three pronged outlets is causing issues.

1:54 PM -- At Amanda's house for some filming and I just met Amanda's Mom!! She's a big part of the podcast so that was awesome.

12:15 PM -- Going in Jersey Style. That means breakfast for lunch. Yum yum.

TUESDAY. 10:54 AM -- We both over slept a bit and Congested is now on a mission for some shampoo. Wow, why do like half the things I write here sound dirty? Actual shampoo folks, there's none in the room. Then I imagine we will get ready and give Amanda a call to begin a wild day in a wild town.

10:40 PM -- JUST MET AMANDA!! What a great moment! Now time for food, but not at a place called Damon's Grill. Booo!

10:15 PM -- After much searching we finally have arrived at a motel. About to be filmed by Congested. Amanda will be here soon.

9:00 PM -- Looking for a motel that is not scary. Gonna meet Amanda soon. Can't wait!!

7:14 PM -- "I used to get it in Ohio" by Cam-Ron is the music that welcomes us to the Buckeye State.

7:00 PM -- Entering Ohio.

6:21 PM -- After a delay in a dead zone(you lied to me Owen Luke Wilson) it's back to live blogging. Somewhere in western PA., and listening to the awesome band "Previously on Lost".

3:34 PM -- Had some lunch at Pizza Hut. Very yummy but I wish it was Mr. Clucks. We are in a place called Zion. If I see Neo I'll say "hi".

2:25 PM -- We just passed Jersey Shore. No, we are not horribly off course there apparantly is a town in PA called Jersey Shore. I got a picture of the sign.

2:00 PM -- Stopped for gas. Still an amazing day, but I wish it was a few degrees warmer. The sun heats up the car but it's cold when we go outside. Congested's iPhone, like Dogen doesn't like the taste of English on it's...speaker.

12:51 -- Stopped for a pit-stop. Not in Pittsburgh, but somewhere in PA. This state is larger than you'd think. Also it's a beautiful day, you don't get views like this in NJ. Mainly because of the pollution, both air and light. Congested and I had a good discussion about politics, and World War Two. Also other things that will remain a secret.

11:42 -- Ok guys, Congested and I were just talking about road kill(don't ask), and no sooner do we see a frakking dead bear on the side of the road. We havnt even left Jersey yet, and already it has been wild.

11:15 -- Stop off at McDonalds. Bacon, egg, cheese mcgriddle for me. Congested got some sandwich, and I stole some fries. Now trying to figure out what to do about our drinks since there are no cup holders. Love road trips.

9:52 AM -- After a slight delay we are on our way. Hope there isn't a lot of traffic. So far so good.

12:25 AM -- Hey folks! I've made a pretty wild decision regarding the meet-up. I will attempt to LIVE BLOG the journey. From when Congested and I leave the great state of NJ, to when we meet Amanda, and the journey back! Since It's going to be three days this may wind up being the longest Blog post in LFB history. Updates won't be coming every few minutes, but probably every few hours, with breaks for sleep and dead zones.

Hope y'all enjoy!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I LOVED Everybody Loves Hugo

Ok, I think I've decided. This is my favorite episode of the season. Over the course of this blogpost I will attempt to explain why. If by the end you are not yet convinced, and still think I'm crazy feel free to call me all sorts of names in the comments.

Until now, my favorite episodes of the season have been, The Substitute, Lighthouse, and Ab Aeterno. I know they were great cause I followed them with three fraking amazing blog posts. Many people have told me Ab Aeterno is their favorite of the season, and some have said it's their favorite of the series. So, I know I'm going against a lot of you here, but hold on for a moment. Just because I think this episode is my favorite doesn't mean it is the BEST episode, and certainly doesn't mean it has to be your favorite. Also, I know many people have favorites that I didn't even mention, such as Happily Ever After, and LA X. I didn't want to go into why I like it more than each episode because that would get repetitive pretty quickly. With that in mind, if you think another episode is better, then by all means tell me. Maybe you can change my mind.

On to the episode.

Why is this my favorite? Well, for me that's a simple, and a complex answer. First, the simple answer. This episode had everything! Very well done and moving shipper stuff, HUGE answers to age old questions, big reveals about what is happening both on and off island, and finally lots of explosions.

On to the complex answer. The shipper story was amazing. Two characters that we love and have cared about for years. A ship that got cut short in a very unfair and tragic way. The ship in Ab Aeterno and Happily Ever After was great too. However, not as big for me. In Ab Aeterno, we just met Isabella, so the impact of the relationship, and reunion of her and Richard affected me a lot less. A few hints or briefs mentions earlier in the series may have helped, but without those I had no history with these characters, so I could not share in their feelings. Desmond and Penny however, do not have that problem. They have probably the best shipper story on the entire show. But again, it didn't affect me as much because they already got together. One of my favorite moments in the season 4 finale, is when Desmond and Penny are reunited. I didn't have that reaction this time. The reason is that in the flashsideways Desmond and Penny may get together, but in the universe that we all know they've been together for three years and have a son. There in lies the big deal for me. In our main universe Libby is dead and buried so it was not possible for her and Hugo to be together. I always saw that as so sad. Not only will he never be with the woman he loved, but added to that is that she died for nothing. The result of an accident. Hugo finally gets to be with Libby in the flashsideways, and he also has a flash to our universe similar to the one Desmond and Charlie had. I'll get more into the implications of this later, but I'm left wondering what it means for people like Hurley who are better off in the flashsideways. The second thing I'll talk about is the HUGE ANSWER.

From listening to other podcasts I'm getting the impression that not everyone was as blown away by the Whispers reveal. This I don't get. I mean I know we all already kinda knew they were dead people, but how can you ask for answers, and then when you get them be unhappy? It was a great answer I thought. Not only is it more complex than, "they are ghosts", but it works almost all the time. Maybe everytime, I'm not sure. It also expands the story of MIB. He's trapped on the Island too! Maybe whatever is keeping him there, is also keeping these ghosts there. Maybe that is why Michael wants Hurley's help. Another complaint I've heard about this reveal was that, it was delivered in such a simple and straight forward manner. When I heard that, my head spun around. People are actually unhappy that they gave us a straight forward answer, and didn't hide it behind metaphor and doubt. I'm sorry folks, but they did this is the best way possible. The Whispers were one of the BIG questions I had. It was something that I was so clueless about, and so interested in I needed a flat out answer. Like I said, I already considered it was dead folks, but I never added the part about them being trapped on the Island. We've wanted stuff like this for a long time, and no other episode has given us a straight answer like this since LA X. Genius, pure Genius.

That's not the only bit of genius in this episode. Small comments ring Huge for me. When Ben says Ilana died because the Island was done with her he basically explains why people seem to die pretty fast, but our main cast stays around. Clearly I'm talking about the reality within the show and not the obvious reasons of why a main cast member would live and a guest star would die. It doesn't work for everyone, but almost all the people who have died that we were lead to think were important all died after they did something. Boone died, and pushed Locke over the edge making him more obsessed about getting in the Hatch. There are other examples, but that's for a different day. Another big line was Illana saying she "trained for this her whole life".
First, she didn't listen to that training much since she was treating that dynamite like it was a sack of potatoes. But second, who trained her? When was she trained? Why was she picked? I fear we may never know. Not that I care that much about her, but I find it interesting that Jacob knew this was going to happen long before it did. If that is the case, why did he do nothing to stop the events leading to the current predicament. Still another HUGE line, was Locke's talk with Desmond. First, explaining that a long time ago people dug the wells with their bare hands. I wonder if that's why the polar bears were there. To dig holes with their Bear Hands. ZIIING!! (send all hate mail to But yeah, seriously...that's pretty cool. They had compasses like Webelows, and wanted to find out why they would spin. Locke also says they didn't find what they were looking for. Was he referring to all the wells? They didn't find anything anywhere? Clearly someone found the place where the frozen donkey wheel is. Who the frak built all that? Other episodes may have gone deeper and shown us more. But only Ab Aeterno comes close in both quantity and quality. This season anyway. Although, Ab Aeterno opens up a ton of questions, but they are all pretty much focused on one thing. This episode had such a wide range of areas it focused on it was very hard to remember it all even in the initial reaction show.

Finally, all the explosions. Sundown and LA X had nice smokey scenes, and Lighthouse had some great Crazy Jack Vs. Mirrors. But none of them come anywhere close to the explosions in this episode. They weren't just nice to see, but they were totally unexpected! I did not at all expect Ilana to explode Arzt style, and most definitely did not expect the fraking Black Rock to explode! This is much more simple than the other ones, but who doesn't love a huge explosion?

Well, that's Everybody Loves Hugo. Did I convince you? Am I crazy? Should I never talk about Lost again?

Comments are welcome!

About the BIG LOST FLASHBACKS MEET-UP EVENT!! If you have questions are attending, e-mail us at There will be more info on this site this weekend.

P.S. I realize I didn't mention Locke getting hit by Desmond's car! Mainly because I don't know what to think about it. However, he is in the same boat as Hugo. Both of them are better off in the Flashsideways.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Love Will Keep Us Together?

Wow, what an amazing episode of LOST. A lot of people are saying "Happily Ever After"is the best of the season, and some are saying it's even the best of the series! I don't know if I would go that far, but it's hard to deny that it was really impressive. Desmond episodes always are.

For pretty much the whole season people have wondered and even complained about the Flashsideways. I have done this from time to time myself. What do they mean? What's the point? Why show us this if it will never be resolved? Perhaps the answers to those questions lay in this episode. Consider this, almost everyone is better off in the Flashsideways, or so they appear to be better off.

Sawyer, instead of a conman, is a successful and respected police detective. Jack has a son whom he cares deeply about. Locke is still with Helen, and appears to have had a better relationship with his father. Hurley is now the luckiest man in the world. And so on. My point is that if Desmond's job is to convince people to experience what he did, wouldn't some want to stay where they are? I mean yes some of them might be better off in the Island universe. Kate, and Desmond maybe. But Charlie is dead, Dan is dead, Jack is alone, for Sayid, Nadia is dead, Hurley isn't doing as well.

Perhaps the point of the Flashsideways is to show us this other life and wonder what we would do. If you were Sawyer, and could choose one of these, which would you pick? He's clearly more at peace in the Island universe since he's killed Cooper, but he has more of a life in the Flash Universe. He has more friends, and respect. Also, on the Island, he lost Juliet, something that caused him intense pain.

I really don't know what Desmond's plan is going to be. I mean is he going to bring all these people to the brink of death so they can experience what he and Charlie did? We know that Daniel experienced something without almost dying. So who knows what brings on this event. One constant though was LOVE. As I said on the podcast, I'm not to keen on the idea that love is the answer to every problem. In the Flash, Locke and Jack have love that they didn't have before. What could they possibly experience that would make them want to go to the Island Universe? But like I also said, if it turns out that the thing you need isn't love, but a constant, then I'll be cool and very pleased.

Another decently sized revelation was Daniel saying that the universe they were in wasn't real and was the result of him detonating a hydrogen bomb. He also seemed to indicate that he thought that was a mistake. He was right with his theory. The Variable is people and they can change things. But I suppose the question now becomes, should we do that? If you can change history, even if it's for the better, is that really a good idea? Most of these people are better off and alive. But the same event some how lead to the Island being underwater. What effect does that have on the world?

Well, like most Desmond episodes I feel like we got information in this episode that will define a majority of the mythology for the remainder of the season. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Sorry for a shorter blogpost, I really couldn't think of much else to write. One thing to be sure, I really loved this episode and I have full confidence in the writers that have something unbelievable planned for the finale.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Did you see his Package?

Another good episode of Lost! Some are saying it's the best Jin/Sun episode ever. I don't know if I'd go that far, but I liked it a lot. The only thing that I still don't like is Sun's sudden inability to speak English, and I can't really find anyone that didn't think that was dumb. LOL I really hope for the writers' sake that it's important, and not just a horrid excuse for drama. I've always liked Sun and Jin, but for the past two seasons they haven't really done much, and I wonder if that has made me care less about them.

Beyond that though, there was a great episode, filled with answers. YES, Answers. And here you thought only Ab Aeterno was gonna give you straight answers. I'll go over, the ones I think are most important.

1)Smokey cannot fly over to Hydra Island. When asked by Sawyer why he doesn't just turn to smoke and fly over to the other island, NotLocke explains, "Don't you think I would if I could?". Well, that seems pretty definitive to me. Now, we know that he is trapped on the Island and it then seems logical that he can't fly over there. But why can he go by boat? From this we can gather that he's allowed on the Island, but is incapable of flying over the water as the smoke monster. A great point is being brought up about this. If Smokey cannot travel over water, how did Christian appear to Michael on the freighter. Well, some think that this shows that Christian is not Smokey, but only a ghost, or is just infected and has been roaming the Island all this time. I disagree, I'm sticking to my guns that Christian has been the Smoke Monster all along. Exactly the same as Yemi. How did he appear on the freighter then? Well, I think this goes back to what Ilana said. "He's stuck this way." We've clearly seen him transform into the Smoke Monster, so we know he can do that, but I'm betting he no longer can become anyone else, or show people visions. I've always thought they were two different things. Sometimes he's the person them self, like with Yemi, or Alex Other times though I think he can make people see things. Like Isabella, or CHRISTIAN. Sometimes he is Christian, and sometimes he's just putting the vision in their mind. According to Lost, dead people can speak to the living. Hurley is proof of that. So what Smokey does is take that image, and speak through it as a puppet master, but not as a costume. I hope that makes sense. So, with that in mind, Christian, and even Libby on the Freighter was Smokey using the image of the dead person to speak. However, since killing Jacob, and taking Locke's form he no longer has this ability.

You may wonder, if I'm saying that the Smoke Monster cannot travel over water at all? Yes, I think that is true. We've seen several indications that he can't just fly over stuff. Case in point the pylons. It's very possible, that when off the Island, he loses all Smoke abilities all together, and can even be killed. I don't think this is true however, since he went over to Hydra with no protection. So that's one answer, and then several new questions, but that's why we love Lost.

2)MIB needs all the Candidates to come with him. This was speculated for a long time, and we finally got the answer. I think he was telling the truth here because I can't think of a reason for him to lie. It's not like anyone he's telling will catch him in a lie, they don't know anything. He says he only needs 3 more. This further suggests that he only needs the Candidates, because if he needed everyone equally to leave the Island then that statement would be incorrect. The three most likely are Jack, Hurley, and Sun. It also seems clear that he needs them to agree to come with him under their own free will. If not, then he's pretty dumb. Sun was knocked out, and I'm sure MIB can carry her a few miles. He did not do this though, which does indicate it's all about free will. About why he needs them to leave, I think it's relatively obvious. Jacob said, even if MIB were to kill him, someone else would take his place, and MIB still would be trapped. With that rule, comes a loop-hole. If Jacob is dead, and all the Candidates leave, then there is NO Jacob, and thus MIB can leave.

The one problem in all this is the issue of MIB wanting to leave Ben in charge. I'm under the belief that for MIB to be able to leave, someone must be in charge. As the one who killed Jacob, Ben is in an interesting circumstance. However, all that may have just been to get Ben on his side so he would have another soldier.

3)My Kate theory is looking better and better isn't it? For reference to that, go back a few blog posts, it's there somewhere. In the Lighthouse post I think. I and sticking to this theory that she's important. MIB tells Claire that she is not on the wall, but her wants to come anyway. Claire then asks about Kate, clearly feeling a little jealously, and MIB says the same thing. That Kate is not on the wall. But she was most definitely in the Lighthouse and was not crossed off. How genius a plan is that for Jacob? MIB thinks he has all the Candidates, Shephard, Jarrah, Ford, Kwon, and Reyes all are on board and they leave. MIB tries to leave too, but is thwarted and maybe even turned back into weaker Smokey when it's revealed that Kate is the new Jacob on the Island. Perhaps, MIB would even cease to be. Like in that Star Trek:TNG episode where the hologram thinks he's real, steps out of the holodeck and vanishes. BYE BYE Smokey! Honestly, how many people would be pissed if KATE turned out to be the most important Lostie of them all. LOL

4)Finally Desmond is the Package. Or we can assume he is. Many people(including me) are saying maybe something else was in that locked door. Why lock a drugged up Desmond into a room with two padlocks? Possibly to keep people out, as much as in. I'm sure by this point Widmore is very aware of spies, and moles.

This Desmond issue is my favorite from this episode. I can't think of anything that he can do that makes sense. With no button, he's as good as useless to the Island. One theory out there that I like is that maybe Widmore needed Desmond to find the Island. We all know once you're on it, it's not happy when people leave. Maybe the only way to find it(unless you're not looking for it) is to have someone who has been there before. The freighter has Michael, Charlotte, and Miles. All three had spent time on the Island. And of course the Ajira flight had numerous AWOL Island dwellers.

I hope there's more to Desmond than that, but cheers to Lost for another great episode. Can't wait for next week.

OH YEAH, Baseball starts this weekend, and the Yankees will be playing the Red Sox. I think there's a game on Tuesday, so everyone should be ready for some cursing and cheering from Josh.