Friday, November 9, 2007

Three New Episodes


Both Amanda and myself have been very busy with work etc, so we havn't been able to post the epsiodes.

But here they are. Click the Episode to Download

Episode 21 - LockDave
In this episode we discuss Lost Season 2 episodes Lockdown, and Dave.

Episode 22 - S.O.S. for the Road
In this episode we discuss Lost season 2 episodes S.O.S. and Two for the Road. We are also joined by jealousguy, who we want to thank once again for coming, and providing the laugh track. :)

Episode 23 - Three Minutes?
In this episode we discuss Lost season 2 episodes ? and Three Minutes.

Please post your thoughts on anything you want, including any outrage toward Josh and Amanda that we have not been posting the episodes.

Also, we will try to get the blog going again.

Things to look foward to:
Josh finally will post why he doesn't like the baptism stuff in Fire + Water, and Josh will explain his thoughts on the writers strike, and his thoughts on how it may affect Lost. And of course our thoughts on Season 2 as a whole, and our look towards Season 3.


Timothy said...

Well it looks like I'll be off next Friday morning, so no matter how long the LTDA one goes, I can stay for it! Hooray for that!

Seems like there was something else to post here but now I can't remember what it was!

Lauren said...

Can't wait to listen to "Three Minutes?", and read Josh's blog posts!

Congested said...

'Bout time!