Friday, November 16, 2007

Episode 24 - Live Together, Dial Alone

Here it is! An episode on the blog right after we've recorded it!!!

This episode covers the season 2 finale, Live Together, Die Alone. We discuss what we love and don't love about this episode. Did Desmond really kill Kelvin? What is the timeline of Libby's past? Will we ever get to see Razinsky and how would he have done at Perfection? Why is Charlie acting so strange at the end? Is this the craziest we've ever seen Jack? AND when is the final scene of the episode really taking place? Please post your thoughts on these issues, and anything else.

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Since we got cut off, we started our Season 2 recap and Season 3 preview just after we were done with episode 24.

Episode 25 has Josh, Amanda, and speical guest Jealousguy discussing what they thought about Season 2, and what they think about Season 3. We also get another amazing spoiler section from Amanda, and we discuss the mobisodes. We mainly agree that season 2 is not as good as season 1 or 3, and discuss why this might be. Please post your thoughts, or hold them for Amanda's special blog topics.

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Brandon said...

Nobodys posted any commenents. So ill start it off. Great episode looking forward to the next season and hopefully the one after that. This show has made the long lost drought much more tolorable. And with each passing episode we move that much closer to the season four lift off I would like to think........

geeky tom said...

Yeah, each episode will be like a window you open on one of those advent calendars. One step closer to Christmas/S4 premiere (please forgive religious symbolism).
LIIIve Together, Dial Alone...brilliant!

Congested said...

brandon said...
This show has made the long lost drought much more tolorable. And with each passing episode we move that much closer to the season four lift off I would like to think........

^^ word. Other than Jay and Jack this is the only Lost podcast I've been listening to consistently and I'm looking forward to the break downs for Season 3 as I love season 3.

Timothy said...

It is quite an honor to be part of one of these, you have no idea!

The first six episodes of Season 3 are the only ones I haven't seen more than two or three times, any other episode of the entire show I've seen at least 10 times.

Sometimes I think that maybe the episodes that are widely hated ("Stranger" for example) might also be the ones that have the biggest clues. Almost as if the writers put them in the place where people would be least likely to look. At least that possibility is what keeps me watching the lesser episodes along with the great ones.

Brandon said...

Cool thought timothy i always felt that stranger in a strange land has something bigger to it then just Jacks Tattoo. It kinda seems weird that they would make an epidode just to shut up the public demand for the anwser to whats up with the tatoo even though it was one of the first questions. The tatoo was brought up in the pilot after all.

Brandon said...

Yeah Congested season three was kick ass EVEN the first 6 episodes(Josh and Amanda) I used to think that season two was'nt all that great but after listening to the rewatch I had a total 180 the only thing now i dont like was Anna and shes no longer a problem.. There was alot of great stuff hell Desmond my favorite character was introduced.

Faith said...

Timothy, that is an AWESOME thought! I love the idea that they would hide major clues in episodes that are generally hated and dismissed...sort of how they dropped Jacob in "I Do." I really hope that comes to fruition!

Well Brandon, now you can listen to the episodes and at least hear what we hated so much about the first six. There was a lot of good stuff going on, but there was some not so great stuff, too...I think they just had these singular great ideas and didn't really know exactly how to tie them together, especially when they were switching writers every week.

ash said...

I just finished listening and wanted my 2 cents considering the theory u guys threw out at the end.

Here's what I think happened, Desmond's boat had a GPS tracker on it but when he got near the island, it got drowned out by the island's magnet. When he didn't return, Penny hired the Arctic guys to look for his boat.

When Desmond didn't enter the numbers the first time, the plane crashed, and the GPS tracker got through for a split second or two (this was the first time they were talking about), but once he entered it, it was lost. That's why the Arctic guys were panicking and thought the first one was a false signal, since it lasted for just a few seconds.

Now the second time, the magnet was totally destroyed so the boat's signal got through for much longer (and probably still is). Penny got the coordinates and tried to establish a connection to the signals coming from the island but couldnt till the jamming finally stopped.. and that's where were at.

Loved the podcast btw, makes me want to go back and rewatch the episode. :)

travis said...

I agree with Ash. There is no evidence to support the whole "they inserted flash-forward scenes prior to the season 3 finale" theory. The simplest answer is almost always the best, which sometimes y'all forget.

The first anomaly was the crash, the second was the hatch plosion. If the hatch is gone, what electromagnet anomaly is there to be found now?

And why would Penny be sitting at her computer broadcasting a signal to the Looking Glass station, if she doesn't have an idea where the island is?

Dawn said...

Hey Josh and Amanda, I'm behind you now thanks to Thanksgiving cause I listen at work!

But I figure I've got plenty of time to catch up ;)

My thought is that rating episodes or even seasons individually is probably pointless and premature. Because these writers are good! And we really don't know where they're going with it or what things will turn out to have been important.

The episode where they found the van aired on my B-day and I was happy to get a feel-good episode for my feel-good day but disappointed there was nothing important to the mythology in it.

Little did I know that I had no clue what I was seeing.

Moral of the story is to trust Damon and Carlton. They proved that to me with Nikki and Paolo.

Now I'm just along for the ride.

Josh said...

You guys are probably right about the final scene in LTDA, but a guy can dream can't he? :) If it's just a simple answer and is not a flash-foward I'm fine with that, I just think it would be unbelievable amazing.

And to Dawn, I agree that rating episodes is not the best thing to do, but you have to admit these 1st 6 epsiodes are far inferior to other episodes. The reason I'm so harsh on them is cause the writers have been to brilliant in the past(and the future if what I hear about season 4 is true).

It's like how people attacked Alex Rodriguez in 2006 for having a horrible season. His numbers were better than most, but for him they were no where near his year-to-year stats. Sorry for the baseball analogy, but it fits. :)

As for Tricia Tanaka is Dead, that's a great episode. While at first viewing it seems there's no mytholgy, and no answers, it doesn't matter. It's a great story, and makes you feel good after a long time of like no comedy. I love it for the same reason I love SOS and Expose. They are good, very well written stories. Other eps that I've been harsh about are not as well written as they could have been. And we know they could have been cause the same group in the 3rd season gave us The Brig, Flashes Before Your Eyes and Through the Looking Glass.

Dawn said...

I am of the opinion that part of being a big fan of anything is being hyper-critical. Doesn't mean you don't love it.

I agree w/most of your assessments, but I'm just saying it ain't over till its over and its too soon to know what will become important or endearing later.

Hopefully Claire will become awesome and we'll like her so much more because of how far we've seen her come!