Sunday, November 25, 2007

Episode 26 - A Tale of Two Glass Ballerinas


Not only am I posting this after the two craziest days at work(Black Friday, and non-color coded Saturday), but I just saw Battlestar Galactica: Razor. Some very interesting stuff, it definetly will be a part of Josh's "totally non-lost related comments" this week.

HOWEVER, on to the episode. We kick season three off with a bang. And of course by bang I mean horrible and disasterous technical difficulties. Oh yes, fans from early on will recall our problems? THAT'S NOTHING. Here's the basics, Amanda gets kicked off for at least 20 min, and Josh's clip is interupted by a horrible sound that signified iTunes saying, "Hell no, you are not playing that!!". Don't you love when you computer shuts off during your podcast? I know I do.

What's good in this episode? Well for one, neither Josh nor Amanda curse...wait, I think I do. Well that's ok...oh yeah!! We do discuss Season Three episodes A Tale of Two Cities, and The Glass Ballerina...ON A TUESDAY!!!

Ok, and this I HAVE TO POINT OUT. As listeners of this episode will see coincidence is having a cool time with our show recently. Not only is the "27" and "Nov 29" coincidence going on, but if you listen, we talk about blood type, and all that jazz. Well, on that nights NEW episode of one of Josh's favorite shows "House", airing AS WE RECORDED, [Spoiler alert] the answer to the whole medical mystery was the guys blood type was wrong. [spoiler over]. How Fraking cool is THAT!!!

Anyway, this is a long ass post for a new episode, but give me a break, I think I said, "Would you like a gift receipt?" about 100-150 times over the past two days.

Don't forget to tune in to Episode 27, 2 days after Josh's 27th Birthday(Nov. 27), on November 29th as we cover Futher Instructions(Josh's least favorite Locke episode), and Every Man for Himself(maybe the best of the 1st six).


Timothy said...

Sorry I wasn't there for this one! Those were some brutal technical difficulties, not to mention a whole smorgasbord of fantasmical coinkydinks!

Glad to hear y'all survived Black Friday! Hope all is well and I'll hear ya Thursday night!

travis said...

The point of the whole Hydra Island subplot for Kate and Sawyer was to get them together to have sex and conceive a kid. Jack was taken, obviously, to operate on Ben.

They were obviously monitoring the cages, and knew that Kate could climb out. IMO, the whole exercise (the confinement, the hard labor, torturing Sawyer) was to create enough tension to bring those two together. I think that was Ben's plan from the start.

travis said...

Josh, I don't understand why you're so bothered by Picket's attitude toward Sawyer. There supposed to be bad guys, at this point in the story. Not everyone is Mr. Friendly.

He goes off the deep end when his girlfriend/wife his killed. Wouldn't you be pissed if a group of people killed a loved one, and take it out on a member of the group?

Josh said...

Travis, I agree with you about Kate and Sawyer, but I don't think we've gotten information from the characters themselves, that that is what was being done. From what we have been told, it appears they were there ONLY to get Jack to do the surgery. Which is kinda boring if you ask me.

About Pickett, I get he's a bad guy. But he acts to stupid. Always yelling, and crack like that. It's really bad writing I think, it's so cliched, and so corny. I also don't agree that if someone killed a loved one of mine, I would then want to kick the crap out of someone in that person's group. It's not like Saweyr planned it, or knew anything about it. I just don't get why he blames everything on Sawyer. It's just my opinion that it's just bad writing.

I love Lost, but so much of these 1st 6 episodes is filled with stuff that I can only explain away as, bad writing. Get ready to hear those two words a lot for the next two weeks.

travis said...

I donno, I've loved Pickett since the end of season 2.

I chalk up plot threads that go nowhere as the writers tap-dancing.

elias said...

I like the character actor who plays Pickett - Tarantino used him in Jackie Brown and Kill Bill.

"My name is Buck and I like to..."

However, Pickett is a douche.

Lauren said...

Haha...Michael Bowen rocks in Kill Bill ans in Lost!

But I do agree with Josh. Pickett was way too over the top, and I always wondered "why?"

peony said...

i think there was more to it then kate and sawyer having sex. i think there will be a back story on what happened to kate during that time.
i also think that ben knows kate. i think that kate was on the island as a child with her father. that is why kate is able to hunt ,track ,climb trees , shoot a gun ,fight etc. and she seems so comfortable with island life.

dharma let kate and her father leave the island(not sure why) and that is when kate went to live with her mom and step dad (who is her real dad we find out)her memories we eraced so she doesnt remember being on the island but she remembers something. she has been running her entire life because she is searching for her memories that are blocked.
when ben said the next few weeks are going to be hard it may be that the others were doing tests on her (like they did on walt)

peony said...

oh and yes i would like gift receipt

travis said...

Peony: I thought Josh had some crackpot theories. Since when did the others have the capabilities to "erase memories"? Hell, they couldn't even brainwash Carl.

Josh said...

My main crackpot theory for Season 3 has to do with brainwashing.

I'll get more into it as the season goes on. It also was debunked totally. or seems to have been. :)

peony said...

i think they use hypnotise or something ....but i dont think their entire memory is erased. king of crackpot theories ;)