Sunday, November 25, 2007

Episode 26 - A Tale of Two Glass Ballerinas


Not only am I posting this after the two craziest days at work(Black Friday, and non-color coded Saturday), but I just saw Battlestar Galactica: Razor. Some very interesting stuff, it definetly will be a part of Josh's "totally non-lost related comments" this week.

HOWEVER, on to the episode. We kick season three off with a bang. And of course by bang I mean horrible and disasterous technical difficulties. Oh yes, fans from early on will recall our problems? THAT'S NOTHING. Here's the basics, Amanda gets kicked off for at least 20 min, and Josh's clip is interupted by a horrible sound that signified iTunes saying, "Hell no, you are not playing that!!". Don't you love when you computer shuts off during your podcast? I know I do.

What's good in this episode? Well for one, neither Josh nor Amanda curse...wait, I think I do. Well that's ok...oh yeah!! We do discuss Season Three episodes A Tale of Two Cities, and The Glass Ballerina...ON A TUESDAY!!!

Ok, and this I HAVE TO POINT OUT. As listeners of this episode will see coincidence is having a cool time with our show recently. Not only is the "27" and "Nov 29" coincidence going on, but if you listen, we talk about blood type, and all that jazz. Well, on that nights NEW episode of one of Josh's favorite shows "House", airing AS WE RECORDED, [Spoiler alert] the answer to the whole medical mystery was the guys blood type was wrong. [spoiler over]. How Fraking cool is THAT!!!

Anyway, this is a long ass post for a new episode, but give me a break, I think I said, "Would you like a gift receipt?" about 100-150 times over the past two days.

Don't forget to tune in to Episode 27, 2 days after Josh's 27th Birthday(Nov. 27), on November 29th as we cover Futher Instructions(Josh's least favorite Locke episode), and Every Man for Himself(maybe the best of the 1st six).

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Whiny Claire, the sequel

...because I said I would - enjoy!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Baptism in Lost - Josh's comments

Ok all,

I know I pr0mised this a long time ago, but it's finally here. Beore I begin I want to lay down a few ground rules, and such.

First, I do not want my feelings and thoughts about Fire + Water to be taken as anything other than my feelings about the episode, and the inclusion of baptism. It in no way shape or form is an attack on christians nor christianity. Please do not take it as such, and if Pat Robertson is reading this, I welcome all your hate mail, but please direct it to me, and not to Amanda.

Second, any discussion that follows must be civil. Not that I expect it, but I will not tolerate any attacks, or fights. If that happens, we will shut down the topic, and no more posts will be allowed.

Third, what follows may soon take the form of a rant. If that happens, do not feel the need to read it all. As many of you know, I tend to ramble, and repeat myself.

Finally, and most important, what is said here MAY offend, or upset some people. If that happens I am sorry. But please post why, or e-mail us. If you feel the baptism is totally neccesary please let me know. You may change my mind. :) If you are really worried about getting upset, but want to know what I think anyway, you can go to the second paragraph. That one's about my thoughts on the episode and series, rather than the religious aspect.

Here we go.

OK, in Lost season 2 episode, Fire + Water there is a lot of talk about baptism. First, I'll discuss why I don't like it being in the show, then I'll go into more detail about why I don't like it in terms of the series. I have no problem with the idea, or the practice of baptism, nor do I have a problem with it being discussed in the show. Lost is about people, and many people believe in baptism. I also enjoy many of the religious refferences in the show. I do however have a big problem with someone telling me which religon is right and wrong, and almost trying to convert me. Now, I know, Lost is not trying to convert anyone, they simply are telling a story. That is true, but listen to what is said in that episode. They don't say, "I believe" or "Many Christians believe(I don't know if all christians believe in baptism)". They make it seem like it's a FACT that if you don't get baptised you won't go to heaven, or as the show seems to put it, something horrible will happen to you. As a Jewish person I'm actually offended by that notion, that unless you get baptised, and something happens to you you won't see your love ones when you die. And as a non-religious person, I'm offended by the idea that what I consider to be superstition, and make beleive be treated as solid fact. Even worse in my eyes, is that according to them, if I get married to someone who was baptised, and I was not. She is taught she will not see me in the afterlife, and I will go to hell, or whatever. That's horrible! As a person who don't beleive that it doesn't bother me what someone else thinks will happen to me, but it definetly bothers me that someone I love is taught they won't see me when we are dead simpoly because I didn't get a silly ritual done. And if I have kids someday(and I hope to)? What about them? Shouldn't they get to choose to be baptised, and not told all the stories? I mean kids believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy(if you beleive in those two don't listen to me, I'm an evil godless liberal, what do I know?). I'm getting off topic here, baptism is fine if you beleive it, but don't try to tell me horrible things will happen if I don't get it done, I'm looking straight at you Dalton!

In more specific terms of the episode and series. They act like this baptism NEEDS to be done or something horrible will happen, as if Charlie hadn't had that insane dream and some how came to the realisation of a baptism, that Aaron would be dead. If all the crazy, creepy shiznit on the island can be stopped by a non-priest(and yes, in terms of the way God would see it, I don't think he's a REAL priest) and some water, then I'm done with this show. If at some future date something is about to happen to Aaron, but he is then saved by some miricle and they claim it's cause the long dead Eko bapstised him, I will be so pissed, you have no idea. I feel Fire + Water is a waste of an episode. Charlie has dreams, goes crazy, Claire beleives him, Locke doesn't, Locke then beats the crap out of him. On the other side of that, it's NEVER metioned again. They make an entire episode about getting the bah-bee baptised, but so what? Eko dies, and so does Charlie!!!! So basically, the deal is...if you get baptised you're ok, but the guy that baptised you, and the guy that told you you should do it, they are goners.

For those who don't get it, imagine if there was an episode where Sayid was trying to get everyone to convert to Islam because he told them it would protect them from the Others, and some DO! That's a little more extreme, but the idea is the exact same.

Well friends, I hope you all get what I'm trying to say. Any questions, comments or otherwise would be excellent. A discussion about this issue would be nice.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Episode 24 - Live Together, Dial Alone

Here it is! An episode on the blog right after we've recorded it!!!

This episode covers the season 2 finale, Live Together, Die Alone. We discuss what we love and don't love about this episode. Did Desmond really kill Kelvin? What is the timeline of Libby's past? Will we ever get to see Razinsky and how would he have done at Perfection? Why is Charlie acting so strange at the end? Is this the craziest we've ever seen Jack? AND when is the final scene of the episode really taking place? Please post your thoughts on these issues, and anything else.

Click here to Download the episode


Since we got cut off, we started our Season 2 recap and Season 3 preview just after we were done with episode 24.

Episode 25 has Josh, Amanda, and speical guest Jealousguy discussing what they thought about Season 2, and what they think about Season 3. We also get another amazing spoiler section from Amanda, and we discuss the mobisodes. We mainly agree that season 2 is not as good as season 1 or 3, and discuss why this might be. Please post your thoughts, or hold them for Amanda's special blog topics.

Click here to download episode 25

Friday, November 9, 2007

Three New Episodes


Both Amanda and myself have been very busy with work etc, so we havn't been able to post the epsiodes.

But here they are. Click the Episode to Download

Episode 21 - LockDave
In this episode we discuss Lost Season 2 episodes Lockdown, and Dave.

Episode 22 - S.O.S. for the Road
In this episode we discuss Lost season 2 episodes S.O.S. and Two for the Road. We are also joined by jealousguy, who we want to thank once again for coming, and providing the laugh track. :)

Episode 23 - Three Minutes?
In this episode we discuss Lost season 2 episodes ? and Three Minutes.

Please post your thoughts on anything you want, including any outrage toward Josh and Amanda that we have not been posting the episodes.

Also, we will try to get the blog going again.

Things to look foward to:
Josh finally will post why he doesn't like the baptism stuff in Fire + Water, and Josh will explain his thoughts on the writers strike, and his thoughts on how it may affect Lost. And of course our thoughts on Season 2 as a whole, and our look towards Season 3.