Tuesday, March 4, 2008

THE CONSTANT....Best Episode Ever??


Wow, The Constant is such an amazing episode, and doing this show was definetly fun. However, it wasn't tons of fun since there's no Amanda. That's right, Josh does this episode solo, and when I say solo...I mean SOLO. No one else speaks the entire episode except yours truly. Which was not easy. So when I can't do simple addition like 2 hours in....give me a break. :)

In this episode I discuss Episode 4.5, The Constant. I declare it's one of my favorite episodes of all time, and without finales, it's in my top 2 or top 3, which is HUGE. I love Desmond, and I love the relationship with Penny. I love the music in the episode, I love the writing in those Dez/Penny scenes, I love how they do the time travel and avoid paradoxes, I love Daniel Faraday. period, I love Fisher Stevens, I love their "friend" on the boat, I love the allusions to the Find815 ARG, I love all the stuff with The Black Rock and Hanso, I love the Ben lookalike in the back of the room, I love this episode, and I love season 4.

Ok, after I discuss the episode, I talk about, and review the new Lost video game, Lost: Via Domus a little bit. I want to thank tunadonkey for helping me with my issue, and I now feel even stupider since it's easy as hell.

The spoiler section in this episode is not as much as it is when Amanda is here since I'm spoiler-free. I do give two HUGE spoilers for the next episode of Lost(that's sarcasm). The spoiler section this week mainly has to do with the video game, which isn't complete since I hadn't(and still havn't) finished the game.

Download Episode 43 HERE.

Please comment about anything you want, but mostly about my theories, and ideas about Minkowski and Time Travel. Also comment about the new initial reaction show we'll be doing, and your thougths on that.


Congested said...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the Minkowski thing.

Here is something I thought of that supports the theory: When Minkowski dies he says "I can't get back". If Josh said this I missed it but maybe the reason he can't get back to the future (under Josh's theory) is because he dies. Because that future becomes "erased from existence". That would also remove any paradox issues of him being able to go forward in time after he dies, no? As his brain got more screwed up the future he was experiencing became less of a reality, perhaps.

However, something that works against the theory is this: Desmond's nose doesn't bleed in the past at all. So if Minkowski is in the past why is his nose bleeding? Shouldn't it be bleeding in the future? Or does the nose bleed occur in the time that you originally "start" in only? (the time/place that un-sticked you in time in the first place).

I hope we learn more about Minkowski, if nothing else.

Dawn said...

Hey Josh, where I can admire you for daring to do a solo podcast of such length and depth in the name of not skipping an episode but I have to say podcasts are much easier to listen to when there's two people talking.

Especially cause you and Amanda have some fun discussions.

Please never do this again.
But if you do I'll probably listen anyway. ;)

bex said...

Am only about an hour into it and..

Glasgow - Oxford = 370 miles and a longish train journey. (I applied to Queen's College, but actually went to one about 10 mins walk from there - they did a decent job of making it look right).

We do still use miles here, and I'd say most Brits I know are really bad with kilometers. While we're ok with kilograms because our food is now officially sold in grams and kilograms, we don't use km much except when in mainland Europe. Personally, I weigh stuff in pounds and ounces, and can only work out kg weights with my husband's help (and HE's American ;p). But younger Brits would be much more familiar with metric than I am.

Hrm, just thinking if there were any other Brit-specific stuff and nothing I can remember!

Will listen to the rest on the way to work tomorrow.

travis said...

Congested: Minkowski's 2004 consciousness is the one that has jumped to the past, not the other way around. Just like 1996 Desmond knows what's going on when he's in 1996, Minkowski knows what's going on when he is back from the jump.

The nose bleed thing is just way of foreshadowing for Desmond what's going to happen to him. However, logic wise it doesn't make sense. There are some definite inconsistencies there -- another reason why time travel stories aren't good for a TV show like lost -- as Josh said.

Congested said...

Well I was just trying to pick apart Josh's theory more Travis. His theory was that Minkowski went to the future.

Congested said...

Okay, double posters usually annoy me but I'm double posting anyway. :P

I thought of more, very conclusive evidence to support the Minkowski going forward theory. The producers of the show have basically said that the future can't be changed, or more specifically that time will course correct changes that one makes in time.

Minkowski could have seen a future with him alive just like:

-Desmond saw charlie dying several times, which happened only on the fourth time.
-Eloise the rat gets unstuck in time, and when she returns she knows a maze she will never have time to learn because she dies., the same could hold true for Minkowski.

So I think it's safe to say that people can see a future that ends up changing so it would theoretically be possible for Minkowski to have gone forward, even if he died.

I now think the theory is solid. I can't say that I agree though. I do think it would be cool but I can't imagine how they will ever let that play out now that Minkowski is dead.

Okay I can stop thinking about this now. :)

jeff said...

So are you guys going to be on the Jay & Jack Marathon podcast for Autism Speaks? If so, please let us know when you will appear.

travis said...

So do we think Daniel has time-traveled already? I was under the assumption he hadn't, but the writers included the note Dan made to himself as way of showing it really happened and wasn't some sort of mind trip. He writes "If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant." That leaves open the thought he hasn't yet time-traveled, but will contact Desmond. Or maybe he's really good at time travel since he understands the mechanics of it and doesn't need a constant.

Congested said...

I'm assuming Dan has tried to time travel, if nothing else.... or expected to at some point. Like you said.. he wrote "If anything goes wrong..." which implies that he knew/expected something to happen to him (which could potentially go "wrong").

At this point I think we just don't have enough info to piece together what the hell is going on with Dan. :(

Spencer said...

Another awesome episode, although i can tell that this one is going to have a split reaction amongst fans. I have to say, the therapist (or "The Rapist", as Shaun Connery would say) didn't click with me. I didn't really like the way that actress acted in the whispers scene at the beginning.

Oh, and tom had the best fake moustache ever (taking advantage of the theatrical glue).

Best lines in the episode again go to Ben, with "This one didn't have a number on it, did it?" and "Hey guys, see you at dinner!"

I think that the use of claire, sawyer and hurley was just so that ABC could get their money's worth after not seeing anyone in last weeks episode. That being said, they are definately setting something up with Hurley's "Luck".

Overall, not as good as last week's, but I still loved it. A LOT to digest in this episode, and I haven't even mentioned Goodwin, Chemical Gas, Charles Widmore, or A NEW DHARMA STATION!

Faith said...

I would like to apologize for not being present for this show. I really wanted to be there, and this was SUCH an amazing episode! I really owe Josh a huge thanks for tackling this alone. Or maybe I'll just pay him (finally...)