Friday, March 7, 2008

Sorry no Initial Reaction show.

Sorry all,

I know I said we'd have the 1st Initial Reaction show, but there won't be one this week.

If you want to though, you can chat in the comments section about Episode 4.6 The Other Woman.

Here are my Initial Reactions(Normally Amanda and I will do 5, but I'll do 10 just this once...but i'm sure I will again)

1)Juliet finally wasn't acting all bitchy...that didn't last to long.
2)The Jack/Juliet Stuff was horrible
3)The Juliet/Ben stuff was annoying and pointless
4)The Locke/Ben stuff was cool, but delivered horribly
5)The Jokes were good(i.e. The Rabbit Joke, "Being an Other is stressful".
6)I like how Ben taped over the Red Sox game and how that gives us a timeframe of when the Widmore tape was made.
7)Harper was annoying.
8)The whole secret mission to the Tempest was stupid, if they were doing something good and Anti-Ben why not tell JACK!!! HE HATES BEN!!!
9)The Tempest is yet another Dharma Station....COOL!! I love new Dharma Stations. And what a cool name!
10)I litterally yelled at the TV twice during the episode. First was when Locke was talking to Ben, I yelled, "Shut the door you idiot, he's messing with your mind". And Second was when Juliet was pointing a gun at Farraday, "Don't shoot him, he's cool...and a lot nicer than YOU!!"

Please tell me if you agree, disagree, or think I'm a horrible person in the comments section...along with your own thoughts of course.


jeff said...

"You're mine! ... Take all the time you need." (walks away)

Lauren said...

LOL...great quote, Jeff.

While I'm perfectly willing to admit it was the weakest of the six we have seen so far, I still loved it because it's Juliet and she's my girl to end! And Elizabeth Mitchell finally earned her paycheck this season.

I yelled at the TV when Jack, Juliet, Jin and Sun went into the jungle..."Sure, take a PREGNANT woman into the scary jungle at night!!! That makes sense!"

Geeky Tom said...

Yeah, and to see Goodwin on a stick again?...oh man.
That was the good thing about this episode. It had an 'Expose' feel to it by reliving events from a different perspective.
That side of Ben was always under the surface, but you could contribute it to needing her on a professional level. Ben is definitely psycho!
I'm a Beniet <3

Kudos to Josh for flying solo.

GymR@t said...

Yes, I really enjoyed some of the quotes from the episode.

Ben: Rabbit today?
Locke: Running out of chickens.
Ben: This didn't have a number on it, did it?

CS Lewis: Juliet... look me in the eye and tell me you are certain that Benjamin Linus wouldn't use this gas to kill everyone on this island! We know he's used it before.

bex said...

Was pretty hard to follow 'The Constant' and that definitely made it harder to watch.

Beth said...
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jeff said...

Cool to hear you are going to be on the Jay&Jack Autism Speaks podcast. Well, it sounds like Josh will be there, but Amanda is a maybe. I hope everything is ok with Amanda - and that she can join too. Otherwise, who will be able to do the top ten list of Claire quotes that include the word "baby"...?

jeff said...

Hey Josh, it was fun chatting with you during the Jay&Jack marathon cast. That was a fun time. I slept in bigtime on Sunday, and missed when you (two?) were doing your segment - but no worries there because I'll just listen to it when the show is released.

RRB said...

Props on your solo work as of late Josh. I don't think I could do a podcast with someone, let alone without. I commend you sir. And it's always good to follow the cardinal podcasting rule always stay consistent with putting your product out regularly. I was glad you all kept the show up and did'nt change the name, when the replays were over. You might have lost some listeners, and I think it still makes sense, there are flashbacks in the show:) .
No point in messin with somthing that works.
I'll pop in again sometime and talk Lost game. I dont have the energy to put all my thoughts down now. The end alone would be lengthly, without gettin to the voices, length of game, some of the camera stuff,ect.ect.ect.

Spencer said...

Here's a couple things that I don't like about LOST.

1. Love Polygons (of any size): It's really annoying, and takes away from time where we could see things that matter. The only relationship on this show that everyone seems to care about anyway is Penny and Desmond (I'm a fan of that one too). It's not like Kate - jack, Kate - Sawyer, Jack - Juliet, Juliet - Goodwin, Juliet - Ben, Sayid - Shannon, Shannon - Boone, Charlie - Shannon, Charlie - Claire, Sun - Michael, and Kate - Daniel (wishful thinking) are really important, like on a show, say, the Office, where Jim and Pam are an intrical part to the show. Just let everyone pick someone already!

2. Mentioning something completely out of context to the present situation that wasn't answered 15 minutes ago: Here's what I mean by that.

Boone: She was my nanny.
Locke: Who?
Boone: Teresa.

[proceed to go into discussion that should have happened 4 scenes ago]

So this may be a general TV Show/Movie problem, but it happens A LOT. It's not a huge problem, it just becomes annoying after the 23rd time.

3. Charlie's Bass Playing: You NEVER strum a bass. That's all I'm going to say on the matter.

4. Small dropped storylines: Here's just a couple examples -

Sawyer's Smoking
Jack's Army
Locke's Brother
Jack's Flying Lessons
Eko's Church

5. Fire + Water - My Least Favorite Episode of LOST: I have watched this episode once, and that is all I will ever watch it. The flashbacks were stupid (the diapers? cmon guys) and we learned nothing new about Charlie. We already knew his brother had messed up both of their lives. By this point, the Charlie drug storyline should have already been drowned in an underwater hatch, and I couldn't stand Claire in this episode. Only slightly redeeming factor was the untitled song which Charlie wrote. That was a good song.

Ok, that was really long, and I hope I didn't sound too condemning of the show. I'll try to write my favorite parts of LOST next week which will be at least twice as long. And to shock everyone, one thing that will be on that list is... Stranger in a Strange Land.

Also, great podcast Josh!

Faith said...

Spencer: Someday, I will go through and note EVERY example of what I like to the the Kamikaze conversation...I however like it, because when Rose goes "his fingers swell" out of nowhere, I'm like "....congratulations?" for a few seconds before they actually start telling the story...I just always thought it was neat how they did that, even though no one would ever do that in real life...

I am a huge fan of the Boone/Shannon/Charlie polygon - why did that never take off? XD

Do we ever see Charlie play a bass for more than like ten seconds in The Moth?

I still don't see why you guys hate F+W so much...its not the best, but I like it...maybe thats because if I had a brother, and a piano, and the former sold the latter for drug money...well, lets just say I cried x.x

Spencer said...

Well, the charlie's bass playing was more of a joke, but it still slightly annoyed me when i watched it. Also, during F+W, the baptism story line was really stupid, they spent an entire episode starting fires, throwing punches and almost drowning in the ocean to get the baby baptised. I am christian, and do respect that they wanted to do that, but it was completely unnessecary and has had no repercussions throughout the story as of the two or three years since it aired.

Redrabbitblue said...

Spencer loved your post it was awsome..(don't mind my scary avatar to lazy to change it, Donnie Darko if any one has'nt seen it go see it! I watched it when it came out. And for the 2nd time last week way cool so much lost related stuff my head was spinning. Some of the best posts I've read are rants some of the best call in's I've heard are rants:) I think i'LL have to voice some of my problems some day..Like Ji Yeon. All of Jins time in the FB gave us nothing!!We know he was bad! We know he worked for Sun's dad..waste of time messing with the viewer and wasting Dan..Kim's time!

Faith said...

I have nightmares about Frank the bunny....