Monday, March 24, 2008

Zomg, we're alive =O

Hi kids! Looooong time, no speak. I'm so pressed for time that I'm posting this in the middle of class, by the way - and my teacher can see the screen...he's probably wondering why I'm not paying attention at all...ANYWHO!

So, we've actually had a lot of activity since our last post. Ji Yeon was a great episode, with possibly my favorite use of the flashback/forward/slightly to the left mechanism. I was totally surprised. Then last week, we met Kevin Johnson - and we learned a crapton! We learned that the island won't let certain people die (apparently), we learned that once they tell the audience something, it stops becoming a big deal if anyone on the show finds out, and most importantly, we learned how Mr. Friendly got his nickname. Sweet. Hopefully you've been keeping up with the episodes we've been recording, and also the Autism Speaks podcast by Jay and Jack. Amazing is all I can say. Tonight, we will be journeying into our Lost-free month when we cover Meet Kevin Johnson, and a mystery theme that Josh may or may not have discussed last week...yeah. Hope you'll join us, and sorry about the lack of updates! x.x

Amanda (and Josh - just wanted to let you know who was posting)


Josh said...

I want to thank Amanda for posting.

Over the past 2 weeks I've done nothing but work, sleep, eat, podcast, and watch NCAA basketball games.

I few times I've gone out and actually had a life was brief(yet fun).

btw, tonight's theme is indeed, "Things we don't like about Lost". However, "Josh's Mystery Theme" is a great title..."Would you like to know a secret?"

Spencer said...

Before getting into things I love about LOST, I want to clairify a couple things about what I hate about the show. Charlie's bass playing was more of a joke, and when I said Sawyer's smoking was a dropped plotline, I ment that in the first few episodes, you could see him smoking a lot. It was even the excuse Locke gave to Sayid about who knocked him in the head and destroyed the transceiver in the early episodes. then, all the sudden, the smoking was gone. We never noticed sawyer have any effects that would be associated with going cold turkey, and Charlie got an entire episode to focus on him going cold turkey. Maybe that was because at the time, it was Charlie's only interesting characteristic. Now, with that out of the way, things that I love about lost.

1) The many different races, religions, and countries represented in the show- no other TV Show, Movie, book, theater performance, comic book, cave drawing, or any kind of entertainment has been able to keep people so obsessed about watching a large scale version of the model U.N. Seriously though, LOST has so many diverse characters, American, Iraqi, English, Austrailian, Korean, South American, Africans, and Black Rockese (I'm looking at you, Alpert), that it almost seems like the U.N.

2) Flashbacks & Flashforwards - Not only are they great story-telling devices, but they have kept the story interesting for 4 seasons. LOST is unique because it tells a complete story. Most stories will give you the bare minimum background information to make it make since, but lost gives you that and more, plus what happens in the Future.

3) Guess what these episode titles have in common:

Walkabout, The Moth, Exodus, Man of Science, Man of Faith, Live Together, Die Alone, Flashes Before Your Eyes, The Man From Tallahassee, Through the Looking Glass, The Economist, and The Constant.

Those are just a few of the episodes directed by Jack Bender. He does an amazing job (although I do have some issues with Fire + Water, which he directed).

4)Themes and Symbolism - This show is so intelligent it's not even funny. There is so much symbolism in this show that it is like reading a really long, confusing novel. I went around to my teachers and asked them if they watch LOST, and 4/5 of them said they do, and a couple bring it up during class sometimes, to relate to discussions we have in class. It's the only thing that I like about some of them :)

5) Shocking Moments - Another great part about this series is all of the shocking moments. I really don't know what to say about this, and my post is already really long, so I'll just reiterate the fact that I really love shocking moments.

6) Mythology - Ok, this is the penultimate thing I love about LOST. Within this I am encompassing both the normal mythology and easter eggs. The easter eggs are a lot of times my favorite part of the show, because it rewards people like me who spend way too much time on the computer writing about and discussing a TV show. The mythology is the real reason that I watch. Some of my favorite episodes have been Walkabout, Numbers, MOS,MOF, and The Man behind the curtain, great Mythos. central episodes (The opening scene of MOS,MOF is still my favorite scene of anything, ever).

7) I need to preface this last thing by saying this will be contraversial. I don't really mean that I love this thing as much as I actually enjoyed it, at least a lot more than most people. I know i am in the vast minority by saying this, but I liked Stranger in a Strange Land. Here's my argument. The ABC promo department has a history of being complete and total idiots, and THEY made this episode awful. Remember THREE THINGS WILL BE REVEALED? If you go back and just watch it on the DVD, without any advertisements for it, you'll enjoy the episode more. Also, I'm not going to try to defend the flashbacks, they weren't the best, and I'll admit that. We got to see Cindy and the kids for the first time in Jacob only knows how long, and we met a new character (whatever they decided to do with her later isn't this episode's fault). We saw that the others had some law and order, and Sawyer was really funny in this episode. And remember when everyone hated Claire? Well, this was that time and she wasn't in this episode at all. I don't expect to make anyone love Stranger in a Strange Land, but I wanted to be a little voice of support for a severly underrated episode.

Once again, a very long post. I know I missed a lot of stuff, but this was just what I could think of off the top of my head right now. And again, great job on the podcast.

Dawn said...

Someone just linked me to this site:
LOLLost (like LOLcats)

I've just made 2 but I know deep in my heart that Josh & Amanda have many inside of them just waiting to come out :)

Faith said...

Dawn : can't wait to look at all of them later - I'm not right now because I'm on my boyfriend's computer, and I don't want him to read spoilers =p

Spencer said...

The Onion (America's Finest News Source) is now reporting that the man who says 'Previously on Heroes' now has higher aspirations. That, of course, is to be the guy who says 'Previously on Lost'. Read the article for the full story.

Faith said...

Battlestar Galactica - what is that, like seven syllables? XD

Thanks, Spencer! <3333