Friday, July 4, 2008


Last night was not as wildly successful as I had hoped it would be. First of all, my phone cut out, and I had to steal my special guest's phone - so he was on the call for like ten minutes x.x THEN Josh had to leave early, and I was left rambling alone for several minutes, instead of actually having a discussion. And finally, it would not let me close the show, so there is a CRAPTON of dead air at the end - please ignore it.


tunadonkey said...

what is thursday's theme gonna be, because i would of liked the BSG theme a lot more if i actually watched BSG. :P

Matthew said...

Ask Josh x.x

Geeky Tom said...

Good show, despite all the distractions. I was reminded of all the great scenes from season 2 I totally forgot about, gotta get those dvd's.

More character analysis would be cool, but it might be fun eventually to talk about theories, loose ends, and season 5 speculations.

I hear some crazy sh*ts gonna go down at comic-con, I'm sure you guys will have plenty to say about that.

and of course there's always BSG season 1 :)

Geeky Tom said...

oh, and the best hard g word on the show is "butterfingers" as in "you missed butta fingas".

Anonymous said...

Based on the percentages, I'm gonna guess that it's either an All Jack, All the Time episode (most likely Crazy Jack) or a random theme show (most likely something huge like the Score, Music Featured on the Show, the books, or Lost-style Street Fighter/Mortal Combat/Super Smash Bros Brawl)

Oh yeah, and if you guys get enough entries for the contest, I think once you've gone through them and placed them, you should have a contest supershow. Or maybe even a reactions show in which you're commenting on the videos LIVE!

Just to give you an idea of where I am (not that anyone else cares), I'm currently on 2.18 "Dave"

Josh said...

Hey all. Sorry for my absence the past week and quick exit last week. I got randomly and insanely busy this week. Between work, helping TWO friends move(and build Ikea stuff), seeing old friends who are visiting, seeing my sister who is visiting, and trying to have a little fun of my own, i've been home a total of about 10 hours all week(not counting the 4-5 hours I sleep at night).

Anyway, I listened to the end of the show last week, and other than the dead air(which is understandable, and 100% forgivable) I thought Amanda did an awesome job. It's hard to do the show alone, believe me.

About the show tonight, since this is litterally the first time I've been able to sit down at my computer since MONDAY i'm not totally sure.

Plus, I may even be frakking late to the show cause it's my brother's birthday, and while I love him, he's 23 years old. Does he really want to spend that with his family? lol HOLY SHART, my brother is 23 years old!! That's a number!

Anyway, I'm sorry again folks, I've been a bad co-host.

Anonymous said...

So... what the frak happened to tonight's show. I couldn't make it (stupid internet) but there isn't an mp3 of the lost spin-off show - just a description.