Monday, March 24, 2008

Zomg, we're alive =O

Hi kids! Looooong time, no speak. I'm so pressed for time that I'm posting this in the middle of class, by the way - and my teacher can see the screen...he's probably wondering why I'm not paying attention at all...ANYWHO!

So, we've actually had a lot of activity since our last post. Ji Yeon was a great episode, with possibly my favorite use of the flashback/forward/slightly to the left mechanism. I was totally surprised. Then last week, we met Kevin Johnson - and we learned a crapton! We learned that the island won't let certain people die (apparently), we learned that once they tell the audience something, it stops becoming a big deal if anyone on the show finds out, and most importantly, we learned how Mr. Friendly got his nickname. Sweet. Hopefully you've been keeping up with the episodes we've been recording, and also the Autism Speaks podcast by Jay and Jack. Amazing is all I can say. Tonight, we will be journeying into our Lost-free month when we cover Meet Kevin Johnson, and a mystery theme that Josh may or may not have discussed last week...yeah. Hope you'll join us, and sorry about the lack of updates! x.x

Amanda (and Josh - just wanted to let you know who was posting)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sorry no Initial Reaction show.

Sorry all,

I know I said we'd have the 1st Initial Reaction show, but there won't be one this week.

If you want to though, you can chat in the comments section about Episode 4.6 The Other Woman.

Here are my Initial Reactions(Normally Amanda and I will do 5, but I'll do 10 just this once...but i'm sure I will again)

1)Juliet finally wasn't acting all bitchy...that didn't last to long.
2)The Jack/Juliet Stuff was horrible
3)The Juliet/Ben stuff was annoying and pointless
4)The Locke/Ben stuff was cool, but delivered horribly
5)The Jokes were good(i.e. The Rabbit Joke, "Being an Other is stressful".
6)I like how Ben taped over the Red Sox game and how that gives us a timeframe of when the Widmore tape was made.
7)Harper was annoying.
8)The whole secret mission to the Tempest was stupid, if they were doing something good and Anti-Ben why not tell JACK!!! HE HATES BEN!!!
9)The Tempest is yet another Dharma Station....COOL!! I love new Dharma Stations. And what a cool name!
10)I litterally yelled at the TV twice during the episode. First was when Locke was talking to Ben, I yelled, "Shut the door you idiot, he's messing with your mind". And Second was when Juliet was pointing a gun at Farraday, "Don't shoot him, he's cool...and a lot nicer than YOU!!"

Please tell me if you agree, disagree, or think I'm a horrible person in the comments section...along with your own thoughts of course.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I finished the game.


I know most of you probably saw it on DarkUFO long before I did, but I didn't want to be spoiled.

I won't say anything here about it, but that ending...WOW!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

THE CONSTANT....Best Episode Ever??


Wow, The Constant is such an amazing episode, and doing this show was definetly fun. However, it wasn't tons of fun since there's no Amanda. That's right, Josh does this episode solo, and when I say solo...I mean SOLO. No one else speaks the entire episode except yours truly. Which was not easy. So when I can't do simple addition like 2 hours in....give me a break. :)

In this episode I discuss Episode 4.5, The Constant. I declare it's one of my favorite episodes of all time, and without finales, it's in my top 2 or top 3, which is HUGE. I love Desmond, and I love the relationship with Penny. I love the music in the episode, I love the writing in those Dez/Penny scenes, I love how they do the time travel and avoid paradoxes, I love Daniel Faraday. period, I love Fisher Stevens, I love their "friend" on the boat, I love the allusions to the Find815 ARG, I love all the stuff with The Black Rock and Hanso, I love the Ben lookalike in the back of the room, I love this episode, and I love season 4.

Ok, after I discuss the episode, I talk about, and review the new Lost video game, Lost: Via Domus a little bit. I want to thank tunadonkey for helping me with my issue, and I now feel even stupider since it's easy as hell.

The spoiler section in this episode is not as much as it is when Amanda is here since I'm spoiler-free. I do give two HUGE spoilers for the next episode of Lost(that's sarcasm). The spoiler section this week mainly has to do with the video game, which isn't complete since I hadn't(and still havn't) finished the game.

Download Episode 43 HERE.

Please comment about anything you want, but mostly about my theories, and ideas about Minkowski and Time Travel. Also comment about the new initial reaction show we'll be doing, and your thougths on that.