Sunday, December 9, 2007

Episode 28 - The Cost of I Do

No, this episode is not discussing how much weddings cost, silly you. We discuss Lost Episodes in this podcast. In this episode we talk in depth about 3.5 The Cost of Living, and 3.6 I Do. We are joined by an amazing group of people who add a ton to the discussion.

Things you definitely should listen for:

- We rehash our old discussion of "Fate vs. Coincidence"
- In the words of Nikki Stafford, "Nikki and Paulo...Why?"
- What did Locke see, and is there a different "monster" on the island?
- Why did Smokey and/or the Island want Eko to Confess?
- Will this really be the last time Josh mixes up Locke and Eko's name?

- Nathan Fillion is definitely Man-Crush material...right?
- Evil Jack is so cool, and Crazy Jack is just funny.
- A very cool Deleted Scene.
- Jacob's List!?!?!?
- mmmm, Taco Night.
- Was that opening Jack scene ruined by that amazing sneak peek we got?
- And Many More...

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Join us Next Week for "Episode 29 - Not in Your Eyes"


Brandon said...
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Brandon said...

No posts....I keep's like cheacking my mail..but i cheack this more then my mail.. I
I think it's tough to find things other then the "big ones" to discuss. Since we were left with Jack off the island it's like a whole new game. The old stuff.. Hatches, caves, probly even the three toed foot and the door to no where. There is so much stuff that could just disapear into lost in space. The show could end up in the last season as Jack,Kate,Sawyer living in an apartment,acting out the 3's Company piliot over and over.......... Live from Santa Rosa ...With jack being Chrissy. (you fill in the rest ).

Above entry could be filed under things that would make lost BAD, or things that would make me stop watching lost..

or.. a person who should not drink and type

Brandon said...

ALSO for the last three months I've been trying to come up with the anwser to why we should like Claire or what is there to like about claire.
It's tuff I come back to Par Avion I really like her in that episode.
I feel Claire in that episode grew up alot she delt with her past and present.
She delt with her dission on her mother.
AND she showed Charlie that HE was in charge. As all along to eather BE with her or be with the island(possably).
I don't know but I would put money that Claire is a major part in it all. Also jack as we have seen. THEY ARE THE BIG STORY not Jacob thats my therory and im sticken to it.

NO mobisode chat?????
Spoiler section makes me feel like i miss good lost chat but i dont want to be spoiled i think there should be a soft spoiler and a not so soft?

Ithink we need a new poll a two week poll for only the true lost flashback listners.

The first eight and wait


wait for the forth 16
PLEASE forgive me for spelling I can read and write .....but spelling.....not so good.

geeky tom said...

Ha...'Three's Company'. Ben and Rousseuu could be the Ropers with silly catch phrases like 'You want to help me tie him up?'.

Josh said...

Brandon, I try to not listen to the spoiler sections either. It ruined a lot of season 3 for me. I heard one on Jay and Jack that made me go, "nooooo!". I said that cause it was a good one, and I was mad at myself for listening when they warned me.

Tonight will be a good show, two amazing episodes. Plus, I'm so tired i''l probably be slightly insane by the 2nd commerical break of Not in Portland.

GregDean said...

Yeah, we're *really* getting into the period now where the spoilers are kind of going over the threshold for me too. This week's big spoiler... wow, wow, wow. I don't even have to say what I'm talking about, but if you know what it is, you know what I mean.

In non-spoiler news, one thing to note on tonight's post-show, for sure, is the new mobisode, which is defintely the BEST yet. I won't say what makes it so great, but the title sort of gives it away... ROOM 23 ( ! ).

Not only is "Room 23" a great little scene, but it's also a perfect example of something that we can appreciate *now* but that couldn't have been included in the story at the time that it actually occurred, and it also probably doesn't really fit into the show as a "flashback" scene either. And yet, it's completely awesome, and fills in more than one mythology blank spot. Required viewing !

ash said...

I try to stay spoiler free. So far so good but I can't wait for season 4!

Yeah I hope you guys discuss the mobisode, it's gotta be the best one yet. I didn't love the first two but they've been awesome since.

Brandon said...

I just went to Utube and cheacked out the new mobisode WAY COOL cant wait till its on ABC for the best picture i wish i could tape it and watch it over and over and over then maybe i could be just like them.......hahahahah

Brandon said...

No mobisode chat? And I almost listened to the whole spoiler section just to see if you talked about them in that part of the show.
With a little fast forward and Quick stop before the big one. Iwas able to gain an extra ten minutes of the podcast, i look forward to all week. Because i know it will be there.
As a way to make an "Awsome"
(being a call back to the first complaint i remember hearing you two mention on the podcast, And now that I think about it, Amanda doesnt say "awsome" that much anymore. Josh do you say that "would be so cool" Yes you do why because there is so much that could (would) and is so cool on Lost.)
Back to my constructed criticism. I think that We the listners (yes, I will speak for all). As Jack and John and Ben and well I guess Jacob ultimately before me have done say we need a soft spoiler section as a lost junkie and person who does not want to know the whole episode or important parts of an episode before it airs.....BUT i like a little tease a bit of info a little juice(AROD).. youll see). as the next addict viewer .

WE should get a soft spoiler section including maybe episode names, mobisodes(even though there not spoilers),even the season 4 premeire didnt sound that revealing although i did hit FF for some out of fear. I hold lost on a pedistal of surprise GOODNESS I have been freaked out more times on lost then any other show IN MY LIFE Im 30 thats alot of TV .
I was a x file fan but not hard core, to me lost is a xfile EPISODE. You never knew what you were going to get. But with lost I've paid attetion. and and i learned of the Lost Community and found more lost sh@@ then i could have guessed. But as it gets closer to blast off of 4 the more stuff that comes out. I keep thinking that I should go back to music on my pod till the first show so i dont here that Jacob is really a twinkie in the quickie mart that apuu lost.
Wow this is a bad rant that barely stays on subject . What ive been gettin at is this show rocks but as things get closer I'm afraid that I will miss cool stuff thats not so revealing I mean you can tell if a spoiler is super big or not so so say soft spoiler section. Then go to the Big Stuff. And then dont listen if you dont want to ruin the show
As a sellfish person who is trying to change a great show to my own needs i think this would be way cool thanks I just looking for more lost in long run and more time out of your day sorry and thanks for the Awsome Show Long time Listners Lost time call

GregDean said...

I think there just wasn't enough time, Not in Portland and Flashes are such huge shows, full of stuff.

Brandon said...

Thanks for the comment your probly write i get a little long in the tooth and off topic and just plain dumb when i type Buzzed. they were two great episodes and a very long podcast i wasnt thinking in terms of the show i just heard, and that it was 4 plus hours long I was mostly trying to convay That the show is great and i can think of ways to make it longer sorry for any stupidness Love the show and Thank You for the time you spend Josh and Amanda. I still like my ideas. But the lenght of the podcast should have come in to play. For that im sorry! $ hours a cast is way more then any other podcast ive listened to. I still am curios about that 12 hour podcast on the last episode of last year is it still around and who did it ? THANKS

GregDean said...

I like long podcasts too... if not for the limits TalkShoe puts on Josh and Amanda, I'm sure they could (and would) probably do 5 hour chats easily.

As for that super-long TtLG podcast you asked about, it was actually *thirteen* hours long, and it was by The Lost Lowdown. Scroll down to the May 23rd, 2007 entry:

Brandon said...

Thank youy I will go look for that now!

Brandon said...

So Miss Hawkins acted as though The Red Shoe man was a normal thing she saw, and kinda acted as though Desmond was the same as her. (Abilty to see a persons death before it hapens} By this rational Desmond will see some one elses death in the future? And can he change it, he seemed to think so with the whole arrow thing.
He just picked Charlie instead of Penney.
I have more thoughts just havent got them right yet.????

Josh said...

I and Amanda have both listened to the full 13 hour Lost Lowdown podcast. It's definetly a lot of fun. And probably, a hint of what our show will be like.

GregDean said...

Listening to the podcast again, it occurred to me that maybe the reason Mr. Eko was killed after he said he had no regrets about how he had lived his life, somehow ties into "Flashes Before Your Eyes", and Desmond's opportunity to relive his life over again. Since Eko had no regrets, that meant he was not a candidate for reliving his life, and if that is one of the main purposes of the Island, therefore, the Island would think he has no reason to be there anymore.