Monday, December 17, 2007

Episode 29 - Not in Your Eyes

FINALLY, two amazing episodes from season three. There was so much so talk about, no way we could get to it all.

Not in Portland, and Flashes Before Your Eyes were flashbacks about two non-losties, but they definetly kicked off the 2nd pod with a bang. This is a long one, but honestly, it could have been WAY longer.

If you're not like me, and you want some BIG spoilers, listen to the end, Amanda talks about a HUGE one. But I don't want to know what it is, so if you must E-mail us with your comments about it, but don't comment about it here.

Thanks guys!

Here's the ep.


Brandon said...

I just saw a Lost commercial on Monday night football on espn.

And ...Lift off is Thursday January 31 st I got goose bumps

GregDean said...

As you guys get ready to recap Tricia Tanaka is Dead, coincidentally, yesterday the guys at the Dharmalars podcast got to sit down with Jorge Garcia (Hurley), and Jay, and do probably the closest thing to a semi-official commentary track that TTiD will ever get:

GregDean said...

A new, extended trailer for season 4 (106 seconds) is online now:

It's GREAT, and includes dialogue from new cast members Jeremy Davies and Kenneth Leung which really tease, as well as some important (I think) Hurley, Sawyer and Locke quotes. Season 4... best season ever ?

Josh said...

Gregdean, don't take this the wrong way....but....


Thanks so much for tellin me about that trailer. I may watch is 100s of times, but the 1st time gave me goosebumps galore. YOU ROCK!!!

Also, I saw that Dharmalars did a commentary of that ep too. I havn't decided if I want to listen to it, or not listen to it before we do our "flashback". What do you think I should do?

Those new cast members look cool, I hope they intro them better than they did with Nikki and Paulo.

I'll say this for the 1st time here, but I'll make an annoucement on the show. Since Lost is returning at the exact time Amanda and I would be sitting down to do our show about Greatest Hits, and Through the Looking Glass, we may mix it up toward the end of January. We havn't really decided what to do, but Lost starting then kinda throws a wrench into our master plan.

GregDean said...

Ah, shucks, just glad to help. : )

I did re-watch TTiD with Jorge's commentary running, and most of his comments had more to do with production (hair, makeup, stunts, props, camera work, etc), or just humorous comments, than the actual "content" of the episode so much.

In other words, what they did is not really so much like what you and Amanda do, where you talk more about what the story means in the bigger picture, etc. I mean, it's definitely a "much watch" commentary podcast, but as far as how it would help or influence YOU... not so important. I think whether or not you listen to it ahead of time is up to you.

As for that trailer, OMG, that is indeed all kinds of awesome, isn't it. I'll also say that a lot of what that trailer intimates is actually the stuff that has been passing as "spoilers" lately. My opinion is that anything in the trailer is not really a "spoiler" because that trailer, or versions of it, is going to be played SO much in the next six weeks. We will all hear those lines multiple times, no doubt.

Sawyer's my favorite character, so I loved his lines, but no doubt, the best line in the trailer is from the Jeremy Davies character, said with sort of an evil grin...

"Rescuing you people... I can't say that's our PRIMARY objective."

Ben was right !

Also so cool to see helicopters flying around over the Island. Something we thought we'd never see !

Brandon said...

Josh thanks for the comment about spoilers this is my first bout with the internet and Lost.
And have been growing concerned latly with who does what? I was listening to Jay and Jack a while back and they had Ryan on from the Transmision I believe (didnt catch them when they podcasted so i did,nt know there fortea), I listentened to I think Big O's last show and he plugged you two so I listened to the first episode and was hooked from the start and you two were my intro into lost podcasting since then I've picked up.
Jay and Jack and there numerouse shows, I was skeptical at first but well worth it. Smodcast was a cool find and long story. And a couple others and most are thanks to you all from dropping names of fellow podcasters. The LARS or it's almost time again for the Dharmalar.,
But the spoilers are a little unnerving, so thanks for that I still want lost chat and all the other stuff (IBOUGHTSEASONTHREE TODAT:] ) But ruining the thing Ilook forward to all week by spoiling it seems so dumb i'll never be that much of an addict to ruin the fun of seeing it live.
But after I've seen it we'll no holds barded please tell me the stuff I missed and the interesting things to talk about for the week following
I just dont get the whole spoiler thing but hey Amanda digs it and I won't mess with her Mojo so go on Girl Do what you got to do

I don't know were that last part came from?
Amanda Rocks
Peace Losties a buzzed thought for the day.

Brandon said...

Josh is there a code when you hang up? To be Big spoiler Free?

Thak you gregdean and josh I'm four plus hours into the 13 hour marathon, and it's great Once you get past the first hour of Ahh AAA III then its starts rollin and doesnt stop from there Awsome stuff. Thanks

GregDean said...

Well, spoilers... you know, sometimes they don't turn out to be correct anyway. I remember one of the "spoilers" before season two was that Adewale A.A. had been cast to star in LOST as... Bernard (not Mr. Eko, who we didn't even know existed at that point). That was back when people sort of presumed that Bernard was black, so AAA as Bernard made sense to them. Of course, they were WAY wrong !

travis said...

About the painting in Widmore's office, it's actually a painting by Jack Bender, so it's really a production issue not story related.

He also painted the mural in the Swan hatch and the dog in the Jacob's cabin is a painting (by someone else) of Bender's dog. I doubt this has any real impact on the show.

GregDean said...

Regardless of who painted the painting in real life, in the story, we're led to believe that Tom painted it, so its presence in Widmore's office 5 years before that, is still a mystery, IMO.

Josh said...

yeah, the fact that Bender(not Bender Bending Rodriguez btw :D) painted the painting is not the issue. They put it there, and they made it look exactly the same as Tom's pic, if not the same pic. That's on purpose.

I was once told in film class, "everything in film(TV too) is either on purpose, or by accident". I'd like to think it wasn't an accident.

About the spoilers, Brandon, what do you mean a code? When we go to spoilers on the show, I simply put the phone down and try not to listen. It's very tough, but I think I'll enjoy season 4 more.

travis said...

I'm sure it wasn't an accident, but seriously doubt it has any relevence plot-wise. It could be the art-director and director wanted use the painting as an easter egg for hardcore fans. I've just never subscribed to the belief everything we see on screen has some kind of hidden meaning or importance in the "island mystery".

I think the Polar bear painting is more important than the other one. It shows Widmore's interest in the island or DHARMA.

GregDean said...

I know this is a year old, but it's *new to me*, so it might be new to some of you, but I just found this fan-made short that actually costars a REAL "LOST" ACTOR/ACTRESS ! (but I won't spoil who it is, except to say that Amanda should really dig this):

If more fan made Youtubes were this good, I might actually watch them more often. : P

ash said...

Greg, thanks for that trailer link..... can't wait!!

You guys were discussing the painting and that the angles looked a little weird. Watching it again they show it to us once and the second time it's actually shot through a mirror, thats why the namaste is reversed. Its still on the same side of Desmond but it just looks like it's on the other.

I don't think it's important that the paintings looked similar, but it's important that it was in Widmore's office. Wasn't the Widmore logo also on the hot air balloon?

Bex said...

Argh, it's COVENT Garden :-) Though we do have a town called Coventry.

And yeah, the sets look nothing like it, but I don't think that's such a huge deal, I never really expected them too and it's a particularly weird kind of flashback anyway, so I'm not that worried about it being perfect. The spelling of honour did stand out a bit though ;p

Am definitely still listening, just had computer woes so not been able to comment as much or email as much as I'd like. Have started getting workmates into Lost now though ;p

Dawn said...

The answer to LOST is that Desmond has to go back in time, tell Mrs. Hawkings off and marry Penny, which of course alters the future despite what she tells Desmond about the universe course correcting.

I think shes lying.

We just assumed she was telling the truth. No one else on this show ever does.

Thats my crackpot theory of the week ala Jack and Jack, but I can't say I'll stick to it.