Friday, December 28, 2007

Episode 31 - Par 77

A very crazy and special epsiode of The Lost Flashbacks. We discuss season 3 episodes Enter 77 and Par Avion. What's crazy about that? Well, there's no Amanda, which is sad and the show definetly is lacking something huge. BUT, I am joined by Jimmy, who offers his own take on the episodes, and makes Josh very happy by making a Simpsons refference(something I would do a lot more if Amanda watched the Simpsons). We are also joined by David from The Lost Community Podcast, nuf said. That podcast is amazing, and I was excited to learn it will be returning soon.

This is also a very special episode because we mix things up a bit. I do Enter 77 like I would any episode. But for Par Avion, Jimmy and I do a live commentary, which is perfect cause there are so many cool lines, that needed to be a part of clips. I'd love to know what people think about the live commentary, and if we should do it more after we are done with the rewatch.

Download the ep, HERE!


Brandon said...

Enter 77 is my one of my favorite on island episodes the more i see the flashback the less it intrests me but when i first saw the episode i liked it and still do.. I posted on an earlier blog that i think when locke hit 77 he adenvertly contacted the people on the frator,ship, boat whatever. And they probly are dharma in some form.

I also had a crazy thought the other day about rousseau i think she was a dharma scienctist and either left before the purge or helped the hostils. But the crazy part of my thought is that Marvin Candle, wickman ect. Is or was Montand who lost an arm? Probly not the first person with this idea but i found it pretty cool.. Any thoughts anyone? Josh great job solo Amanda sorry you could'nt make it i was sad because i thought you might have to be nice to claire in this episode. And was waiting a while to here your thoughts on Par avion.
O well Life happens!!! maybe if you have time you could post some of your thoughts about Claire in this episode..thanks

Brandon said...

I get the impresion that the mobisodes are disscused by Amanda in the spoiler section ( i don't listen to the spoiler stuff) and am very curious why they are spoilers the are "missing peices" I'llhave to listen back after the first eight to hear all the thought's so as to not mix the two . and i will cause i love the show and am intriuiged by your input on the mobisodes also now i have somthing to look forward to in the even longer hiatus..

I don't think dvds are a writers strike concern i think it's already factored in there contract i'm probly wrong but it seems the big hang up is all about streaming not dvds .

GregDean said...


Yep, as you guessed, you have it reversed... the issue of DVD royalties is one of the key issues over which the strike is being held.

geeky tom said...

I think Locke was communicating with someone at the flame, mainly because he had a more defined agenda after they left, before he was just going by the carvings on a stick. The shot of the camera seemed to imply that someone was watching him, and Locke didn't actually win the chess game. He was going to in 2 moves, but as far as I know, a computer does not concede defeat, but will keep moving until checkmate. Check it out:
Has anyone seen 'Death and the Maiden' with Ben Kingsley and Sigourny Weaver? It has the same plot as Sayid's flashback but with a few more twists and turns.
Yes, 'Glory' was a great movie! I loved the scene where Matthew Brodrick shakes down that a-hole to get shoes for the soldiers.

peony said...

great podcast as always. i missed amanda (she always has great comments and says things im thinking....i feel like she is my voice in the conversation...if that make jimmy did a good job filling in.

also i was excited to hear David from The Lost Community Podcast. i miss those podcasts....i really enjoyed talking about the books and i went out and read many of the books in preparation of the podcasts. no other show goes over the books in detail so if the The Lost Community isnt going to finish maybe that is something you and amanda can do.

ive said this before but i dont believe locke never entered 77. i think HE wired up the place himself, put a timer on and blew it up.

travis said...

No offense, but I can only take Jimmy in small doses. Mainly because it messes up the chemistry of the show. Jimmy should start his own podcast because he has interesting takes, but I really like Josh and Amanda's dynamic.

Bex said...

I liked the live commentary, actually. And I think it'd be a good idea to do some on favourite episodes in the coming massive break.

Oh, which reminds me, I wanted to send you guys an email!

Amy said...

I love Josh and Amanda's chemistry. Jimmy is no Amanda! This podcast was hard to listen to because Jimmy was constantly interrupting and talking over Josh, often with inane comments. And the different format for Par Avion was a self-indulgent. I love Josh, but listening to him watch and talk over an episode was not as interesting as listening to his usual more reflective analysis. Amanda - you can read the phone book to me and it will be interesting!