Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Christmachannakwanzaakusmas!

Amanda here, to impart some of my holiday wisdom/ridiculous Lost trivia with you. As you are probably aware, TBS airs A Christmas Story on repeat for 24 hours every year. And as I sat down to watch the premiere, my eyes glanced over the credits, and I saw the name "Zack Ward." And I thought..."Hmm...that name sounds familiar." But as I watched the movie....again....I didn't see any faces that rang any bells. So I did what any web-obsessed child of the 2000s would do - I hit IMDB. And I hit trivia gold. So if you find yourself watching one of those innumberable (or twelve) showings of that familiar movie, I beseech you as a Lost fan to keep one thing in mind :

Scut Farkus is Jack's best man.

Happy Holidays, and stay Lost <3


Josh said...

Holy Crap!!!!!!!!

Why did Jack help that guy as a kid? He was such an a-hole to Ralphie and his friends.

Lauren said...

The name of the writer for the movie has the last name "shepherd"...i thought it was cool, too!

Timothy said...

I ALWAYS loved Marc Silverman. I mean, the way that poor kid gets beat up is just savage. Wish we could've learned more about the guy!

travis said...


I thought he looked familiar!

Faith said...

Ha - Timothy, I love that in A Christmas Story, he's the one who's bullying, and then on Lost, its his character thats getting his butt kicked XD